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GCDP Evaluation: Your Impact, Africa This is an evaluation made by some VPs and some members from UiO and NHH together. What are the biggest achievements in this project? NHH: 

Over-achieved application goal – promotion worked!

Managed to achieve results from UiB even though the market was unknown

Worked as a team and had fun

OPS: the fact that we had a successful OPS and had real EPs there who were actually going to Africa

The candidates had the right expectations from the beginning

UiO: 

Promotion was successful: right message communicated, new channels were used, large number of applicants who fit the profile

What are the biggest non-achievements in this project? NHH: 

Many applications that didn’t become result in the end (lack of follow-up of applications)

Could have been better in signing quicker: didn’t manage to get people to the signing and raising meetings

Didn’t promote YiA at all at NHH: maybe underestimated the market potential there for GCDP, since there were some applicants from NHH

VP: didn’t manage to delegate tasks and responsibilities properly, should have used more time and energy on thinking about how to structure and manage the area


Should be more “aggressive” (not passive) in the sales to students – make them sign the contract quicker and be raised in the system

Sales through sharing our stories. Use the EPs in the recruitment

We can learn from other organizations in terms of how they do their information work, and how the stories are shared after the EPs returned (for example Fk)

There was no proper induction for the new members except of Excel

Little contact with the other LCs. We should have used each other more and communicated more since we were working on the exact same project! Promotion Start:

 To sell the product  Get to know the market: market research  Cool promotion materials: posters, video (use stories, alumni)  New channels: free newspapers (bulle, NHHS, boards, alumni)  Better planning  More clearer roles in the team  Update each other in the team  Make things together between the LCs  Have strategies in order to make AIESEC known in high schools (“open days” for high school students in the universities)  Be more “aggressive” towards the returned EPs – involve them as soon as possible and make them write report/evaluation Stop:  Not using promotion materials  Stop investing time in materials we are not using  Using too many channels, but rather focus on those that really work Continue:  To use the blog [but to improve the content] 

Information meetings and lecture bashes

Posters, student medias [bulle, K7]

Matching  Has learnt the process and how to work with EPs  Didn’t know how to do it and what to do in each step  We need training on how to do things  We can improve the induction for the new members in order for people to know how to do things Team  The new members need to be introduced by having a big party

GCDP Evaluation  
GCDP Evaluation  

KEY LEARNING POINTS  Should be more “aggressive” (not passive) in the sales to students – make them sign the contract quicker and be raised...