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Member Committee Application Package

AIESEC Czech Republic

„Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results not attributes.” Peter Drucker

Dear applicants for Member Committee of AIESEC in the Czech Republic 2013/2014, To apply for the MC might not be the simplest thing in your life, but certainly it is the simplest thing in the MC journey. To apply for the MC in the strong and performing entity as AIESEC in the Czech Republic needs good vision to know, where do you go, good strategy and skills to know, how to go, and eagerness to make the things happen. Being part of the MC is bringing you challenges every day, every day you have the opportunity to become even better leader. Being in MC for almost 2 years I sacrificed a lot, but on the other hand I learned much more in reward and I can always say – no matter if the day is sunny or sad – that this experience was every time worth it. Having also professional experiences out of AIESEC I honestly have to say that I lived during these 2 years the time of my life! You can do the job, which you can do in corporation only after long time climbing up the ladder. The MC experience is one of the best experiences AIESEC can offer you. “Commitment leads to action. Action brings your dream closer.” Marcia Wieder If you have a dream, there is no better way than just to go for it. Go for your dreams… Yours,

Martin Tyšer Member Committee President 2012/2013 AIESEC in the Czech Republic

Dear candidate, We strongly encourage you to go through all the wiki of the application, in order to have the clear expectations before actually applying. Before starting to fill the Application form – that reflects you as a person, your aspirations, your AIESEC Experience and your compatibility with the position that you are applying, there are some important steps that you need to follow. If the following steps are not fulfilled, your application is not considered a valid one. 1. Send the application on time. Final Deadline is: 12th January 2013, 23.59 GMT+1 (Czech Time) 2. You can use different design elements in your application but make sure that the document is brand aligned (at least the logo of AIESEC). 3. Every document needs to be in pdf format, but you are free to create your template, colors, layout, background. 4. We are expecting from your side 7* documents in pdf format:  General Questions (do not forget to put the YouTube Link with the movie)  Specific Questions  One page autobiography  3 Endorsements* (unless you are applying for MC ER, where we are expecting 2 more endorsements, from Alumni and company or for MC CR – where we are expecting 1 more Endorsement, from company)  3600 GCM evaluation in .pdf 5. The General Questions document has to have maximum 4 pages. 6. The Specific Questions document has to have maximum 6 pages. 7. Every endorsement has maximum one page. Please provide the contacts (e-mail, phone no.) of the person that endorses you. We may contact him/her. 8. If you are applying for more positions, you send us one more document with the answers for the other position/positions that you are applying for. 9. The font cannot be smaller than size 10. Also, you can create your own tables to questions, and different ways to put the answer on the page. Use the space wisely. 10. All the questions need to be fulfilled. 11. All the documents will be archived in a .zip format and uploaded on The archive will have the name: [Czech] Name of applicant/Position you are applying. The link on will be sent to and until the deadline. In case that doesn’t work properly, please send the archive with the documents to the e-mails above.

General Questions I.


Name and surname Original AIESEC Country Current AIESEC Country LC/MC Nationality E-mail Phone / Mobile MSN/ICQ/Skype Your AIESEC experience Dates LC/MC


Your non-AIESEC experience Dates Company Position

Results achieved

Job Description

Most important conferences you attended Dates Meeting/Location


Your learnings

Your studies (define highest educational level achieved) Dates Place/School Area of studies Languages you speak Language Write

Past experience in following 4 areas Strategic Analyzes Virtual Management


Results achieved



Team Management Conference Management

State your 5 biggest professional achievements



Your aspirations

1. Why have you decided to apply for Czech Republic Member Committee 2012.2013? 2. What is your personal vision for the next 3 years? How the MC position would help you in achieving it?

