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Board of Advisors Mr. Prateem Tamboli Director Faculty - Fortis Rajasthan

Mr. Ajay Data

Mr. Mahavir Pratap An Entrepreneur

Mr. Siddhart Kothari

Mr. Vikram Golcha

Mr. Dileep Baid

 LOCAL B OARD OF A DVISORS ..................... 1

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Hello AIESEC in Jaipur, I would initiate with a thanking note to all the members of AIESEC in Jaipur, for contributing to a fantastic Q1 and Q2 and delivering high volume of AIESEC Experiences to others and propelling closer to the vision of creating more and more leaders. Above all, there are certain individuals whom I really want to thank the most due to their unending, unparallel and humongous contribution in uplifting the state of the Local Committee and they are undoubtedly my very own team named as “The Lions”. The Lions are just back from amazing Team days, where in we brain-

stormed about next 6 months planning. These past few months have sought a lot of things and one of the most highlighting being the June National Conference 2013, which is where we represented AIESEC in Jaipur with one of the most enthusiastic and thought filled delegation and that’s why I’d like to thank the entire delegation for the same for making AIESEC in Jaipur. With so many things in the calendar of AIESEC in Jaipur, are we excited to deliver an exciting Quarter 3 ? Lets Connect, because experiences matters when they are Relevant !!

Chitresh Parihar President & CEO | AIESEC in Jaipur

MARKET WATCH AIESEC in Jaipur is successfully engaging more and more of youth giving them the best platform to unleash their potential. With recruitments heading up in the next month, we have received a lot of responses on joining our organisation clearly stating the amount of impact we are creating. I wish all the luck to the future AIESECers. - Suparna Saha Vice President, Marketing

Local Committee


Too much work, too much vacation, too much of anything kill a man just as effectively as assorted vice and too much drink. - Rudyard Kipling

Helping you achieve Your goals To bring back the excitement, to bring back the enthusiasm, to bring back the feeling and the power of ’One’, AIESEC in Jaipur organized LC Day. This happens once or twice a year with the objective of boosting up the energy to the fullest reviving the culture of AIESEC. There comes a time when every organisation needs a break, but such breaks are utilized in order to bring the people together, share what they have and also to bring everybody on the same page. With jives being flown down, with

interesting games being followed, the members of AIESEC in Jaipur had a good relaxation time. We are thankful to Barista, Jaipur for providing us the venue.

June National Conference ‘13 June National Conference is AIESEC India’s Biggest conference held every once in a year. This JNC 2013 was hosted by AIESEC in Baroda.

Over 400 young leaders - Aspire to Transform June National Conference 2013 saw over 400 young thought leaders from over 23 different Indian cities coming together to review and recognize past performance, understand deviations and plan for the future of AIESEC India. The conference also sees the discharge of the AIESEC India

Member Committee 2011 – ’13 along with the ratification of the AIESEC India Member Committee 2012 – ’14. The brightest young minds in the AIESEC network were a part of a conference with a variety of external sessions, inter cultural interaction and to be a part of a big joy

Local Committee Meeting In the month of May and June, AIESEC in Jaipur conducted over 3 Local Committee Meetings where the productivity of each portfolio was analyzed. Strategies and new innovations enthralled the minds of young leaders .



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