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Director Penguins Force

Application Booklet 1st Round

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With love, Your EB Action!

¡Hey Director Penguin Force! I’m here once more to write in representation of your EB Action! It’s really incredible how time passed so fast. 6 months ago I was writing some words for a team, for the first generation of the Director Penguin Force. A team that would deliver a promise, a team that spoke with actions and not with words. They were leaders who took the challenge of changing and making a big twist in order to develop and generate an incredible impact.

But now, this first scene got over. It’s time to close part of the film and open a new one, with more amazing challenges. It’s time to take the opportunity, to jump into this new adventure.

You, who is opening this booklet, that is willing to apply, that maybe doubts or is sure of this, go ahead, do it, don’t let this opportunity pass, “is better to regret about something you did that something you did not do”. Be part of a team, lead a team, develop your abilities and skills. Be part of the second generation of the Director Penguin Force. Challenge yourself, develop others, make a different and leave a foot print. This will be the generation that will continue the excellent work that we are doing, but at the same time, the generation that will increase and fortify every single team of our Local Committee.

We count on you, we admire your development until now and we are sure that the next steps and the work that you will do will lead and will take us to standards never seen before. The promise to deliver 250 high quality experiences is in our hands, the impact to people and society is in front of us. Let’s do it together. It´s time to challenge your life, your emotions, and your skills. We already Imagine, I can say that we also believed it, now it´s time to achieve it.

So, get up AIESEC Javeriana and let’s make the production scene of our lives!

Hey AIESEC Javeriana I have different ways to see the world, one of them is asking me every day why, why I woke up?, why I take that bus, why I study what I do, why I have those friends, why my mom call me when I'm in class, why my teacher say me that I have to study a lot to become a great engineer, why it's raining, why it's sunny, why, why I think that?... Some people don't know why things happen, I am not one of them, well not at all.

When I was younger, I read a book and I understood what is the really secret about the miracle. It's simple, it's about how much you really love what you want, understand that everything happened because it have to and you have to analyze what is its meaning.

Cohelo says that when you really love something the whole world conspires to help you achieve it, you just have to see across the words and understand the hide meaning of your heart. Now it's our time to create really amazing dreams, it's our time to achieve what we want because everything in the world is as possible as you want, you just have to love it and the first part to love something in the world is to understand why you love it. AIESEC have that incredible feeling, it challenges you every day, it makes you cry, makes you smile, makes you love what you do, because it is the best opportunity to understand what we are. The time passes so quickly and today I wish you what I’m living now, and please if you read this, don't forget that the world is waiting for you. Being director is just a little bit of this incredible experience. Being Director will be your first step. Take that risk, challenge your limits. Be proactive and challenge yourself. The result between now and when you finish this role will be incredible.

So‌Why not?

EB Action!

Sonia Sutta

Jonathan Adames

Raquel Mosquera

Jean Manuel Núùez Catalina Medina

Alejandra Perdomo Sebastian Ramirez LCVP OGIP


Camilo Sosa LCVP TM


Juan Pablo Ruiz LCVP OGCDP





Feel free to contact us

2013-2 Structure LCP LCVP OGCDP










Promotion DIrector

Eco-Mundo Director

Educational Director

Training & Development Director

Communication s Director

Customer Director

ER Manager

OGX Support Director

Sales Expansion

Selection Director

Aprendo Director

Corporate Business Director

Talent Support Director

BI Incoming operations Director

BD Director

ICX Support Director


Matching Director

Project Director


Team member processes Director

BI Outgoing operations Director

Market Business Partner Director PPRR Media Director

University Director

Resources Management Director

We Speak Director


Team Leader Processes Director

Occupied spots

Application Process The application process is divided in 5 parts: 1) Your profile:

Contact information Name and surname Academic Background Current role in AIESEC Phone numbers E-mail Skype

Personal Skills Languages (Please use N (Native), A (excellent), B (Good), C (fair) and D (Very Little/none) and judge yourself as best as possible.)

