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OUR PROJECTS • Winter Education • Global Volunteer • Active Summer

Winter Education • ‘’Aim to increase cultural understanding and respect. The subject is of great importance and relevance in the Norwegian society today”

Where are we now? • Both planned projects realized on January 9th and January 17th • 12 international students will come to create and hold workshops during the six weeks duration of the project • AIESEC UiO and Trondheim are responsible for preparation, reception, tracking the project, ensuring quality, making sure the interns have accommodation and food for the whole duration of the project, ensure financial sustainability, follow-up the participants, coordinate the workshops, facilitate the evaluation and communication days in the project, and evaluate the project.

Global Volunteer Project • “Aim to offer the Norwegian volunteer market qualified and competent volunteers who have relevant resources and knowledge for creating a social impact in the Norwegian society” • “Give young people the opportunity to work in a different professional cultural environment”

Where are we now? • We have sold traineeship to and sustained the NGO Solsetra that will receive 2 interns in January and February. • UiO still have goals they have to strive for to achieve, and the activity will continue throughout quarter 1 and 2. • Trondheim wants to implement the project in their LC and have the total goal of 6 TNs RE. • For the awaiting RE the responsibilities are preparation, reception, tracking the project, follow-up of the interns and the NGO(s), ensuring financial sustainability, and evaluation of the internships.

Where are we going?

• New national project!!! • GLOBAL VOLUNTEER PROJECT

Active Summer 2012!! • “Aimed to give positive impact to the Norwegian society by conducting meaningful and activating activities for disadvantaged children and youth in our communities”

• • • •

How will it be run? Timeline? LC role? MC role?

Where are we going?

How can we reach our objectives for the rest of the term? • We need to envision and picture how the projects will look like • We need to know how we will manage several projects at the same time • Evaluate, understand, prepare, perform!

Internally: • • • •

Team structure (responsibility and tasks) Implementing learning's from evaluation HR Help and support new members

Externally: • • • •

Quality projects Quality experiences Follow-up our partnerships Sustaining our projects

• mE

GCDP ICX - our projects  

OUR PROJECTS •Winter Education •Global Volunteer •Active Summer Winter Education •‘’Aim to increase cultural understanding and respect. The...

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