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Newsletter For our dear interns

Hello! Our LC is really glad to present you this newsletter!       Want news about IC Kyiv and intern`s life here?

In this edition you can find:

                Information about projects: World Without Borders Children`s Path Green Rush Projects in summer: Summer School, Summer Camp Photos! Photos! Photos! About how we were spending winter with the interns)

H ey-hey my dear s! 2

I’m really happy to write down some words to you again. It is like talking to you again. I know that all of you are still interested on how it is going on in

Kyiv , how other interns are doing. So here it is, piece of in for mation for you to know about us, our work, and our development. I want also to say thank you for being par t of AISEEC in Kyiv life, for all memories that we had together. And I really hope, that you will never forget your time in Kyiv with us ;) Always yours, Tania, VP ICX



learning by doing

- national educational project of AIESEC in Ukraine for students and recent graduates based on “learning by doing” concept, international experience, which is aimed to get and implement project management skills.

It was   awesome  project   in   autumn   (15th  of  October – 15th  of December)  and   beautiful   interns   took  part in it – Rosen (Bulgaria),  Christian  (Germany),  Basma  (Morocco), Barna (Hungary),  Małgorzata   and   Dawid  (Poland).   They   helped  Ukrainian   students   to  organize   such   projects   as:  exhibition   Paralleli,  professional   conference   and  quest “Euro’12 Kick­off’”.

Excellent r esul ts: 4

1. Project of Chris and Rosen “Euro’12 Kick­Off” won the    prise “The best project  of”

2. Olya Yermak, OCP of is the national coordinator of second wave of this  project and agenda manager for track on conference for new interns!

And more details about second  wave of this project. It’s  th realization will start 11  of  February and it will be a  lot of fun and experience for all  participants to 30th of  March. Now OCP is Max Serduk. And  we have three new interns in  our LC for this project: Chris (Brazil), Inola and Nika (Georgia)! 



World without borders

The OCP 


World without borders project is an alternative education for high-school students that will help pupils to develop their soft-skills. WWB aims to break stereotypes of highschool students about other countries, share with them traditions and culture of different nations, develop culture

First wave (25 th November – 16 th January) OCP of this project Olya Cilyk won the campaign “The best  of ICX project”, because she did beautiful project with 11  interns from different countries Misha (Georgia), Ivan  (Colombia), Kenneth (Singapore), Adam and Sarah (China),  Peter (Egypt), Rosen (Bulgaria), Tien (Vietnam) and guys  Brazil – Nina, Eliza, Yuri. During their internship local  conference “TtT” (Trainer the Trainee) was held, meeting of  interns with our EB, session “Emotional intelligence” by  Misha Tsaguria (a lot of girls were present and our dear  matching coordinator – Sergei Gromovoi).


On 23 rd of January the 2 nd wave of the World Without Borders project started …

So what about the second wave?



-We asked OCP, Sasha Sikorska : What was the main idea of the 2 nd WWB? ­The main   idea   of   the   project   was   that   foreign   volunteers   were   delivering   trainings   for   Ukrainian   school  students on the leadership, project management, time management topics, discussions on cultural and social  topics.

-Who participaed? ­Eight schools   have   taken   part   in   the   project,   i.e.   #296,  28,   128,  gymnasium   “Erudit”,  “Vsesvit”, “Scandinavian gymnasium”, “European college” and Boryspil gymnasium “Perspectiva”. In general,  about 250 students were listening to trainings from volunteers. The trainers for the project came from all the  parts of the world. And they are: curly Sera from Turkey, dancing Caio from Brasil, smily Kivanc from Turkey,  childish Andrej from Slovakia, David that solves Sudoku from Brasil, Indah – a girl with a Chinese blood, born  in Indonesia and lives in Australia, Bingxi that came here just for two weeks but for great changes from China,   curios Min from Malaysia and probably the kindest person in the world – Ahmed from Egypt. The project   lasted   for   6   weeks   and   every   single   day   of   these   6   weeks   were   amazing,   changeable,   unforgettable   for  organizational committee and interns as well as for students. 

-Was it worth it?) ­As for now the project is over and the interns have left home. But thanks to interns, the students, that have  taken part in the project, learnt a lot, opened new cultures and traditions, made new friends. The best thank for  me, as an organizational committee president, were the following words from Valeria, 9th grade student, school  #296: “As it is said, THIS IS IT! Tomorrow is the first day without our interns( but we really want it to last  forever. How everything started! Nervous teachers, our trembling hands and smiles to the ears. It was really  cool!”

