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NHH Good

Team Days in first week (became a team and everything went easier) Involve everyone, activate team during summer

Planning To be improved


Execution vs. Plan To be improved


Online Promotion To be improved


Offline Promotion To be improved


BI Detailed with planning, concrete deadlines, innovative ideas covering all aspects of promotion, same deadline as others Low HR, better transition, contact school before summer break, better internal communication

UiO Beforehand detailed

Set up tasks/steps everything ready before ScaLDS

Little follow-up of tasks, constant self-evaluation along the way/changes, should have had more clear target group,not detailed plan which was never revised Followed up, spread info, followed plan

Take responsibility for your own tasks, communication, follow up on expectations

Didn't change the plan even if reality changed (things were dropped), didn't do enough out of events (low attraction of people) Emails, could have done more to be visable online (strategic)

Communication with campuses, follow ddls, talk to professors before, teasers, facebook

All activities done except meaningful Wednesday, when dates/rooms didn't fit -> winged in, better targeting than experience Classroom Shouts UiB and partly NHH, more expensive, difficult with rooms

Infomeeting with MCP, mingeling with students, OCP recruitment, half-way plan

Mail to potential members, screens, facebook

itslearning, messages on wall, refer directly to LC webpage, email lists

Improvement potential for: facebook (internal/external), NHH's hjørnepage, separate UiB site, Friends + living the brand, stands, lecture bashes

improve itslearning messages, facebook clear messages from members, expand LC fb page

Late facebook page without a lot of info or activities

More active on facebook

Fadderullan, classroom shouts, short messages + corporate video

A lot of variation, visable in a lot of places, wide spread, created awareness

Focus on membership message not exchange, buddies, know channels

Stand and rebusløp, stand a couple of days after classroom shout

Read through together, effective and soon after deadline, close to assessment center, phone interviews and AC good

Selection based on future @XP (EB, LCP, X)

We should have thought more about what kind of image we gave the students, look fun, look like having fun, little motivation, little team leadership/management (should have been stronger) Smooth and good interviews, expectation setting, got to know a lot about the people

Muffins, professional stands, reached all target groups, email lists (160) Ppts in classroom shouts, research timetable, general events

Plan dates further in advance

Need more time, personal interviews with everyone + AC, better training of interviewers

Very good session + social, saw database, prepared in advance, UiB (Thao), ROLL CALL, took PM and Fk to actual fair and ICX

LC party, got to know each other

Fill in X-test for them, efficiency, one more social event not at school Most were involved in everything, stand night big +, stronger team -> cooperation, teambased structure

Not 100% show up, unclear roles and positions

Could have booked another place than campus

Whole EB part of recruitment, OCP

Everyone was involved, did "their part"

VPF need to feel ownership

Some were not doing what they were supposed to, involved in recruitment Better practice on roll call, higherdemand of members, preparation, evaluation of recruitment each day

Random, didn't use the members we had, little initiative, unclear leadership

Cooperation with SBIO and BI


To be improved


Induction To be improved



Could have called people from the beginning, could have had earlier first deadline and then pushed it VP dinner, LC bonding, selection process (assessment center), members got a lot of good information

Executed all planned events + extra CEEDer

Scheduled events before, good individual interviews, good selection ratio (98,3%), right candidates for rights position, good leadership potential Promote group meetings better

Great turn up, clear communication on functional areas, new VPs presented areas well promote better - part of promo/group interview Dedication

Members involved


To be improved

Excel To be improved

Communication, motivation Message in classroom shouts

LC – MC support NHH

Recruitment Responsible


Coordinate with functional areas, involve VPs more, communicate directly to LCP, indicate in mail headings (urgent, important)


Spamming (use same threads) emails newsletter, tracking all LCs in one sheet


LC coach




Also to do practical stuff, knowledge sharing, process, feedback, get to know our reality



Execution Support


Define if it is observer/participant role before execution of events

Work with the team, open to our perspectives, independant



Communicatio n



Talking to us about thems, check up: doesn't work for our reality? We suggest also before made, longer time for feedback, clearer message Double the work: ask for Norwegian if you want that, English if that's what needed Sending to us for feedback, newsletter, promotion materials

BI More involvement in the LCs, be more visable




Be more visable, more details in weekly updates




Communicated tracking sheets to whole EB

Weekly updates (national)

Inputs from recruitment

Track the whole LC and not only LCP, talk to everyone more often (than once a week)

Start follow up on info from meetings, more contact with members other than LCP, more often than weekly check-ups

More direct communication to members involved

Weekly talks - no point, talk more often Participation in interviews, created positive thinking and always pushed for more/better Interview training, be more part of the LC so that everyone feels the connection

Physically and emotional support, constant tracking of activities, sacrificed time to travel to UMB Poster: let LC give more feedback, several drafts


Newsletters <3, constant flow of info from other LCs, logo good - good concept

Ask about situation status

Ask about details in advance, come with inputs on how we could use her rather than wait for tasks Withdrawing with short notice especially when we asked for support for that thing Ask about the plan, show enthusiasm in emails and when executing LCs to be more involved in brainstorming - make several drafts, , stricter controle of info texts (were mistakes) -

Manage webpage, national materials

Weekly talks


Motivational boost, participation and involvment in selection Categorize emails



Evaluation of recrutiment from the conference UNITE  

Great turn up, clear communication on functional areas, new VPs presented areas well Planning Infomeeting with MCP, mingeling with students,...

Evaluation of recrutiment from the conference UNITE  

Great turn up, clear communication on functional areas, new VPs presented areas well Planning Infomeeting with MCP, mingeling with students,...