III. You and AIESEC 1. What are the key initiatives driven globally. How would you capitalize on them in Czech Republic? (especially within the area you are applying for) 2. How do you see the strongest connections between AIESEC 2015 and AIESEC Czech Republic? Be as specific as you can. (not only in your area) 3. How do you see further implementation of the long term plan in Czech Republic and what are the key challenges to overcome in your term? 4. Create the PEST analysis for Czech Republic. This is a really important step for you to be engaged with the reality of the country, because AIESEC is an external organization and needs to create the impact towards the community we live in. Political - Legislative Economic Socio - Cultural Technological 5. Create the SWOT analysis for AIESEC Czech Republic 6. What is the role of MC 13-14 term in AIESEC Czech Republic towards influencing the external environment?

Attachments I.



You as a person

Please attach the link with a maximum 5 minutes long video(link to YouTube) where you need to answer the following questions: a. What defines you as a person (values, etc) b. What position you are applying for and why? c. What is your unique contribution towards generation 2013.2014 in AIESEC Czech Republic within the area that you are applying for?

Attach one page A4 autobiography that would describe you the most. Be as creative as you can – in order for us to know you. You can use there any design element that you want.

III. Endorsement letters Please attach 3 endorsements (from the people that actually worked with you) *For the positions: MC ER – Partnership Development, attach 2 more endorsements:  From a company  From an alumni MC CR – Employer Branding, attach 1 more endorsement:  From a company Please ensure that all the endorsements have contact details (email, phone no) of the person that endorses you, as there is possibility they will be contacted by us.

Specific Questions Which position(s) are you applying for? (You can choose up to 3 positions and you must answer all questions for the areas you’re applying for. We strongly recommend you to choose at least 2 areas) Priority of Positions:

1. 2. 3.

President Country development 1. Analyze performance of AIESEC in the Czech Republic in the last 3 years based on 2015 ambition measures, HR capacity and financial health KPIs. Define key successful initiatives and why worked. Based on the analysis define key initiatives that should continue in the next term. 2. Introduce your plan for the term 2013/2014, include focus areas (maximum 3), focus products, strategies, projects and MoS. Explain the chocice of the focus products based on internal and external analysis in conjunction with the long term plan for AIESEC in the Czech Republic 3. Explain what change is needed to achieve the plan you have set above and what are the major challenges you would face while implementing these changes. How would you deal with them? 4. How would you ensure the financial sustainability o all entities of AIESEC in the Czech Republic from the long term perspective? LCPs and MC team management 5. What should be the role of MCP, MC management board, MC and MC+LCPs in managing the organization and strategy creation and execution? How should the accountability work (include LC coaching system)? Global level: 6. What is the role and position of AIESEC in the Czech Republic in the global association now and what should be at the end of term 2013/2014, how would you support it in the future? 7. What are from your point of view the key challenges discussed in the Global Plenary in the current term and what is your opinion? Attachments:  Blank one A4 page - executive summary (description of the plan, key ideas)  Test for leadership style

Organizational Development 1. This term, the MC tried to expand in other cities, but having such a big plan, the LCs did not have a focus on that. There is a big possibility that this will happen in the 12.13 term as well. Having this in mind, design the flow of opening one expansion without LC support. (time line, key processes, outcomes expected in each process, education, etc) 2. Analyze current LC coaching system. What are the initiatives you will run to support customization of coaching strategy for the whole AIESEC Czech Republic. 3. Design an analysis model to showcase the performance and health of AIESEC in Czech Republic with the LC break down 4. Evaluate current country to country cooperation. Create the map of key country partnerships, including product, sub product, target, current state, ideal state, initiatives to support. 5. Analyze how Czech Republic can cooperate with ministries, government, NGOs, universities in order to scale up exchange realizations. Propose a frame with strategies how to approach each of them, include expected risks & bottlenecks and how to overcome them. 6. Evaluate the current market reality of entities in Czech Republic in terms of both student & corporate markets. Propose the planning frame & criteria, how to choose the country focuses for the term. 7. As MC VP OD you are final responsible for the customer feedback implementation. Evaluate current state in NPS implementation on both national & local levels, create the strategy of its implementation for your term (take into consideration structures, flow, usage, members’ education etc)

