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Greetings to all! As being the secretary general at BETA MUN’12, I welcome you all to Jaipur’s first international MUN in collaboration with United Nation Information Centre for India and Bhutan. We at Beta MUN believe that this conference will make a positive impact and bring out the leader and diplomat inside you. At BETA MUN’ 12 WE WILL go BEYOND THE LIMITS and discover the world where the people and the society will overcome all the boundaries and make this world a better place to live in. I proudly invite you all at BETA MUN and ensure that you’ll take cherish able memories back to home. Thank you Rakshit Goyal Secretary General BETA MUN ‘12


Dikshant Malik Director, HRC BETA MUN

Special Interview with Director Q1. Nickname: Helley (u mean like Hell Boy sort) Q2. Current Course pursuing? Btech, 3 rd yr Q3. Favourite Pas time? Music and Sleeping (Sleeping really ohkkk) Q4. Why You do Mun’s ? Meeting new people ,interacting with them , Paisa free mein milta hai Q5. How was the First Day of the Council? Slow paced Q6. We heard from our reliable sources that the Chair din’t allow you to speak ,is it True? Not that much but more (but ultimately true) Q7. Any Delegate who caught you eye in the Council ? :P Decent to hai bahut sari (Baap re big line ) Q8.What made you do Betamun? Secretary General is A good Friend (hmmm)


BetaMUN, Jaipur 2012: A Collector’s Edition

AIESEC Jaipur has seen itself through a multitude of events and campus workshops. Many would call an eventual organization of an event like a Model United Nations pretty much clichéd for budding societies; I however, couldn’t disagree more. AIESEC has established itself not only as a radical society, but also as a guild to hone the budding leaders of tomorrow. On receiving a call for being the Editor to the International Press, I was beside myself at the prospect of being associated with the illustrious society itself. After the torrid weather in Delhi, a journey to the Pink City, amidst the darker shades of the greying clouds, was a journey to behold. A special mention to the Sec Gen BetaMUN ’12 is in order, I suppose. He’s the person who’s been an essential and an indispensable aid, to the functioning of this MUN, and making it a grand success. A few occasional dip in the pool with the Vice-Chairperson and the Delegate of Switzerland were a few perks I enjoyed during this MUN, memories one would reflect back to, for ages to come. The committee was a blend of exceptional delegates and a panel of highly proficient Secretariat, all in tandem for the pre-set agenda. The first day saw a snail-like approach to the situation, as delegates took time settling in the simulated environment. The second day however, witnessed a much better and substantial debate, owing to the ‘lesser’ ogling heads and more-than-frequent chanced-glances, as the foreign delegates had left the committee the other day. Altogether, kudos to Team AIESEC for putting together a jigsaw of participants and opinions, under a single roof and simulating MUN, like professionals. It’s the Editor - Team International Press, with a gratified sign off, for the event, AIESEC BetaMUN 2012.

Bikramjit Sengupta


SLAVERY: DUGGED DEEP TO THE ROOTS Beta MUN started with the day 2 proceedings on the hairline of the main agenda. With all the dizziness around, roll call was done and the formal session began. None of them, apparently willing to add their country names to the GSL. Finally the motion opened with US, portraying an alarming picture of the main agenda. Switzerland soon followed with the facts that domestic slavery and sex trade, Egypt supported, stating that responsibility is of every individual and not of the govt. alone to handle these major issues. The chair and the Vice chair warned the delegates repetitively to be “specific” and to “change the nature of the speech”. Delegates of France, Mexico, and Saudi Arabia manifested on the issues of human trafficking and then the council took the track towards “trafficking of humans for organs”. Considered as another form of slavery, the delegates threw light on this currently-unaware issue, New Zealand and Saudi Arabia added more to the discussion. According to them, the victims of trafficking were forced, they formally or informally agree for the organs trafficking and also the organs are trafficked without their knowledge. Many of the motions were suggested and few of them were even considered worthy. After the long and serious discussion, the EB called for the group discussion. It seemed to be active enough at first, but gradually went on to pointless jokes. Switzerland and France’s delegates took the lead on it. Filled with controversies, when the delegates were asked for atleast two drafts, the reaction was-“what?!”. After that the committee resumed on a more serious track. Suggestions included ‘more transparency required in investigation, greater authenticity, anonymous judicial committees formed etc’. apart from it, Bangladesh and Iran were found to delve into more “social issues” themselves! Eventually, discussions ended with a prominent resolution successfully.

Nikita Goyal THE REVOLUTIONARY RESOLUTION Day 2, all the delegates were all set to blow their triumphs in the debating war-ground. Everyone was highly enthusiastic about the day two sessions as it seemed that everyone was well prepared to prove their point and smash it as a resolution. The debating session began with a formal permission to declare the debate open. Delegate of Switzerland raised a debate about the debt bondage, commercial sex trade and domestic slavery to be discussed as they were a matter of extreme concern. Delegate of United States of America debated that domestic slavery was a serious issue and can only be eradicated by genuine efforts of all. Also, it was stated that steps must be taken around the globe to abolish slavery from its roots and avoid its reoccurrence. Delegates of some countries opposed the points discussed and questions were raised regarding the steps taken to improve security at the porous borders of Mexico. Also a serious debate regarding the human trafficking for organs which is a legal offence was initiated. A long debate was held to discuss the issue as some of the delegates clarified the difference between trafficking of human organs and human trafficking for organs. New Zealand clearly stated the 3 prominent ways in which human trafficking for organs take place, which were forcefully operating on organs to be sold. Secondly, when the victim voluntarily comes up to get their organs operated in exchange of the cash amount promised, which, as a matter of fact they never tend to get. And thirdly organs are removed by faking some ailments and befooling them by removing the organs without knowledge. Finally as it is said “all’s well that ends well”, likewise the 2day debating session ended with peace and a prominent resolution was passed for the welfare of all.

Aprajita vidyarthi


International Press Awards

1. The One with the Best LingoDelegate of France

2. The One who’s the most flirtatious of all Delegate of Switzerland

4. The One who’s Best Attired (Director) Dikshant Malik

4. The One who’s Best Attired Delegate of USA

6. The One who’s the most chilled out The Hon’ble Sec Gen

7. The most courteous of all Delegate of New Zealand

3. The One who’s our Miss CongenialityDelegate of Saudi Arabia

5. The One who’s our Miss Oomph Factor (Rapporteur) Deeksha Gehlot

8. An abyss of Knowledge (Chair) Amey Naik


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MUNtra || Issue 2 || AIESEC JAIPUR Beta Model United Nations

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