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Delegates’ fee Delegates that will sleep at MONTANA Delegates that don’t sleep at MONTANA (these are the delegates that live in Bergen) (these are the delegates that don’t live in Bergen)

FEE = 800 NOK

FEE = 600 NOK

The conference fee should be deposited by each delegate in the following account:

3624.58.88575 The deadline for this is


Bring your own set of sheets and towel. (for the people who don’t or can’t bring their own, this items can be rented at the venue for 70 NOK)

The local transport will be 55 kr. For the entire period of the conference

It would be useful to bring your computers since you will use them during the sessions.

Contact the OC: OCP – Ingrid: (, 95902712) OC member – Elisabeth: (,97 79 64 45)

Bergen, 22 -25 September


Elisabeth Stava aka. Bethan MCVP ICX non-corporate

Beata Danowska aka. Beada MCVP External Relations

Elisabeth Weckner aka. Elle MCVP OGX

Bergen, 22 -25 September

Daria Kogut aka. Dasha MCVP Communication

Meda Corovei aka. Meda MCVP Finance

Andreas Sung Unstad aka. Andreas MCP

Diana Draganescu aka. Didi MCVP Local Committee Development

Bergen, 22 -25 September

Delegates that are not from Bergen will be sleeping at the MONTANA hostel. Details about the venue:  

Each room has 4 bunk-beds, so 8 people can camp in each room Sheets and towels cost 70 NOK to rent so…

MAKE SURE THAT YOU BRING YOUR OWN so you don’t have to pay !!

Check in, on Thursday will happen after we finish the agenda, at 21:00.  Check out, on Sunday will happen at 9:00 More info about the venue can be found here: 

Here is the map:

Bergen, 22 -25 September

The sessions will be held in a couple of locations: 1. Kvarteret, you can find more details here: 2. NHH, you can find more details here:

Helleveien 30, 5045 Bergen, Norway 56 m NE 3. Student Center, you can find more details here:

Bergen, 22 -25 September

Day 1 – AIESEC Knowledge

Day 2 – Project management and Leadership day

Day 3 – Functional day

Day 4 – Taking the conference home

Bergen, 22 -25 September

Bergen, 22 -25 September

Make sure that you bring your fancy clothes for a fancy evening … Official Dinner will start on the 24th September at 20:30 and we promise a lot of fun and surprises.

Where is the Official Dinner? We have the pleasure of having “Chilli Bar & Restaurant” as our host for the evening.

Bergen, 22 -25 September

No smoking inside the venues, just in special smoking areas

If you have any kind of food allergies, please let us know from time so that we can make arrangements for you.

Have fun and learn…Ask questions and mingle with the others – we promise you a lot of fun 

Let us know when are you arriving to Bergen and with what

Make sure that you paid the fee before you get to Bergen

Make sure that you are attending all sessions that have been designed for you…you will have a lot to gain, and you will show appreciation for the people who spent time on preparing them for you 

If you have any questions contact the conference coordinator: Ingrid:, 95902712

Bergen, 22 -25 September

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Bergen, 22 -25 September

Bergen, 22 -25 September

Delegates Booklet EXCEL 2011  

This is the delegates booklet for EXCEL 2011, AIESEC Norwauy