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Our Global Reach AIESEC is a not-for-proďŹ t, non-poli4cal organiza4on run by youths across 127 countries and territories; being the largest youth-led organiza4on in the world. NETHERLANDS (HQ) EGYPT


We provide leadership development through global internships and team experiences.





1,000,000 70,000 60,000 5,000 127 68

Alumni Current Members Exchanges Partners Globally Countries & Territories Years of Operation


About Global Talents Hiring from abroad can be a nightmare. Visas, logis4cs, language barriers, and even cultural dierences can turn away execu4ves from hiring abroad. Global Talent Programme is a cost-eec4ve solu4on to meet your short and medium term staďŹƒng needs with sourced talent for a placement dura4on of 6 to 12 months. For over 68 years, we have worked alongside government, businesses and talented students to facilitate life-changing professional experiences within small to mul4na4onal businesses. Our mission is simple: to provide young people with meaningful and challenging experiences to develop their leadership poten4al.

4 Simple Steps for Global Talents

Iden4fy Business Needs

Select a Project

Talent Selec4on

Global Talents at Work 2

Value Proposi;ons Global mindset and innovation

Cost-effective talent solution

Visa application services

Candidate screening

Reception services

Customer Centricity

Our talent pool is equipped with strong skill-sets, proven leadership and a global outlook. This provides means of innovations to address not only local issues with your product being developed, but also on a broader prospective.

Our talent sourcing process is based on your defined criteria. We provide your company with a shortlist of the top 4 to 6 candidates for screening, and will assist in the interviews scheduling to simplify the process.

Access to talent pool from the AIESEC network region to better understand and discover the demographics of people. Our program costs are minimal while providing a large return on investment.

We prepare trainees for arrival and assist them to settle down through the process of cultural diversity and adaptation in Malaysia. This is to ensure trainee has the right attitude, mindset and expectation before working in Malaysia.

We assist your company on the visa application for trainees to work in Malaysia. Our visa service partner will liaise closely with company on the visa documentation and submission, until the arrival of trainee.

Customer satisfaction is our main priority! Throughout the programme, we review and request feedback from company on trainee’s performance to ensure the highest level of satisfaction and experience.


Leadership Development Model The flagship talent programme enables your businesses to provide professional experiences to a global network of youth talent who wants to make a difference.

This is how your company can enable one’s leadership and contribute the EMPOWERMENT. EMPOWERING OTHERS


By interac7ng with other employees and having a collabora7ve workspace, the trainee understands his/her ability to empower others in work.

By fulfilling a challenging job descrip7on in a new working environment, the trainee becomes solu7on oriented.



By interac7on with the locals, the trainee begins to understand the culture and business norms, thus making him/her a world ci7zen.

By understanding his/her Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) and by receiving regular feedback, the trainee becomes more self-aware.


Talents in Business AIESEC Global Talents are interested in helping to grow brilliant businesses grow around the world in the sales & marke4ng, and business administra4on ďŹ eld. Marke4ng trainee communicates the value of product & service through sales, branding, market posi4oning and outreach to deliver strong message to your target audience. Business Administra4on trainee assists in management, framework planning and crea4ng a diverse mindset to help your company expand in local and interna4onal market.


Sales and marketing

Business administration

Digital Marke4ng & Social Media Coordinator

Market Research and Business Analyst

Public Rela4ons, Events and Project Coordinator

Business Expansion and Strategic Ini4a4ves

Corporate Account and Sales Associate

Human Resource and Recruitment Associate

* Posi'ons above are general framework and can be customized


Talents in Informa;on Technology






Involve in full system development life-cycle such as design, develop, test, implement and maintenance

Design and update webpage layouts, customizing modules and adding features to meet the client’s solu4ons

Design and develop mobile applica4ons in iOS and/or Android plaaorms

Prepare test cases & scripts, and perform system tes4ng in controlled and real situa4ons before going live

Design, develop, test and implement web applica4ons in cloud-based, web-based, mobile-based plaaorms

Build and integrate mobile applica4ons with back-end enterprise system, new and exis4ng modules

Perform con4nuous research on new technologies and methodologies to improve so_ware development.

Improve and op4mize the architecture, code and processes of our web applica4ons & so_ware

Research and propose new features, func4onali4es and ideas into applica4on design to maximize user friendliness

JavaScript, Java, C, C++, C#, Visual Studio, Python, SQL, CSS, PHP Ruby / Ruby on Rails .NET

JQuery Photoshop WordPress, Joomla

*Job Descrip'on and Skills shown are general framework and can be customized

Android iOS, Objec4ve-C XML 6

Diverse Talent Pool Our pool of young talents are mostly recent graduates with minimal working experience. They have strong English proďŹ ciency, and in addi4on to their na4ve language - Mandarin, Arabic, French, Spanish, Russian, etc. We believe the addi4on of our talents can provide new perspec4ves and global diversity within your company.

Academic and Working Background

Country & Region Preference

Top Country Supply:

Poland Vietnam

Ukraine Indonesia



Programme Timeline


Promotion of Job Opportunities


CV Screening


Selection Interview

May - June

Visa Processing

1.5 – 2 MONTHS

Departure Preparations


Arrival and Cultural Reception


Work Reception Activities **Timeline subject to change


Financial Pricing NO. OF POSITIONS


Subscrip4on Fee

RM 500

Package A : 1-3 Exchange Par4cipant(s)

RM 2,800 /PAX

Package B: 4-5 Exchange Par4cipant(s)

RM 2,500 /PAX

* Pricing include visa processing fee. Addi'onal cost will be incurred on companies without Expatriate Services Division (ESD) account and MSC-status companies.

AIESEC Services •  •  •  • 

Talent Screening & Selec4on Administra4on & Legali4es Visa Processing & Coordina4on Talent Prepara4on & Workshops

•  •  •  •  • 

Airport Arrival Accommoda4on Senling 1st Day of Work Induc4on Company Visit & Review Gatherings and Local Events

Company provides a monthly salary for trainee to support his/her living cost. Monthly Salary

RM 2,500




“AIESEC enables us at MindValley to get some of the best talent. We have over 100 employees and 1/3 were hired directly through AIESEC. Out of our senior management team of eleven people, eight of them came from AIESEC. We see AIESEC as being a key partner in the growth of our company.” Vishen Lakhiani Founder and CEO, MindValley


Peter ang Poh Kong Vice president of Incoming Global Talent +6017-6953613

AIESEC in Malaysia

Block E-51-2, Zenith Corporate park, jalan ss7/26, 47301 petaling jaya.

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