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AIESEC Norway MC 2012 - 2013 application package Job Description: MCVP Organizational Development

Current MCVP ICX GCDP Diana Draganescu

Position Role The person in this position is responsible for developing strategies for LC Development and coaching for AIESEC Norway and ensure the implementation of the needed TM processes for the organization to develop and grow. The position is both strategic and operational.

Responsibilities LCD – For the LCD part, the main desired outcome from the MCVP OD is the design and implementation of an LCD strategy that will support the growth of the organization. This translates into the following areas of responsibility:

LC Development strategy 

Develop the LC coaching strategy:

  

      

Create the JDs of the LC coaches Create the LC visit plan Track and make sure that the LC coaches implement the strategy

Facilitate good LC/LC coaches/MC communication Flow down National Strategies Flow up local challenges Make sure that the local plans are aligned to the national strategy for 12-13. Support on Leadership Development on local level Support LCs EB elections Compile monthly and quarterly SONA

LC coaching - manage the national LC coaches team and ensure that:       

all LCPs are getting right support on Team Management of EB and LC management all VPs are getting right functional support all EBs are getting team support all LCs are getting support towards fulfilling Local Plan Develop and implement national LC planning and tracking framework (together with MCP and MC team) Also, the MCVP OD will most probably be LC coach for at least one LC (more LCs can be added if the new MC will decide this is best) Ensure the development of the LC coaches team

Expanding AIESEC Norway (this applies if the next MC will decide on expansion as part of their strategy)  

Run a research on expansion potential Build the expansion strategy from national level (if we are talking about MC expansion) or support the LC initiatives to expand (if we are talking about LC expansion)

 

Make sure that the strategy is implemented The MCVP OD will be final responsible of the success of the new expansion

TM – In the TM area, the main desired outcome from the MCVP OD is the implementation of the new TMP and TLP programmes and ensuring that AIESEC Norway has the HR capacity needed in order to support the operations. This translates into the following areas of responsibility:

Education and conference cycle    

Create the conference cycle and the education cycle Support the LCs in developing their own education cycles. Make sure that all the Agenda Manager are aligned to the national conference cycle when they build the agendas for the conferences. Make sure that the MCVPs deliver the proper functional area education needed for the areas to perform. JD IMCVP Organizational Development 12-13 AIESEC Norway. Page 1

Transition   

Build the national transition framework (MC transition – MC to MC), Give guidelines for the local transitions based on inputs from the functional area MCVPs (LC transition – EB to EB and MCVP to VPs), Track and make sure (trough LC coaching) that these transition plans are implemented at LC level.

Platform management  

Make sure that all the members in AIESEC Norway are taking the right experience on the platform, Give the LCs (together with the MCVP COM) education on how to use the platform.

Recruitment     

Design the national membership recruitment framework together with MCVP Com Educate the LCs in how to implement the recruitment strategy Track the membership recruitment in the LCs Ensure the success of the recruitment through LC coaching support Evaluate recruitment and ensure that the LCs learn how to improve this project.

Measures of Success LCD

   

Number of LCs that fulfill their membership criteria Number of LCV delivered Overall evolution of LCs compared to past performances (exchange, finance, HR continuity). Number of expansions that fulfill the criteria to become LCs of AIESEC Norway


     

Number of TMP experiences delivered, registered on the platform Number of TLP experiences delivered, registered on the platform Aligned Education and conference cycle Number of transition plans implemented (LC and MC) Number of people recruited vs planned in each LC Retention rate of the members in AIESEC Norway

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Background, skills and experience required: Competencies Resilience

Personal Skills Coaching

Knowledge Excellent AIESEC organizational understanding · The AIESEC Way · New AIESEC Programmes knowledge

Effective communication

Planning and tracking

In depth understanding of recruitment processes

Commitment to results

Analytical capacity

Membership Criteria of LCs

Developing others


Planning methodology

Flexible and analytical thinking


Basic knowledge of all functional areas

Emotional Intelligence and Inclusive-

Team Management

ness Positivity

Experience required:   

relevant EB experience (VP on X areas, TM or Projects) actively involved in membership recruitment in his/her LC (interviewer, promoter, etc) facilitator at preparation conferences for more than 30 people

Workload:   

8 hours/day Full time or Part time Transition period: - May 2012 – virtual transition - June 2012 – transition in Oslo with the MC team 12-13

  

Work period: 1st July 2012 – 30th June 2013 Availability on weekends for events Attend all national conferences

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