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Odessa was founded by Catherine II in 1794, when the Russian empress decided that a port on the Black Sea for expansion of ties with Europe. According to legend, the first mayor of the city, the Duke de Richelieu, who faithfully served in Russia, but raised in France, decided to build a new city, which would be more beautiful than Paris. Odessa is known for its cultural traditions and fine architecture. Odessa is proud that many artists, writers and scholars have lived it in their city: Mechnikov, Pirogov, Mendeleev, Pushkin, Bunin.

Hero-city Odessa - center of the region, a seaport on the northwest coast of the Black Sea, the capital of humor. Odessa - one of the largest cities in Ukraine, the southern gate of the state to Europe. Biography of Odessa is full of historical events that are stored in the names of almost 1400 of streets, squares, avenues, boulevards, historical and cultural monuments. In the city of seven theaters, a philharmonic, circus, opera and ballet.

Every year Odessa attends up to 100 thousand foreign tourists. Guests are attracted by Boulevard and Maritime (Potemkin) Stairs, a sea port and beautiful beaches, new buildings and amazing architecture of old Odessa.

20-21 July from the best international faci team!

22 July - the biggest

in Ukraine

with 15+ different cultures!  You also can continue your international communication at the movie night on the beach. Stars, sea, art-house short films and good company - what could be better! 

23 July -

that will give you possibility

to see one of the most beautiful cities of Ukraine. Then we come back to the base to have a party and leave home morning 24th.

Of course don’t forget about

There will be a night club at the base and beach parties right by the sea.

You will get a lot of positive emotions. Be sure :)



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