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:::AIESEC in Kyiv presents::: Dear intern! We welcome you on your way to the host LC and wish you to have a wonderful journey!

This guide is designed for you to make your trip easier in Ukraine ď Š Dive into Ukrainian culture and experience your unique exchange from the very first beginning! Incoming Exchange Team in Kyiv congratulates you with the decision to go for an internship in our country.

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First Step: AIRPORT Kyiv airport is relatively small, though it is the biggest airport in the country. That’s why it serves the biggest number of international routes. The airport is situated 29 kilometers away from Kyiv, therefore directly after you landed and passed the customs, took your luggage you should head away to the exit. Near the entrance there are buses #322, called “Polit” which are scheduled at least every 30 minutes. Full schedule is under the link : This bus takes approximately 40 minutes and costs 25 UAH (exchange points will be at the airport; however we wouldn’t suggest to exchange more than 50 USD, because the rate will be better in the city).

Second Step: TRAIN STATION The bus will take you directly to the train station (vokzal, вокзал) Practice pronouncing it. The train station in Kyiv is divided into Central and Southern and they are connected. You will arrive to the Southern one, which you see on the picture. Inside you will see “КАСА”, desks where you can buy tickets. When buying tickets you should say:  Destination, date  Number of places  Type of the ticket For example, “Cherkasy, today, one, platzkart” Platzkart is the cheapest normal class which we usually use. We advise you to check the schedule of trains by using google translator or asking your host LC to help. You always can find some English speaking people in the train station and ask for help in case you get lost. The ticket will cost from 50 to 150 UAH anywhere inside of Ukraine. Every ticket will have your PLACE, NUMBER of TRAIN, WAGON, TIME and DATE of ARRIVAL and departure, which is important.

Third Step: TRAIN When entering the train you should show your ticket to the train attendant and find your place in the wagon. You may receive bed sheets so you can use the mattress and sleep in the train if your ride is long enough. Stations will not be announced, so you should look at the time and be ready to get off at your station. AND REMEMBER! +380634208925, Svitlana is always ready to help!

AIESEC Kyiv | Pr. Peremohy 54/1, office 515 |

The ticket. This is the photo of the tickets for trains.

222 – Number of the train. You also will see the name of connection, in this case Kerch on the screen to look up from which track your train leaves.  06.08 16.37 and 01.08 B 13.30 are the dates of departure and arrival.  01 П is the number of wagon and type of it (Platzkart – Плацкарт). Number will be shown on the first window of each wagon. TYPES of WAGONS: L – with 2 seats separated, soft beds K – coupe (same as platzkart but there are doors which close 4 of the beds and this is thought to be more comfortable) P – platzkart (6 of the beds in each compartment) Odd numbers (e.g. 1, 23, 45) mean that bed is on the first level, when even numbers of the PLACE mean that your bed will be on the upper level and you will have limited possibilities to seat (you should only lay or sleep). O – together (available only for some routes)  КИЇВ ПАС – КЕРЧ is the connection (Kyiv train station – Kerch)  МІСЦЯ 002 means PLACE 002 (second seat, numbers will be marked on the seats/beds)  Г- 104.83ГРН is the price. You can pay only in cash and only in Ukrainian currency. Exchange points will be on the train station.  

On the road: Two of the train attendants will be serving you during your trip in each of the wagons. You may order a cup of tea/coffee, chips, beer, cookies and some other snacks for additional price. You will be given bed sheets together with a towel (you should give it back before your arrival) and small tissues. As you see, the road to most of the LCs will take around 10 hours, so bring an MP3 player, some book or other things that you can do besides sleeping.

SEE you in Ukraine! Best regards, Reception of LC Kyiv AIESEC Kyiv | Pr. Peremohy 54/1, office 515 |

Travel guide  
Travel guide  

Travel guide on how to get from the Boryspil airport to the train station