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Local Committee Job Description for AIESEC NHH for the Term 2012/2013

Position:Local Committee President

Position Role The role of the Local Committee President (LCP) is to lead the Local Committee to reach organizational goals, while ensuring sustainable growth. The LCP is overall responsible for the operations of AIESEC NHH in terms of goal achievement, performance and financial sustainability, through leading the Executive Board (EB) and the Local Committee (LC) as a whole.

Main objectives  Achievement of organizational goals  Ensure growth in organizational results  Ensure financial, operational and organizational sustainability of the LC  Further implement AIESEC 2015 in the LC

Measures of Success  Number of Exchanges realized in Global Internship Program and Global Community Development Program  Retention rate and qualityof Team Leader Program and Team Member Program  Percent growth in organizational results  AIESEC NHH being a full LC, hence in compliance with AIESEC Norway membership criteria

Responsibilities  EB and LC planning o Plan LC goals according to National plan, that ensure growth while being realistic o o o

Track and review the LC plan Create, adapt and implement strategies on Local Level Adapt LC and EB structure and Job Descriptions to deliver the plan

National Leadership o Actively set direction and strategies for AIESEC Norway as part of National Leadership Team o Participate in National Planning Conference with the EB in early July

Governance o Attend and prepare all legislative NEB meetings o Take part in Legislation and Governance Subcommittee meetings o Quarterly review the MC plan and achievement o Deliver all requirements for LC membership criteria

EB team Management o Develop and implement management tools (tracking, identity, principals, rules etc.) o Run weekly EB meetings o Organize and run team days o Have individual meetings with VPs for tracking and coaching

Exchange Management o Tracking exchange indicators o Raise awareness of EB and LC on the importance of exchange o Coordinate the EB team on discussions about exchange growth

External Relations o Build, manage and maintain local partnerships o Represent the LC externally in events and meetings

Financial Management o Ensure financial sustainability and prudence o Ensure financial transparency through monthly reporting to MC o Analyse financial reports and support on budget review o Support on financial decision making with VP F o Final legal and financial decision making of LC

Talent Management o Ensure recruitment is for Exchange and Leadership only o Track indicators of members, leadership and quality o Ensure EB pipeline o HR in the EB (Team Days, evaluations, selection, transition, coaching) o Alumni management

Background, Skills and Experience required


Personal Skills


Team Management


Analytical capacity

LC Membership criteria , AIESEC 2015 programmes

Planning & Tracking

LC Finance

Coaching and Facilitation

Exchange processes

Resilience Commitment to Results Developing Others Inclusiveness Human Resource processes Alumni processes AIESEC Norway and Local compendium

Effective Communication

Personal Gains         

How to run an organization Practical Leadership Experience Financial Management Strategic Planning Decision making under uncertainty A vast national international network of friends and colleagues Team Management skills Personal management skills A once in a lifte time, life changing experience

Workload      

15-20 hours/week Transition period: February- June Position period: July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013 Availability in weekends for events Attend all Local and National Conferences Attend Euro XPro 2012 and Euroco 2012

Job Description Local Committee President AIESEC NHH 2012-13  
Job Description Local Committee President AIESEC NHH 2012-13  

Measures of Success  Achievement of organizational goals  Ensure growth in organizational results  Ensure financial, operational and orga...