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LC Zurich Informant Nr. 23


LC Zurich Informant AIESEC in Zurich Newsletter

Super short Edition

Content News of Short LCZH Informant the week

Dear LC Zurich member,

Seems like everyone is extremely busy with studying at the moment and this is why we came up with a very short version of

Events - No LCM next week Last LCM Leadership & motivation

the LC Zurich Informant. All the updates in two pages! So, take your needed break from studying, drink a coffee or two and look at the new LCZH Informant. We hope you enjoy reading it and wish you all the best for your exams – fingers crossed!

Updates - Pizza event - 3 new interns - MC 12/13 is complete! - Hub-Event - 4 new EP matches

Your Comm Team

Last LCM

– What happened? Last week there was the Pizza event (see updates). But the week before, at the last official LCM of the semester, Jelena Dujak, former VPTM of Zurich and MCP Croatia held a presentation and workshop on leadership & motivation. Have you ever compared the motivation styles with the Avengers? Well it surely was a great idea! 

Upcoming Events No LCM next week! Plus: Transition Party on 29.07.12 Yes, the semester is coming to an end and that means that also our LCMs finish. We hope that all of you have enjoyed the LCMs this semester and we also hope that we will see you all again after the summer break. If you want to do something with the interns, or if you want to meet the new interns (see updates), then check out the interns‘ facebook group or the LCZH group for upcoming events! Please also note that there will be an awesome transition party on 29.07.12, so keep that date free ;) More information coming soon! Enjoy your summer holidays, get some much needed rest and see you next semester (or at the transition party)!

LC Zurich Informant

Updates - Pizza event: A big „Thank you“ to everyone who came to the very last LCM to


eat some delicious Pizza! It was nice to see you all again. As you may have noticed, things are getting calmer now and there won’t be a lot of things happening in the next couple of weeks. We wish you good luck with the exams and even more important: We wish you an amazing summer break! You deserve it! :)

- 3 new interns! We’re happy to announce that we have 3 new interns


working in Zurich and Winterthur. Please welcome Branislav from Serbia, Jose from Mexico (both working at Centralway) and Martina from Germany (working at UBS). Have fun in Zurich and enjoy your stay!

- The MC 2012/13 is complete!


Theresia Schneider (Basel) – MCP Tetyana Kashevko (Ukraine) – ASCDAP Miguel Melendez (Bern/Venezuela) – MCVP OGX Hanna Wettstein (Basel) – MCVP F Oana Pascu (Romania) – MCVP COMM Peter Caron (Canada) – MCVP TM Michaela Gabrisova (Czech Republic) – MCVP ICX Martin Ilievski (Bulgaria) – MCVP BD

- Hub-Event: LC Zurich and LC St. Gallen organized a unique event at the Hub


Zurich, where current members and alumni had a chance to meet up and exchange their stories and experiences. With 25 people attending, a very cool presentation of the Hub and a nice apéro and dinner at the end, the event was a big success.

- 4 new EP matches – The OGX team matched 4 new EPs. One of them is


our VPFe Loïc. Have fun, wherever your destinations may be :)

- CAUX conferences – At Kick Off 2012, CAUX – Initiatives of Change held an awesome workshop and they also invited us to join them in one of the organizations‘ conferences coming up this summer. The organization is ready to sponsor the participation of 3 AIESEC members in the CAUX conferences (that means the whole conference fee will be covered). Interested? Then register as soon as possible (deadline is 23.05.) by following the link below:


Super short edition Nr. 23  

Super short edition Nr. 23