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Peace and Fulfillment of Humankind’s Potential

AIESEC Global Competency Model 2010

Proactive Learning

Emotional Intelligence

Social Responsibility

Entrepreneurial Outlook

Global Mindset

Agents of Positive Change

International platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential to provide impact on society

Global Mindset

Entrepreneurial Outlook

Social Responsibility

Emotional Intelligence

Proactive Learning

Definition: Actively seeking to encourage diversity; shows openness and respect towards other cultures, works effectively with individuals of diverse cultures, styles and abilities, making optimum use of their insights and ideas towards the fulfillment of goals

Definition: demonstrating ability in coming up with and implementing new ideas, organizing and managing resources and opportunities, engaging and influencing others, taking risks and finding innovative solutions to increase performance

Definition: Approaching social, economic, environmental issues in a sustainable manner and taking a prompt action for improvement while considering the long term consequences of actions and the involvement of others.

Definition: showing consistency and honesty about own intentions, motives, feelings, recognizing own feelings and those of others demonstrating respect, empathy and appropriate behaviour towards others; adjusting to different situations and personalities

Definition: demonstrating selfawareness, identifying areas for development of self and others; continuously increasing own/others knowledge and skills by trying different learning methods

Top 4 behaviours:

Top 4 behaviours:

u Seeking and generating innovative

u Takes decisions keeping in mind

ideas, solutions, new opportunities, methods, approaches in order to increase performance

the long term consequences of present actions

Top 4 behaviours: u Takes an active interest in, and

constantly increases awareness about other cultures and world affairs by using information, opinions, and ideas from diverse sources; u Seeks to enlarge personal &

professional network by interacting with people of diverse cultures and backgrounds u Works effectively with individuals

of diverse cultures, styles and abilities, making optimum use of their insights and ideas towards the fulfillment of goals u Shows openness and flexibility to

listen to and accept different opinions, and is willing to challenge own opinion

Top 4 behaviours: u Expresses

own feelings and opinions in an authentic manner and has the ability to be true to ones’ own self.

Top 4 behaviours: u Knows own aspirations, leverages

own strengths in activities; works to address own development areas u Seeks and uses feedback and

managing resources, processes and risks effectively

interconnect and co-relate, and acts while keeping in mind the bigger picture.

u Actively listens to, and respects

others’ feelings and opinions

other sources of information to identify appropriate areas for own development and set specific development goals

u Works persistently to overcome

Shares personal commitment for u

u Shows ability to empathize and

u Facilitates development of others

obstacles and to meet or exceed goals; derives satisfaction from achieving high goals

tasks and deliverables, and inspires others to take action/responsibility.

sense others' feelings and perspectives, taking an active interest in their concerns

by helping to identify areas for improvement, set specific development goals and seeks opportunities to provide others with practical learning experiences.

u Achieving outstanding results by

u Improves interpersonal relations

and generates commitment, stimulating others to commit to result: delegates tasks to others, making them responsible for meeting objectives

u Understands how several factors

Looks for u

and implements innovative solutions to address societal needs/ issues.

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u Shows ability to maintain selfcontrol and keep disruptive emotions and impulses in check

u Implementing

acquired knowledge, skills and attitudes in daily activities; furthers learning through trial and mistakes

feel free to ask any questions! Vish, AI VP TM, Anya, TMU project manager

Global Competency Model  
Global Competency Model  

Global Competency Model