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Dear applicants,

It is with a great pleasure that I present to you the MCP France application for the term 2017- 2018! More than one third of the 2016-2017 term has passed and we’re entering the process of electing the new team. This process by itself will be a very rich learning experience. You cannot imagine how much you’ll learn about yourself, the people around you and our dear entity AIESEC France. Working for this federation is an incredible experience that is shaping every single MC member day by day. It gives you the opportunity to learn, act fast, take responsibility of the decisions you take and grow considerably. You’ll be taking part of a team of diverse individuals that will love you, support you and challenge you! You will share your passion for the organization and work day by day to take AIESEC France to greater heights. The decision you are about to take is not simple. Being part of the MC experience requires dedication, hard-work, passion as well as resistance to stress. Deep motivation is essential through the whole experience. As our entity is growing, we are expecting individuals who will take the past strategies and actions forward and elevate them to achieve even bigger growth, worthy of the 2020 movement and vision of AIESEC. As we want to become even more relevant to the world and the society, don’t forget to consider the external trends, specially linked to the French society, in your application. We are looking forward to read and share your applications with the federation! Good luck in the process and above all enjoy it as the application and the elections are already part of your MC adventure!


Jean Pierre, Nicte, Amandine, Andra, Mo, Othmane

TABLE OF CONTENT: 1. General Profile a. b. c. d.

Summary of the role and main functions MCP General responsibilities MCP Skills requirements MCP Knowledge requirements MCP

2. Working Conditions a. Workload of Member Committee b. Payments and cost coverage c. Conference/Meetings during the transition period

3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Requirements of Compendium Election and selection process Additional Information General Questionnaire (for all candidates) Specific Questionnaire a. MCP candidates questions

1. GENERAL PROFILE Especially on the national level of AIESEC a team needs a broad expertise in all functional areas. That is why the MC team consists of people with different experience and backgrounds. Taking part in a this team means that you are a team player, open minded, well organised and that you have a holistic view not only on things connected with AIESEC, but also connected with current trends and society / cultural issues from all over the world. Taking on a role in the MC is an opportunity for you to show your leadership potential and apply it to specific context. Persistence and commitment are key values that are needed to make this experience successful, both for yourself and for AIESEC France

MCP SUMMARY OF THE ROLE AND MAIN FUNCTIONS MCP: Representing AIESEC France internally- and externally Develop and implement strategy for the federation Codevelop and embody vision Tracking and team leading of MC Tracking and coaching of LCPs Selection of MC + National Support teams Ensuring accountability and legality of processes in AIESEC France

GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES MCP: Development and execution of long-term strategy, direction and term priorities Develop the strategic plan to advance AIESEC's goals and objectives Facilitate the planning process on national and local level Ensure implementation and execution of national and global strategies Co-facilitate LC Development and Performance Tracking Ensure alignment of strategic decisions to global midterm ambition Shaping organisational culture and promoting collaboration Foster leadership culture in AIESEC in France Build leadership pipeline for AIESEC in France to ensure coverage of all leadership positions by high profiles Supervise strategic work done by different sub teams and levels of National Team structure (i.e. task forces, projects, etc.) and its relevance Ensure MC-LC dialogue and cooperation Address the global network in issues related to France’s needs and interests Maintain communication with AIESEC International and other AIESEC entities Team building and management of the MC Ensure an effective planning process for AIESEC in France and follow up on national priorities Execute MC team members’ weekly priorities and targets and performance tracking  

Run performance appraisals and individual meetings with MC members Ensure education and training needed for team members Allocating resources Plan, develop, and implement strategies for generating resources Co-create and recommend annual budget and prudently manage organisation's resources within those budget guidelines Review activity reports and financial statements to determine progress and status in reaching objectives. Revise objectives and plans in accordance with current conditions. Governance and External Representation Cooperate with the Supervisory Group and CRM of the same Participate in legislation meetings for AIESEC in France Ensure the organisation is consistently presented in a strong and positive image to relevant stakeholders Represent AIESEC during internal and external events

SKILLS REQUIREMENTS MCP: Ability to create short and long –term strategies/ initiatives and implement them Experience in long term operational planning on both local and national level Demonstrating actions aligned with the AIESEC Way, the AIESEC Values and our current Strategic Direction Team Management skills Ability to motivate and inspire teams Coaching experience Negotiation and crisis/conflict solving skills Good understanding of key external trends worldwide and in the country

KNOWLEDGE REQUIREMENTS MCP: National Perspective Current state of AIESEC in France National focus and direction AIESEC in France compendium History of AIESEC in France Global Perspective The AIESEC Way Our Aspiration (BHAG) AIESEC 2015 and the transition to AIESEC 2020 Global focus and direction General history of AIESEC


Shape organizational culture and adhere it to the AIESEC Way Execute national plan and goals towards realization of AIESEC 2020 ambition and beyond Ensure alignment and realization of global and national direction and strategies Ensure the strategic work done in different sub teams and levels of National Team

 structure (i.e. task forces, projects, etc.) and its relevance  Ensure accountability and legality of our actions  Represent AIESEC in France in the global association and externally


Official start of the term: 01.08.2017 Official end of the term: 31.07.2018 Transition period: MCP starts transition process after LEAD conference –December; Working hours: 40 hours a week Weekends are free apart from team days, conferences or other planned meetings. Monthly salary: 508,20€ MC elects are expected to move to Paris latest on 1st of July 2017.

