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Summer WWB_School Camp AIESEC Kryvyi Rih,Ukraine 3.06.2013 – 18.07.2013

Dear EP, you probably have a couple of questions to be answered… So, let’s start from the very beginning 

Who we are? AIESEC Kryvyi Rih – the youngest and the most energetic LC in Ukraine.

What is unique about us? •Our city is the second longest city in the whole Europe •Our LC is the youngest in Ukraine ( that explains our fresh ideas and powerful energy) •Our LC know how to make you happy during whole term of project ;)

What is our project about? Summer WWB_School camp has been created in order to develop global mindset and cultural understanding of our youth. With your help we can develop soft skills of our students and identify their potential.

We believe that with your help these kids can rock this world!!!!!!!!

What is the key audience of the project? Students of high schools at the age of 10 – 16 years.

What kind of TN-takers of the project? High schools of our city that have orientation to deep learning of foreign languages.

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Starting from kids you really have

chance to change the world ;) How exactly can you do it? Now we’ve came to the most intriguing part – your job


Your Job Description: •

To show to children your country through presenting national traditions, food, history, national clothes. The main goals of country presentation are to show the variety of world's cultures and to share the idea of cultural, religious tolerance

Create project report with pictures and videos from internship and write a story about intern’s exchange experience on the last week of your internship

To take part in LC and OC team activities, integration events, be involved into LC work; to take a part in Global Village.

To organize discussion clubs with children on different topics

Prepare interactive games, songs, ice-breakers, dances for children

This internship is a chance for you… • • • •

To see beautiful and colorful Ukraine. To visit one of the longest cities in the warmest season and to travel to another ukrainian cities. To be one of the first interns who will create the history of our LC and AIESEC culture in our city. To meet a lot of representatives of the most sincere and warm hearted nation. To change children’s mindset in better way and to break down stereotypes about foreigners.

We provide: • •

Accommodation (Host Family) Meal 1-2 time per working day

Other details of Project TN’s you can check on TN-In-UA-KR-2013-6 ; TN-In-UA-KR-2013-5; TN-In-UA-KR-2013-2

For any questions, please, approach: OCP of the project Galina ( or VP ICX Maryna (

Help to grow up the youngest LC in Ukraine! Let’s change the history together!

We are waiting for you!

Summer WWB School Camp in AIESEC Kryvyi Rih  

Description of project "Summer WWB School Camp" in AIESEC Kryvyi Rih

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