Quality experience Director

Procedures & Auditing Director

AIESEC Experience Position





Your role

Conferences you attended Year


2) 360° Competency Assesment (CAT) : Please fill in the Competency Assessment Tool in and ask 5 other people you have worked with to contribute to your 360° profile. 3) General Questionnaire: All the applicants must answer this questions FOR THE APPLICANTS OF ORGANIZATIONAL AREAS: 1. Which role are you applying for and write a motivational letter saying why are you

applying for this role (Max. 200 word) 2. With which coordinations of the LC you will be working with in corner and what strategies do you propose to improve operations and describe the strategies? 3. Describe what is Responsible Leadership and how you will apply it

FOR THE APPLICANTS OF MISSION DIRECTOR 2013-1: 1. Why have you decided to apply for ZONALITOMISSION DIRECTOR 2013-I? Write it as a motivational letter. (Max. 200 words) 2. In your AIESEC Experience what do you like the most and how that can contribute to your role? (Max. 200 words) 3. Write three strenghts and three weaknesses that you consider you have?, How would think those affect your team work?

4) Specific Questionnaire: The applicants should only answer the questions of the role he/she wants to apply to (You can find the questions in next page). 5) Interview with each VP –This would be this Friday and Saturday June 21 and 22. (After you send the application) We expect 1 PDF file only. Late applications won’t be received, no exceptions. Feel free to be yourself, propose and innovate. 6 pages max. Deliver to:

Application Deadline: June the 21th of 2013 at midday “Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity” H. Jackson Brown

Specific Questionnare Zonalito Mission 2013-2 IM&Comm Manager

1. How can you structure the best way to manage and after share de knowledge trying to improve the ZONALITO MISSION to future teams? 2. How can you ensure the best communications between ZONALITO MISSION, EB ACTION! and every participants? 3. Some conferences will have issues to attract the number of delegates we want. What strategies would you suggest to promote the conference? Make provide a model of the promo. 4. Make the promotion timeline to ZONALITO.

ER Manager

1. Which fund raising ideas would you use to ensure the sustainability of the event? Mention 3 at least. 2. Mention tangible benefits that you would offer for companies to obtain the support for the ZONALITO event. 3. Imagine that the ZONALITO will be organized in a really short period. What is the best way to make ER results happen in so short timeline.

Finances Manager

1. Which is the best way to ensure a sustainable event and a high quality event too? 2. Make an overview of the budget needed and the earnings the event will bring. 3. What is the strategy to reduce the gap between planned and executed budget?

Logistics Manager

1. What will be the strategies to ensure the flow of the sessions when the plenary has to be divided or has to change location? 2. What would you say are the biggest issues in ZONALITO event and what are your ideas to avoid them to happen. 3. In your opinion which are the most important details to pay attention at for a successful event? Describe how you should planning.

Recruitment2013-2 Talent Hunting Team

If you want to apply and be part of the Talent Hunting Team, please send a .pdf file with: 1. Your general profile 2. Motivational letter (Why do you want to apply to this team) 3. 4 strategies you propose to Hunt specific profiles such as 'Sellers'

EXTERNAL RELATIONS Business Development Director 1. Why are you applying for Business Development Director and not for the Corporate Business Director? What is the differece between this two roles? 2. What is the support that you will give to the Local Committee and how? 3. This role will work the sales in the Alumni network, what can you offer to someone that already knows all our product? What will be the new things you will offer? 4. Explain why are you applying for this role?

University Director 1. 2. 3. 4.

What are the main challenges that this role present? What will be your strategy to obtain more results and benefits from this role? What are the main focuses to offer for the universities of our segmentation? Explain why are you applying for this role?

IGCDP Project Director

1. Propose a project taking into account the market needs and EP world supply, use the Business Canvas Model to illustrate it. Also, include general objective and specific objectives, the population/community/sector that it is focused on, and what would be your goal (how many TNs do you want to sell). 2. How would you train and motivate your team regarding selling skills and personal development? Name and explain at least two motivation and two training strategies. 3. Name at least three challenges during Raising and how would you overcome each one of them. (Take into account pre-selling, selling, closing deals, legalization with TN Takers)

We SpeakDirector

1. What is the project We Speak about? Explain it using the Business Canvas Model. Also, explain how it is related to the Global Community Development Program (GCDP) and why AIESEC Javeriana should sell it. 2. To what market would you direct this project? Why? Explain at least three strategies of how you are going to attack that market. 3. How would you train and motivate your team regarding selling skills and personal development? Name and explain at least two motivation and two training strategies.

