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November 14th, 2012 Dnipropetrovs'k

From the President More than one month has already What is next? passed since the last addition was • We continue our recruitment till published. We were waiting for concrete November 20th! Apply now! and meaningful updates and news for • On November 24-25th we are waiting you. for coach visit; A lot of changes happen in LC such as: • On November 25th we will have • I GIP Coordinator has left her position. AIESEC Day; Now there are only 5 members in EB left; • On November 27th will come the first • On November 7th we had extraordinary intern! Can not wait to see him . LM after which 9 members lost their membership in organization; That’s all for this month. Hope to face • We recruited 10 newbies! Welcome to more results and achievements next DP family; time! • 10-11th of November we had LIC. First Remember, that the only thing we выездной LIC after one year and a half; need is to keep the spirit of Great • We realized 2 GIP EPs, 1 GCDP EP, 5 Ambitious People who just come and TMPs. do! Regards,

From the PM&TM I want to congratulate my OCPs with Also we have some updates from AI finally getting their teams. Now it's time about TMP & TLP. According to them TM to lead and make changes. Our strength strategic plan will be replaned and is our members and you are that people updated. who are responsible for them. Additional thanks from me as agenda Congratulations to Dima Bystrov with manager to facilitators and chair for the taking new position. That is how new good conference and special spirit of leaders are born. AIESEC. Hope you enjoyed your work as well. Thanks Gena Gulakov for interesting And of course members, there were session about projects. only 10 of you, but you were so active and energetic during the whole 2 days! Unfortunately we don't have project Just save this energy and motivation for coaches any more. Due to system was the further work and we will rock the not clear it didn't bring any results, but house! thanks again to alumni who took part in this initiative.

From the OGX

We are still running for “Enjoy the world” project. New OCP was elected for this project, so I hope this challenge will be accepted at 100% and we will achieve our goals! This winter we should have 2 GIP projects Ping the World (project for IT people) and Educate the World (for those who are interested in teaching languages), but we have decided to concentrate on IT sphere as far as we have big potential of raising IT EPs. So “Ping the World” is coming! I really count on OCP and his team! Guys you will rock the house this winter! I will do my best for projects in OGX direction and help the teams to raise the best EPs! Remember, that OGX is sexy 

From the ICX In October were matched 3 interns for the “English for Children” project, but as far as they faced up with visa issues in their countries they could not join the project. Now we are waiting for the intern from Portugal  This month me and my new team ( 2 members were allocated to direction) are going to concentrate our work on matching for Q1 and matching of 3 GIP TNs. I am so happy to have my own functional team, so can not wait to educate them and make them fell in love with the best direction in the world! We will match the best EPs for our lovely LC and for sure will spend a great time together 

One life. One passion. Other side. It took me more than 2 weeks to back to Ukrainian Realities again. I did not want to come back home from the congress. More than 40 countries, 200 representatives, fantastic AI members, CCs, facis‌. The only question I have asked myself: Am I sleeping right now? Is that true? I never felt so happy, inspired, motivated and powerful at the same time. This conference gave me everything: passion, desire, belief, confidence, proudest. Those 2 weeks in Romania were the best weeks of this year! Could you imagine just only for one minute how is it to feel the power of the world in your hands? How is it to realize, that we are Ukrainians and we are the most talented nation in the world? How is it to understand, that we understand everything, but sometimes do nothing to realize it? It is hard to find the worlds to describe how did it was, and I have promised my team do not use deep collocations and mixed phrases. That is why the last thing I want to share:

Nobody really cares about your failures and defeats, nobody cares that you lose your motivation and inspiration. Nobody cares that you do not have support and belief. Who cares? It is just stupid stereotypes. Nobody do not have any rights to judge you and tell you what you should do or not. It is about your life, your work, your love, your family, friends.. Just be the leader of your life, be the leader of your thoughts and decisions. Love and be inspired about what you are doing now, feel the power in your hands and be confident. Remember, that confidence is about the actions. Leadership is about taking the responsibility and accepting new challenges. If you are a real man you have to be strong, you have to be crazy about your work and addicted! I am! Thank you all for this feeling of confidence and belief that together we achieve! Do not wait until something will change! Change it now! Do it today! Inspired After EuroCo 2012, Romania S.U.

Reminder •For members ( old and new one) 18th of November is the DDL to apply for New Horizons! Apply now: ; •On November 25th we will have AIESEC Day ( Induction seminar for recruited members); •On the last week of November we will have welcoming party for our intern ; •For Alumni: you are officially invited to join the last night of New Horizons on December 8th; • Check out pictures from EuroCo 2012 ( if you are interested):;http://www.f; /media/set/?set=a.384658094942977.90730.100001963705717&type=3 • •Link for pics from LIC:

Monthly Newsletter#4_November14th  
Monthly Newsletter#4_November14th