-How was it to be an OCP of this project? ­In the end I would love to say that being the OCP is really hard, sometimes it just exhausts you. BUT, exactly  this   experience,   when   you   are   responsible   not   only   for   realization   of   the   project   but,   what   is   even   more  important, for the people (interns, OC of the project, students) makes a person braver and teaches the life. So  don’t be afraid of changes, organize, create and everything will be amazing and unforgettable! 

Children's Path is an educational and entertainment project for children from  orphanages.The project was conducted by five interns ­ Kostantinos (Greese),  Karanveer   (India),   Prinka   (Indonesia),  Ivan (Serbia), Guilherme (Brasil), Su (South  Korea) during December­January. Each lesson  they made together  with the children  virtual  trips around Ukraine. While "travelling" they  played   exciting   games,   developed   their  communicative   skills   and   made   their   first  7

steps in   learning   English.     "Children's   Path"   is   a   project   that   gives   joy   and  motivation to those who really need it. It's all about love, it's all about friendship, it'  s all about hope!

…still w e ar e now in touch and w ill alw ays r emain in touch and w ill shar e these memor ies w hich w ill be cher ished in the coming year s. Kar anveer

I w ill never for get all of this childr en! I t's an incr edible feeling w hen you k now that you changed their lifes even a bit. When i r emember the w ay how they w er e look ing at me even now it gives me hope and inspir ation...Guilher me


Nastya Dubchak, OCP of Children's Path: “Now, when 1 month has passed since the project came to its end and my interns left I wouldn't  say that "Children's Path" was a part of my life. I wouldn't say it because of one simple reason:   the project was MY LIFE. My children, my OC, my interns ­ it is how I'll forever remember  the   winter   2011­2012.   I think I wasn't able to express my feelings before and I  think I didn't tell my interns that I love them. And I'm  right now listening to Pink's song "...I forgot to say out  loud how beautiful you really are to me". Well, I know,  this song is about love and relationship and so on. But  what I want to say is that I forgot to say out loud how  important you are to me, and that you are heroes in a  very   special   way,   and   that   you   changed   me   and   you  changed hundreds of people you met here, in Ukraine.  Thank you, friends.” 


Fifth environmental initiative of   the  international organization AIESEC in Ukraine.    This year project have an awesome OCP Natalya  Chechel! This year  pupils 7­10 grades and students of higher  educational   establishments of   Kyiv will  Aims:  receive theoretical   and   practical knowledge of  to implement knowledge of en vironmental  the environment horizons.  responsibility in the daily lives  Six active   youth representatives from   Brazil, Italy,  of Ukrainian youth. The  Germany, Egypt, China tell us how we can save our  ecological project «Green  planet   from environmental   problems.   Classes  Rush» first started in  are held in   the   form   of  2009. The event supports the  brand AIESEC in Ukraine,  workshops, interactive games, discussion   clubs,  covering 9 cities. practical sessions. In   addition, project  participants communicate in   a   foreign  language and learn more about   the   culture of   other  countries.  1 of March 2012 a press conference was held on "Raising environmental  awareness in young people: the culture of waste."

EKO event : "Green world : create it yourself!" And also we want to invite you to

(Sunday, 11 March at 14.00 in the new mall "Dream Town")

The event will include: 10

­ Winners of the "Ekomoda­2011" College economics, law and information technology ­ Model agency Shark Model & Talent Management with a collection of designers participating  in the All­Ukrainian competition of young fashion designers a single image of the  "Constellation" Chestnut " ­ Ekomaster "Peredelki" with workshops in up­cycling (creation of unique designer  items from recycled materials; ­ Workshops on creative development of the club "Art and I"; ­ Workshops on origami and furoshiki (Japanese­style packaging) from the"Ukrainian­Japan  Center" KPI " ­ Master­class workshop on «PapinaRubashka»; ­ Competitions  from the NGO "Ecoclub" Green Wave "; ­ Music bands.





15.06) Social educational   GCDP   project  that   aims   activating   leadership  among Ukrainian pupils by giving  them   an   opportunity   to   interact  with students from all around the  world,   to   get   knowledge   about  leadership,  camp youth   activities   in  Summer (15.06-31.08) other countries, cultural education,  to become more open­minded and  to   improve   their   English   skills.  OCP Nastya Isaki



"Summer Camp" aims on activating  leadership among Ukrainian youth and  improving their English as well as  making them familiar to foreign cultures  and nations. Food, accommodation –  provided OCP Sergey Grorovoi


Life in Kyiv

So how are we doing in Київ ? To have a lot of fun!)




Thank you for your work in projects)



We had national conference for  all interns in Ukraine! MidCo  in Crimea

Confer ence w as gr eat! T her e w as a lot of pr actice and w e gained useful k now ledge. I lik e cr isis management because I `ve never lent it befor e. I r eally lik e it! N ik a, Geor gia




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