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World’s Largest Youth-Run Organisation

 Over 20,000 Exchanges annually

 113 countries & territories  2,400 universities  84,000 members

 1,000,000 alumni  8,000 sponsors and partners  500 conferences annually

About AIESEC • • • • •

Global, not-for-profit, non-political organisation founded in 1948. The world’s largest youth-run organisation. Objective: Leadership development for positive change in society. Unique & continuously growing global network helping youth to explore and develop their leadership potential. Unique platform for organisations to connect with and source truly global, diverse talent.

AIESEC Provides Human Resource Solutions

Corporate Social Responsibility Solutions

Youth Marketing

Access Local Talents

Develop Global Leaders

Youth Insight

International Talent Acquisition

Community Development Projects

Direct Youth Marketing

How AIESEC adds values

AIESEC handles

Global Talent Programme

 Customized job description  Screening of applicants  Presents pool to company for final hiring decision

 Students, recent undergraduates and young professionals with relevant experience.

 Executes reception and visa process

 Team leadership and strategy execution experiences.

 Provides airport pick-up and sourcing for accommodation

 Continuous cultural integration  Follow up performance review with company.

Specify job description

AIESEC intranet online promotion

Access to highly competitive, global talent from 113 countries and 2,400 universities

 Advanced competency development: selfawareness, proactiveness and innovation.

Full-time employee working anytime between 2 to 12 months.

Easy and cost effective.

Global Talent selection

Pre & post arrival services

Your talent arrive

Youth 2 Business Forum + Young Leaders Recruitment Fair

2013 June

National Congress + Presidential Election Youth 2 NGO Forum + Global Village

2013 April

National Youth Leadership Conference

2013 January

2012 September

Get involved in our activities National Rewards & Recognition Night

Be an AIESEC Partner!

and more‌

Katy Lo National VP of Business Development AIESEC Cambodia

AIESEC Presentation (General)  

AIESEC Presentation, including AIESEC general information and Global Talent Programme information

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