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October 8, 2012 t

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A Planned Presentation Day was organized , where all the TTL’s came up with their presentations for their departments and showcased their plans for the quarter 4 and gave the review for quarter 3.



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am a GLOBAL LEADER themed L C Day was organized on 2nd October at Taxilla Buisness School. The presence of two alumnus Ms. DEEPA KHATRI and Mr. SIDDHARTH SHAH added stars to the day and filled AIESECRS with full enthusiasm to write a new story in the book of AIESEC Jaipur.

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LCM was organize on 6 Oct. for launch of the IMPACT WEEK. The AIESEC guest for the day was, AKARSH DAHIYA (alumni).

AIESEC Alumni Premier League ,where all the alumni bring in their teams and have a day of cricket match is going to take place on 28 October.

The gripping clutch of agony, pity, and helplessness at the sight of the deprived souls remains universal; but, those who dare to dream and tread towards action do justice to ease the clutch. They defeat agony, capitalize pity, and turnaround helplessness to devise and implement solutions, the real changes. One such attempt is Impact Week, where we have targeted to make 50,000 youth and children to get. This is impacted through several small –small events."

Lead’12 will be a two day conference that will be focusing on the sharing of ideas & experiences through interactive sessions, LEAD talks & discussions which will be delivered by the professionals, entrepreneurs, mavericks, artists, authors & visionaries of the respective arenas.

Campus ambassador program to connect more youth to AIESEC.

IM{ETUS 8 oct, 12  

aiesec jaipur newsletter IMPETUS october edition

IM{ETUS 8 oct, 12  

aiesec jaipur newsletter IMPETUS october edition