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LC Zurich Informant Nr. 22


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Dear LC Zurich member,

The elections are over, the semester is slowly but surely coming to an end and the weather is going crazy. One day it’s hot and sunny, the next day it’s pouring down. That is the reason why the LC Zurich city tour has been postponed to June. Let’s just hope that next month will be sunnier and more stable than this one. Besides the city trip, there are some cool events coming up, which do not care about the weather. Whether you want to meet up with Alumni and current AIESEC members at the Hub event, visit the next (very special) LCM or join the interns in one of the various social events coming up – there’s something for everyone. Or maybe you feel like applying for VPER, OCP CD 13 or OCP 55 th Anniversary? If yes, then this is your chance! Whatever you’re looking forward to, you’ll find it in this week’s newsletter. So, kick back and enjoy!

News of GA, EB-Elections the week Events - Hub event - 10. LCM Last LCM ER team presentation, LCZH city tour, Mini-TTT nd

Updates - 2 round of applications - New interns - LCZH city trip - OGX promotion AIESEC Margaux’ Discovery experience Team of ER the Week

Your Comm Team

Last LCM   

– What happened?

ER team presentation Reminder: LC Zurich city tour Presentation on how to improve our presentation skills, including a presentation karaoke, some fun flip-chart creation and information on how to give constructive feedback

Upcoming Events Sat, 12.05.12 – HUB event

Wed, 09.05.12 – 10. LCM

LC Zurich and LC St. Gallen are organizing a unique event. Join in and discover the Hub Zurich together with friends from the past and current AIESEC members.

What is leadership? How can we motivate our team members? How can we succeed as a team? Find the answers to these questions at this very special LCM, all about leadership and motivation. The speaker will be Jelena Dujak, former VPTM Zurich and MCP Croatia and a special guest speaker who is a former VP of LC Zurich.

For more information and for the official registration link, please take a look at the facebook event page:

For more information, please take a look at the facebook event page:

Updates LC Zurich Informant

- 2nd round of applications: Since not all the positions could be filled during the first elections, we need to have another round of applications and votings. The 2 round of applications is open for VPER 2012/13, OCP CD 13 and OCP 55th Anniversary; The Application deadline is on the 11.05.12. Take this opportunity and apply!

LC nd

- New interns in Zurich! Urgyen, Fikret and Natalia are three amazing


people from abroad which are - due to the awesome work of the Incoming Exchange team - in Zurich now. Get to know them as soon as possible, for example at one of the interns events coming up (see below).

- LC Zurich city trip: Due to the bad weather from last Saturday, the


organizing team decided to POSTPONE THE ZURICH CITY TOUR TO SAT, JUNE 9TH! By then, the city is more attractive, the mood better, the people happier and our programme more appealing! They decided that they simply don't want to include rain in the city trip and hope for sunglasses, suncream and parasols instead of umbrellas :)

- OGX promotion: There was a beach event last week in front of the


Studentenladen (Hauptgebäude). The OGX team promoted - with the help of the Comm team the summer internships with a very cool beach stand. There were free drinks, snacks and the blue man was there as well. And what a perfect day it was for the promotion – sunny, no clouds and a lot of interested students walking by.

Upcoming events with the interns

Chilling at the DoBar at Uni Irchel

Monday, 07.05: Pub Quiz at the Oliver Twist Pub

Thursday, 10.05: Let’s go and visit the DoBar at the Uni Irchel. More info:

Saturday, 19.05: BBQ at Chinawiese in the afternoon. Let’s just hope that the weather will be awesome.

For more information, please visit the facebook interns page! Hope to see you at one of the events. Or all of them  2

LC Zurich Informant

Discovery 2012 in Todtmoos

Remember Margaux‘ Kick-Off impressions in the LC Zurich Informant Nr. 20? In the meantime Margaux has been to another conference: Discovery in Todtmoos. As a newly elected VP, she took part in the EB track. Read what she experienced in these three days and check out the pictures to get a feeling of the atmosphere in Todtmoos:

The three days were pretty challenging and mentally exhausting, but it was definitely worth it because we learned a lot, met the other EBe and had a lot of fun!

At DISCOVERY we got to meet the EB elects from the other LCs for the first time. On Friday we first played some introduction-games to get to know each other a little better. Later on we mostly talked about general AIESEC knowledge, our roles in the EB and our expectations for the upcoming year. On Saturday we mostly listened to lectures about how to create a business plan, how to lead your LC into the direction we want it and how to measure success. We also had the chance to talk the new PAIe, Florent, who held a skype-session for over an hour! On Sunday we had sessions on functional knowledge where we sat together with the other VPs of our functional to talk about our ideas and cooperation for the future.

Leadership Quote of the Week

Team of the Week:

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” - John F. Kennedy

External Relations Who are we?  

About us AIESEC Zurich Rämistrasse 66 8001 Zurich, Switzerland Office: +41 44 252 36 82 Fax: +41 44 262 55 40 E-mail: We’re on the Web: Or visit us on Facebook

Editor: Domagoj Belancic Co-Editors: Caroline Spiegel, Simone Siegenthaler, Lilia Ostertag

Ivo (TL ER / LCPe) Susanna (TL Sales) - Sandro - Eldar - Kevin - Peter - Matthias Gwen (TL Account Managing) - Lara - Valentin - Simon

LCZH Informant Nr. 22  

LCZH Informant Nr. 22

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