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ICX processes Raising Targeting pool Making data base with contacts

Matching Filling in PBoX plan, TN forms creating (OCP+VP ICX)

Putting TNs on available (MC)

Choosing advantages for schools/NGOs, making proposal

Creating promo materials of project

Cold calls

Sending PM:

Reception Accomodation finding Creating list of reception activities, events, interns' Bdays Intern meeting (buddy)

Welcome party

1. Cooperation CYs/LCs Meetings

2. Ap 3. Iberoamerica

Contract signing

Teambuilding with OC team

4. CEE + WENA Events plan realization Interview + selection

Intern work evaluation

Bye-bye party EP AN/TN AN


Post X servicing IL (if needed)


ICX processes  
ICX processes  

processes of ICX in AIESEC