PAYMENTS AND COST COVERAGE:  Expenditures connected with mandatory international Congress, statutory conferences, meetings and team days are covered.  Accommodation and transportation within Paris will be paid from the salary.  Travel costs to Paris for international applicants are not covered.

CONF./MEETINGS TO ATTEND DURING THE TRANSITION PERIOD:  IPM: February 2017 (mandatory for MCPe).  Physical transition: June 2017 (MC current and MC elect – physical presence is mandatory).  STEP conference: May 2017 (mandatory for MC current and elect).

3. REQUIREMENTS OF COMPENDIUM  International candidates for MCP must present with their application form proof of B2 French language level minimum  To have at least 18 years old at the beginning of the term you are applying for  To have been a member of AIESEC at least 12 months at the moment of the elections  Not to have any professional activity during the envisioned term  To have filled on time the application form  To have presented three letters of endorsement, and among them one coming from a member or an alumnus of his/her Local or Member Committee

4. ELECTION AND SELECTION PROCESS  Application deadline is 03.01.2017 at 23:59 (GMT+1)

(application has to be in English)  Personality test: results to be submitted the 03.01.2017 at 23:59 (GMT+1)  Review boards with MC team current & BOA members from 04.01.2017 till 11.01.2017  Election days the 14.01.2017 

Content of Election days:

For MCPs:   Opening speech  Study Case Panel discussion Strategy speech Q&A Closing speech

The times will be defined once we have the final number of candidates. P.S: If any stage of the process is missed, the candidate is automatically disqualified and cannot move to the next stage.

APPLICATION PACKAGE MCP 17/18:  Your CV: Give us all important information we need to know about you, your AIESEC career, other jobs you have had, your contact details etc. (2 page max.)  Your motivation letter: Introduce yourself to members of AIESEC in France and explain why are you applying to become a part of MC 17/18, and why are you suitable for this position. (1 page max.)  Endorsement Letters: Collect three (3) endorsement letters with contact details of authors. One of the endorsement letter can be given by externals (companies etc.). One of your endorsement letters must be from your AIESEC entity.  General Questions (min. 2, max. 3 pages).  Specific Questions (min. 6, max. 8 pages).  Scan / document of French language level (only for international MCP candidates) certifying that you have B2 level of French minimum.  For all candidates: prepare 3 - 5 min video about you. (you can use the time as you wish to represent you/your strategy/…)

5. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION  Please give us information about visa procedure if you are international candidate.  Submit your application with attachments till 3 of December 2017, 23:59 GMT+1 to MCP: Jean Pierre Lannou, MCP at

 Send the .zip/.rar file with all documents with the name: “”. Including:

   

 CV  Motivation Letter  3 Endorsements letters  General & Functional Questionnaire with answers to questions  Video file or link  Personality Tests You can create your own design (graphic style and color usage). Make sure you create a separate file for each document. You will receive confirmation within 24 hours of the reception of your application. If you have any questions about the application process, do not hesitate to contact: Jean Pierre Lannou, MCP at

6. GENERAL QUESTIONNAIRE (FOR ALL CANDIDATES):  What is the leadership that AIESEC France needs in the moment? Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in relation to this demand.  What is the current situation of the federation? Present a SWOT of AIESEC in France.  Evaluate the Strategies of the term 2016/2017. State what would you continue and what would you change and explain how and why?  In your opinion, what is required for us to be leading AIESEC in Europe? How to get there?


1. Imagine the last day of your term. How does AIESEC in France look like? How did growth happen? How would you describe it and what would you do to make sure it happens? 2. What is the role of a MCP and how would you fulfill this role? 3. What are you looking for in your MC team? How should your teammates be to amplify your strengths and cover your weaknesses? 4. How you will make AIESEC France growth disruptively using all the potential of the French market?

5. What is your understanding of Culture of Achievement and how would you implement this culture in AIESEC France? 6. Strategy: a. Present and explain the elements of your strategy that align with the AIESEC 2020 vision. b. Explain how will your strategy align with the external trends in France. 7. What is your biggest hope and what is your biggest fear for your term as MCP? 8. What are you planning to take from the previous teams to be able to build on?

Good Luck

AIESEC in France - MCP Application 17/18