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AIESEC Ljubljana

Benefits of going on internship with AIESEC Find out how our leadership and exchange opportunities can help you to explore your potential and live a truly global experience.

Develop Leadership

"Informal learning" outside the classroom is key to clinching a good first job.

Gain practical skills Get international experience and work abroad Build a personal network Explore yourself and your future

The AIESEC platform is a unique environment that enables people to explore and develop their potential and creates the opportunity for development of defined leadership competencies.

AIESEC engages with thousands of companies and organizations to support their highly competitive international talent acquisition and consistent global employer branding.

Stop thinking. Start acting outside the box.

AIESEC Ljubljana

What is AIESEC? AIESEC is a global youth network impacting the world through leadership development experiences. AIESEC is the world's largest youth-run organization, present in over 117 countries and territories and with over 86,000 members.

AIESEC Ljubljana


AIESEC Ljubljana

Types of Internships

Two types of Internships

WORK ABROAD The Global Internship Programme gives students and recent graduates the opportunity to take on a crosscultural professional development experience with some of the top companies from around the world. The Programme specifically targets skill development both to meet the education plan of the intern participating as well as to support filling a talent need for the company.

DETAILS Duration: 6 weeks to 18 months

Professional Experience

Salary covers living costs except some development internships It takes between 2 - 7 months to find an internship and complete the selection processes Application fee 240â‚Ź Airfare is usually not included

AIESEC Ljubljana

GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP The Global Community Development Programme is an opportunity for young people to develop entrepreneurial and responsible leadership qualities and skills. A young volunteer travels across the world to go through a cultural learning experience while working for projects and NGO’s that aim to create positive impact in society based on specific issues (ex. education, sustainability, community development etc.)

DETAILS o Volunteering o Community development o Positive impact on society o Entrepreneurial Leadership

6 to 8 weeks Accommodation and food often covered It can take 2 to 4 months to find a placement Application fee 120â‚Ź Airfare is usually not included

AIESEC Ljubljana

Examples of Marketing Internships This is the screenshot from our base of internships including also our global partners which are Nike, Microsoft, Electrolux, Husqvarna Group, Deutsche Post, etc.

AIESEC Ljubljana

FAQ How do I qualify for AIESEC? The only basic requirement that AIESEC has for its interns is knowledge of English and age of under 29 years. Student status is not necessary, unless you are aiming to do the internship in Germany or Japan; these two countries are the only one that require a student status. Why would I choose AIESEC Internship Programme? Beside being the biggest youth driven organization in the world what makes an amazingly diverse platform for your development (think 117 countries), we build an organization of 86 000 volunteers, working in AIESEC all around the world to provide you the best internship experiences. This network is there to help you virtually (online) and in person. Both here in Ljubljana where we help you with application process and also abroad where AIESECers offer you full Service. Meaning someone will be with you from the airport pickup to first day of work, social activities, travel etc. What is the application process? If you want more information on AIESEC Internships, come to one of our Info Meetings! Otherwise, fill out the form at the end of this booklet for an interview or write to You will get invited to an interview. Successful interview is followed by Outgoing Preparation Seminar on which you officially register in the database and start applying for the internships. How many internships do you offer? On 29th of May, 13881 internships were of a Global Citizen Program (volunteer), 3695 are Work Abroad (professional). There are currently 3641 internships in Marketing sector (both as volunteer and professional). In 2012, AIESEC achieved more than 20 000 internships; around 15 000 students participated in volunteer programs in 113 countries, 5 000 did the professional internships. What happens if I do not get an internship in AIESEC database? Our selective interviews guarantee us (both you and AIESEC Ljubljana) a win-win situation: we accept students whose requirements, ideas and wishes regarding the internship meet with our supply.

AIESEC Ljubljana Can I get an internship in Switzerland/UK/USA/Australia/New Zealand/Canada? These countries only offer professional Work Abroad internships with a minimum duration of 6 months. You have all chances of getting an internship there, but be aware of strong competition that requires exquisite academic background and work experience. For how long can I stay in the database? Your profile stays active for one whole year form the day you register in the database, however we encourage students to start the internship in first 6 months. Is the interview obligatory? How does it look? The interview is obligatory so you can see what we can offer and check if this is something you want. It is nothing intimidating, though: you bring your English CV and then we talk about your previous experience and expectations. What your interests are, what are you looking for in an internship etc. How much do I have to pay? What are the minimum salaries on internships? The fee for professional paid internship (Work Abroad) is 240€, the volunteer Global citizen costs 120€. 50% of the fee is paid at the Outgoing Preparation Seminar, remaining 50% in one month time. The minimum salary of the internship is the minimum salary of the country that you’re applying to. That being said, your internship’s wage will cover your living costs (accommodation, transport, food expenses) but will most probably not guarantee you any savings. Remember, the point of professional internship is to gain professional experience and start your career. What happens if I don't like my accommodation/culture there? Who can help me? Local Committee of AIESEC abroad is responsible for your well-being, appropriate accommodation. Cultures differ, so do the living standards (something you need to take into consideration if you go to a country with very different living conditions). If the apartment doesn’t meet the safety, health or any other objectively set standards, AIESEC there is obliged to provide you with a better accommodation. Culture shock is a phase almost every traveler is challenged by, fortunately AIESECers and other interns, the whole community of your internship environment is there to help you overcome the daily differences. Is there a chance that I will not work what is written in the contract? There is no chance that you will end up doing some manual work instead of professional work description stated in your contract. If there are any deviations from your actual work and the one agreed upon in the contract; the company and the Local Committee abroad are obliged to provide you the internship you signed the contract for. Will I wait tables, pick fruits, do manual work? No, AIESEC does not offer such internships/job positions.

AIESEC Ljubljana


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AIESEC Ljubljana Kersnikova 4 1000 Ljubljana Local Committee President Matic Kašnik Vice President Outgoing Exchange Tina Prihavec

AIESEC Marketing Internship  

Work Abroad Info Meetings: 5.6. and 6.6.2013!

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