IM&COMM BI Outgoing Operations Director 1. Describe at least 3 strategies to make ogx people use podio as their main ep tracking tool. 2. Which do you think are the most important needs of OGIP and OGCDP and how you can solve them from your role as OGx support director?. 3. Write down a training plan focus in the use of podio, and start flor OGX. The plan should include topics, objectives and possible dates. 4. Describe what information would you include in a business intelligence report for OGX? Why? How this information would improve the operations of OGX? How those reports would be more strategic and anticipate market changes?

BI Incoming Operations Director

1. According to the IGCDP projects, what information of possible trainees would you include in a Business Intelligence report flor IGCDP?. Do the same analysis for IGIP. 2. Write at least 3 strategies to improve the use of podio and start platforms for ICX members. 3. Give a brief description of the TN flow and how IM&Comm supports each involved area and process ot the flow. 4. Which weakness you find in the Information management and use of podio, start and myaiesec by ICX? What are you strategies to transform these weakness in strengths? Define a training plan with topics, objectives and possible dates.

Communications Director

1. Make a start-stop-continue analysis of the internal communications in AIESEC Javeriana focus on the current use of all communication channels . 2. How would you increase the number of LC members who want to become host and buddies of our trainees? 3. In operational peaks, there are many campaigns being promoted in the same time (Housing, buddies, Global Citizen, ilearn, etc), 多which would be your strategy to communicate all the messages with the same importance, without misunderstandings and moving all the LC members to accomplish the objectives of the campaigns? 4. How would you reduce the use of facebook as the current main communication channel, and make the internal web page the only and the most important channel of communication of the LC?

OGCDP CRM Director

1. Why the applicants are stuck in the process and/or they haven’t assist to the MRB? 2. How will you do for make the raising process more quick and effective? 3. The applicants that had approve the MRB in the first semester but they haven’t done the legalization process?

Sales Director

1. How will you ensure the assistance of the applicants to the MRB? 2. Besides stands and info sessions, what other activity will you do for attract more applicants? 3. How will you ensure the assistance of facilitators to the info sessions and stands?

Sales Expantion Director

1. In the last year how many people of the universities of cluster 2 have gone on exchange? Why do you think have happened that? Tell 2 strategies for increase the number of experiences 2. What kind of students groups will you have an approach? Why? 3. Besides stands and info sessions, what other activity will you do for attract more applicants? 4. What is the point of make an agreement with a University and students groups? (middle and long term)

Matching Director

1. In 2013 what are the top 3 countries in match with Javeriana? How do we can capitalize that? 2. Does the follow up of the EP important in this part of the flow? Why? How will you do/manage that? 3. How will you do to make and quick and effective match?

MARKETING CustomerDirector

1. What are the products of OGX, which is the approach that will work in each 2. Creates a BTL activity for product promotion multiplica tu impacto 3. Logistically how to organize a booth at a fair (considering selling, promotional materials and decoration) 4. What are the elements of the brand AIESEC

Market Director

1. Briefly describe the market they should focus the products of OGIP for this year and that universities give us our segmentation applicants 2. What are the corporate sectors have AIESEC Javeriana for ICX 3. Describe the characteristics of a company where you can sell any of the projects IGCDP 4. What are the elements of the brand AIESEC

PPRR Director

1. 2. 3. 4.

Generate a small public relations plan What strategies would you use to reach media companies media and universities What strategy would you propose branding What are the elements of the brand AIESEC

Quality Experiencies Director

1. 2. 3. 4.

What is the process you should have open cases whit NPS How often are filled NPS surveys Generates a brief campaign showcasing collection of EPs and Trainee cases Why you have the need to generate other feedback tools of our programs


Corporate Business Director 1. This area is getting reconstucted and getting out of a crisis, from your role what will you do to ensure growth and fortify it, and how? 2. Choose a sector: Chemical or Food Industry; answer the next questions: 3. Which are the opportunities of this sector for offering the products of AIESEC? 4. Knowing that is a new sector to work in, what will you offer to it? Explain why are you applying for this role?

