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Words from MCP 16-17 Dear future candidate,

I want to congratulate you on your bravery to consider being part of member committee body of AIESEC in Latvia for the term 17-18, and I can assure that it is going to be a life-changing experience. About a year ago I took the same decision for the second time in the same entity, yes twice, this is how much I felt in love and connected to this entity, and as a scary it was, I can not describe how I am glad that I took it. Without any doubt it is the most intense challenging experience where you are given the chance to challenge the potential of the entity and make an impact on the society while you are learning and developing, and pushing yourself beyond the limits. AIESEC in Latvia is looking for brave motivated leaders who believe in the potentials and the strength of this entity and are committed to seeing growth not just for the sake of the entity but for the overall good of the organization. Do you want to take an amazing, life-changing experience? Do you want to drive the growth in AIESEC in Latvia? Then you are in the right place, put your heart and passion in this process, and most importantly enjoy it. If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, They Aren't Big Enough! Best of luck! Hodhaifa Khadraoui MCP 16-17 AIESEC in Latvia

AIESEC in Latvia background 1994 – When everything started. It started already in 1993, but throughout the year we got to know what AIESEC is all about. In the national seminar in Sweden Latvia was presented as the potential AIESEC member country. 1995 – We became a full member country In SriLanka congress 10.04.1995. Latvia is approved to be AIESEC member country. 1996 – Booming AIESEC Latvia First exchange participant arrives to Latvia. Initiative groups in almost all regions of Latvia. LC Riga is born. We have entities in Rēzekne, Daugavpils, Jelgava, Rīga. We are active in Valmiera. Energy is sparkling and events are coming one after another... 2016 – momentuem In 2016 AIESEC Latvia is present in 2 cities (Rīga and Valmiera), with more relevance in Latvian society and more key like minded partners. Run by 40 members AIESEC in Latvia is getting ready for it’s 22 birthday – a mature age of organization, which unites creative, with high potential, open minded, culturally sensitive people, who are willing to drive the change for our society and brave enough to tell – I am an AIESEC‘er.

Living and working conditions Official term of AIESEC in Latvia starts on 1st August. Individual Transition starts immediately after MC selection. Workload: 40 h/week. MC Team will live together in MC flat in Purvciems, Riga – the MC budget covers accommodation, flat utilities and basic materials(oil, sugar, coffee, cleaning etc) for the MC Flat. Days off: Saturday and Sunday (with the exceptions of National conferences), National Holidays, additional 20 days off during the year, 1 day off after each National conference.

We highly recommend ensure other kind of financial resources (family, scholarships) during your term as for the current and past year the MC was not paid, however, the situation has improved and if the entity keep with the same pace of growing or more, salaries will be not even a question, Visa costs for international MCs are not covered. Please check here if your country has an embassy if needed

Application process Complete application package must include: Application form - Max 12 pages for MCP (cover page is not included) Blank page challenge: This is the page where you state your ideas in a creative way to either tell us more about yourself or the big idea you have. Curriculum Vitae ( Max 2 page ) Complete Belbin test 3 endorsement letters: o 1 from a person you led. o 1 from your previous/current leader (if you are international, this endorsement has to be from your MC) o 1 from an external ( or alumnus) A video of maximum 5 minute presenting yourself and why you stand for the position. Add video link as separate pdf file. The whole application must be sent in one .zip file to MCP and by 23:59 GMT+2 on February 3rd, 2017. You will receive email confirmation within 24 hours of submission. You are free to design your application package yourself - any graphic style and color.

MCP 17- 18 Job Descriptions The main role of Member Committee President (MCP) is to facilitate the process of setting direction of AIESEC in Latvia by defining the relevant products for our market and developing right strategy for its growth. MCP is responsible for strategic development, relevance and competitiveness of the organization, both in short and long terms. As a leader and coach of the Member Committee (MC) team, the MCP is responsible for the development of national strategies and country direction, maintaining operations, coordinating & tracking the activities and projects of the MC and Local Committees (LCs). Role of MCP is to empower, guide and involve members (strong emphasize on LCPs) and demonstrate alignment with our organizational goals and values.

The President presents Member Committee and AIESEC in Latvia at global and national external events to enhance the credibility of AIESEC and contact with business society, government and youth. The MCP is responsible to carry out the decisions on national, regional and global legislative meetings. President is ultimate decision maker of the Member Committee. MCP together with the MC Finance Responsible is responsible for financial control of AIESEC in Latvia.

MCP Role National Plenary • • • • • • • • • • •

Delivery of National Strategy to the National Plenary and ensure alignment of LCs towards it Assist LCs in planning and plans delivery LCPs coaching and mentoring Update LCPs and LCEBs with Global, National and Regional strategies, changes and all relevant information Deliver legislative meetings Ensure adherence to National Compendium Ensure AIESEC in Algeria achieve the vision and goal set through daily operation. Develop National Strategy based on direction of AIESEC in Latvia relevant in our society and external environment. Ensure development of strategic plans by each MCVP and alignment with the common National Strategy Track execution of National Strategy on MC and LC levels. Adapt and implement Global and GN strategies to the National Level Plan and track execution of the National budget

Team Management • Create common purpose, vision and mission of the MC team • Facilitate MC planning process • Manage and track MCVPs’ performance on weekly basis • Deliver MC meetings and team days • Ensure education and training needed for the team and individual • Ensure effective synergy between departments. • Ensure positive working environment

Legal & Governance To be the final responsible and own decision making power to manage AIESEC in Latvia. Ensure right financial management of cash flow and realized vs. planned budget with MC Finance Responsible Try to get back in touch with the BoA of AIESEC in Latvia.

Personal Questions 1. 2.

3. 4. 5.


What are your personal values? What characterizes you the most as a person and what principles do you follow in life? What does AIESEC mean for you? What is driving you to continue in AIESEC? What are your current and past positions of responsibility and achievements within AIESEC? Why have you decided to stand for President of AIESEC in Latvia? What do you want to take out of this experience and how will those play role in your long-term goals? Please list your top 3 strengths and 3 weaknesses with practical examples for each (describe the context, action and the result). How will these help and/or challenge you in your term? Describe your understanding towards the Latvian society and culture. What makes AIESEC in Latvia relevant to Latvians?

Organization Understanding & Operation 1.

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Evaluate the current term of AIESEC in Latvia and conduct a SWOT analysis. How would you lead your MC team in the first 90 days of your term to maximize each member’s performance and development? Based on the analysis, please share your plan for term 17/18 with action steps. What will be your ideal 17/18 MC structure to achieve goals of 17/18 and what will be collaborative process between them. What challenges do we face in becoming a truly customer-centric organization and what would you do to change that? The achievement and contribution of AIESEC 2020 will be the responsibility during half of your term. How will you ensure that AIESEC in Latvia is contributing to AIESEC 2020? Please, define success at the end of your term, in one sentence.

Contact List MCP Current: Hodhaifa Khadraoui MCVP OGX Gigi Xian MCVP BD Nicky Tan MCVP Marketing/iGV Responsible Divyanshi Pandey

LCP Riga: Kristiāna Vīnkalne LCP Valmiera: Ilze Ģeķe

Good Luck!

AIESEC in Latvia MCP Application Booklet 17.18  
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