External Relations 1. Analyze strategies and results of Corporate Relations area on MC level for last 3 terms. What were the main successes and learnings you will take to your term? Please highlight especially partnership development area and Life long connection goals and strategies. 2. What are the key priorities (max. 3) and strategies for External Relations area of AIESEC in the Czech Republic for next term? What results should it bring? 3. Please, provide us with your vision of Talent Development products in AIESEC in the Czech Republic. What are the main current strengths and bottlenecks? How will you develop TD products during your term? 4. What are the main bottlenecks of Employer Branding products? How will you develop this group of products during your term? 5. What will be your main strategies in order to improve account management of current national partners? Describe them in the most possible specific way, including timeline.

6. Cooperation of corporate relations and communication areas will be even closer during upcoming term. Where do you see the main benefits and main challenges regarding this? How are you going to overcome those challenges? 7. Evaluate role of Life-long connection in the organization and provide us with your vision and main strategies for next year. How will you develop LLC area on LCs?

Talent Management 1. Design the SWOT of Talent Management area. Be as specific as you can, and give numerical results that would support your affirmations. 2. Create the strategies (using timeline, tools used, results expected on certain periods of time) that increase our retention rate from an average of 9 – 12 months to an average of 24 months. 3. Design the strategies (maximum 3) how Talent Capacity in Czech Republic should drive GCDP – GIP. Tackle the main bottlenecks & explain what will be the milestones in implementation of these strategies during your term. 4. Local Committees in Czech Republic are mostly limited with their students market – propose how to reach new pools of students or/and how to involve current pools in the organizational activities on different levels. 5. This term we started working on upsales strategies. Create the proposal how can we increase transition between TMP-TLP, TLP – TLP, GCDP – TMP (take also into consideration the fact that we’re one of the country piloting Net Promoter Score). 6. Evaluate current National & Local Education Cycle. Prepare the development plan (include concrete initiatives to improve current bottlenecks, timeline of changes implementation, think how it should reflect national drivers – exchange programs)

Finance 1. What are the 3 main priorities in the finance area for term 2013/2014? 2. Briefly describe the 4 past MC terms in finance area? What is the legacy of these terms? 3. Provide an analysis of financial position and performance of the LCs. What are the main financial challenges? What improvements do you suggest? (max 2 pages) 4. Provide an analysis of our programs (GIP, GCDP, TMP/TLP) from financial point of view (separately for TN and EP). What is the profitability and financial sustainability of each program? (1 page) How we should work with these data in planning? 5. New MC structure brings additional direct costs around 450 000 Kč, how do you want to deal with this situation? What changes in the national financial model do you suggest? 6. How do you see current reporting and internal controlling system in finance? Where are spaces for improvements? 7. What is the difference between role of LC VPF and MC VPF?

GIP Incoming 1. Evaluate performance in GIP IC in the Czech Republic and list your suggestions for the future. 2. What do you see as the main priority of GIP IC area in term 2013-14, please be as specific as possible. 3. Where do you see the biggest bottleneck in GIP IC process and how do you propose to solve it? 4. Please mention segments you propose to focus on, give us reasons for choosing them and and add approximate amout of exchanges by segments in 13-14 term. 5. How do you plan to work with PR and marketing? 6. How do you plan to develop concept of National Exchange Partnerships? 7. Please mention concrete steps how you will keep XD knowledge in the country and in the LCs.

GIP Outgoing 1. Evaluate performance in oGIP in the Czech Republic and list your suggestions for the future. 2. Please describe the three main priorities of oGIP area in term 13-14, be as specific as possible. 3. Where do you see the biggest bottleneck in oGIP process and how do you propose to solve it? 4. How do you see cooperation with other functional areas on MC level? 5. How would you like to cooperate with oGCDP? 6. Make analysis of sub product in past three years and estimate future evolvement. On which sub product do you want build? 7. Describe 3 GCPs from other Countries, which you would like to implement.