Educational Director

1. This area is getting reconstucted and getting out of a crisis, from your role what will you do to ensure growth and fortify it, and how? 2. We have a few segmentation of schools in Bogota, which will be the strategy to find new opportunities to offer? 3. Explain why is important to bring a foreigner teacher taking into account that this will make to have less teachers from Colombia? 4. Explain why are you applying for this role?

Match Director

1. This area is getting reconstucted and getting out of a crisis, from your role what will you do to ensure growth and fortify it, and how? 2. What is the most important thing when you evaluate the backgrounds of the trainees? 3. What weaknesses do you detect in the match procedure? Explain why are you applying for this role? 4. Explain why are you applying for this role?

OGIP Match Director 1. What are the main 2 bottlenecks that we have about Match Processes in OGIP? 2. Give 3 strategies for improvement the Match in AIESEC Javeriana according to the 2 main bottlenecks that were explained in the previous answer. 3. How will you create effective international cooperations? 4. What will be your strategy to manage the tracking of the applications of the EPs According the countries focus and the EPs Profiles?

Selection Director

1. How will you make an efficiency selection process? 2. Describe how will you make tracking of the applicants to ensure the Raised 3. How will you ensure the quality of the profiles of the EPs Raised?

Promotion Director

1. Make a plan of promotion in the 3 main universities of AIESEC Javeriana, Distrital, Nacional and Javeriana. 2. Describe 3 strategies to increase the applicants in IT and ET profiles. 3. Describe how you will work in synergy with ER, MKT and IM&COMM

F&M OGX Support Director

1. How will you support sales and promotion processes? 2. Propose a plan to track all EPs abroad in order to know if they and the TN Taker are accomlplishing the TN conditions and XPP. 3. How many RA have performance AIESEC Javeriana for Q3 and Q4 on the last 3 years? How many will we do this year?

ICX Support Director

1. Explain in a very detail way the legalization process from an effective sale until TN is in available for iGIP and iGCDP. 2. How will you control and support Project pricing and Project Budget execution?

Resources Management Director 1. 2. 3. 4.

Explain with a diagram AIESEC Javeriana Chash Flow for OGX, iGIP, iGCDP and OCs. Propuose 2 strategies of fundraising and explain how to executi them. How will you ensure a right purchasing process and availability of physical resources? Hoy will you daily track area’s budget execution (incomes and outcomes) and how will you guaranty the fulfillmet of it?

Procedures and Auditing Director 1. Make a procedure that explain the activities that F&M should perform when iGCDP notify a trainee is matched to ensure their legality before and after travel (MA). 2. Name the documents required for NAT for ICX and OGX programas and explaing how will you guaranty their correct fulfillment and on-time uploaded.

TM Team Leader Processes Director

1. In base on Canvas Business Model for TLP make an analyze focused on local reality and organizational development. What do you think about the local reality now with the local reality the last year? 2. Make a Gantt Chart of the coordination flow and when it have synergy with the other coordinations. 3. How can improve each one of the TM Talent Sub-System Processes and make a SWOT about each process

Team Member Processes Director

1. In base on Canvas Business Model for TMP make an analyze focused on local reality and organizational development. 2. Make a Gantt Chart of the coordination flow and when it have synergy with the other coordinations. 3. Make a famework to have a good support of each Core Area 4. Make an analysis about the reality of the OCs. How can you improve the tracking, the productivity and efficiency focused on OC sustainability in the LC?

Talent Support Director

1. In base on Canvas Business model TMP-TLP-GCDP-GIP make a project about the implementation of each product with objetives, scope, goals, KPIs and a feasibility analysis. 2. Make a Gantt Chart of the coordination flow and when it have synergy with the other coordinations. 3. Make a famework to have a good support of each Core Area. What do you think about support?

Training And Development Director

1. Make a Market Analysis about the implementation of iLearn in the LC. Make a really good SOWT with clear strategies with every critical factor in each process of iLearn project. 2. Make a Gantt Chart of the coordination flow and when it have synergy with the other coordinations. 3. Make a famework to have a good support of each Core Area

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover - Mark Twain


Booklet de aplicación a Director Penguin Force 2013-2  
Booklet de aplicación a Director Penguin Force 2013-2  

AIESEC Javeriana booklet de aplicación para directores 2013-2