GCDP Incoming 1. Please analyze GCDP incoming performance (RA, MA, RE) of AIESEC in the Czech Republic for the past 3 years. Regarding every term identify strategies and evaluate them, write down strengths and weaknesses and main learnings for upcoming term out of it. 2. Explain how you understand the purpose of GCDP programme generally and then it’s relevance in the Czech Republic. 3. Please analyze GCDP incoming performance (1.1.2012 – 31.12.2012) in each LC and give suggestions for each LC in order to improve their performance and talent capacity! 4. What is your target for GCDP incoming in the Czech Republic 2013/2014? What would be the strategies to ensure the achievement of the target? How would you track the area? 5. How will the product portfolio in GCDP incoming area look like in term 2013/2014? 6. What would be strategies of AIESEC in the Czech Republic in order to fulfil vision of GCDP incoming product in term 2015/2016? 7. Please analyze 3 other countries growing in GCDP incoming area. What good case practices could be implemented to ensure the growth in GCDP incoming area in AIESEC in the Czech Republic?

GCDP Outgoing 1. Evaluate performance in oGIP in the Czech Republic and list your suggestions for the future. 2. Please describe the three main priorities of oGCDP area in term 13-14, please be as specific as possible. 3. Where do you see the biggest bottleneck in oGCDP process and how do you propose to solve it? 4. How do you see cooperation with other functional areas on MC level? 5. How do you would like to cooperate with oGIP? 6. Where do you seet the biggest bottlenecks in oGCDP promotion tools and how you would like to overcome them? 7. Describe 3 GCPs from other countries, which you would like to implement.

Communication 1. Analyze the performance of PR are (in terms of 2 MoS: Number of people engaged physically and Number of application forms from EwA to ELD). What would be the main strategies in order to enlarge our presense on student market? How would you ensure that the reation EwA to ELD is as low as possible? 2. Explain how you understand the purpose of EwA phase in AIESEC Experience in general and how will the further development of this phase look like in the term 2013-14. 3. Outline what marketing strategies would fully support ELD programmes. How would you ensure the same focus also on the local level? 4. Explain what strategies would be needed from PR side in order to support Employer Branding and Talent Development products. How would you ensure the presence and delivery of micro experiences in these products? 5. Analyze the social media strategy from the previous 2 terms. Where do you see strengths and weaknesses? Also, analyse the performance of each LC and the whole AIESEC in the Czech Republic in terms of MoS: Number of people reached virtually. 6. Please outline strategies in terms of media management. What media would be this strategies focusig on? Also, what PR strategies would ensure more visitors on our web pages? 7. Please evaluate the current state in terms of Information and Knowledge Management. What strategies would you propose in order to increase the work efficiency of members?

Corporate Realations 1. Evaluate results and strategies in Corporate Relations area for last 3 terms. Evaluate overall situation in the country and situation on MC level. What were the main successes and learnings you will take to your term? 2. Evaluate LCs‘ (Brno, CZU Praha, Ostrava, Praha) in new sales and account management performance. Identify the main bottlenecks and provide us with suggestion on how to overcome them in each LC specifically? 3. What is the role of Corporate Relations area of AIESEC in the Czech Republic for upcoming term? What added value should this area bring to AIESEC and to the external stakeholders? Please be specific as much as possible. 4. What are the main strategies that will lead to the increasing number of national partners? Please be specific as much as you can and include also expected results. 5. How will you improve current sales process flow (selection of companies to contact – contract signed)? Identify main bottlenecks and provide us with the optimal solution you want to follow. 6. Identify main bottlenecks of Career Days. Describe your vision for this product for upcoming term and include also the timeline of the product delivery (preparation, sales and delivery itself).

7. Identify main bottlenecks of remaining Employer Branding products (, The Most Desired Company). Describe your vision for both of them for upcoming term and include also the timeline of the products' delivery (preparation, sales and delivery itself).

Good Luck! Yours, MC Do it! 100%

[Czech] MC 2013.2014 application form  

Application form for MC of AIESEC Czech Republic 2013.2014