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LC Zurich  Informant  Nr.  19  

LC Zurich  Informant   AIESEC  in  Zurich  Newsletter  

-­‐ Edition   Dear  LC  Zurich  member   This  week’s  newsletter  is  all  about  KICK  OFF  2012.     But   before   we   get   into   more   detail,   let’s   not   forget   about   the   Career   Days  that  took  place  last  week:   Lots  of  workshops,  one-­‐to-­‐one  meetings   and  an  amazing  company  fair  at  the  Lichthof  –  the  CD  team  really  did  a   great  job!   And  looking   past   KO   2012  there   is  one   more   major  event   coming   up   in   the   middle   of   April:   The   EB   elections.   Stay   tuned   for   more   information   coming  in  the  next  couple  of  weeks!   So   now   kick   back   and   enjoy  this   Kick  Off  edition   of   the  LCZH   Informant  

Content News  of   KO,  CD,  EB  elections   the  week   Events   KICK  OFF  2012     Last  LCM   -­‐  Finance  presentation   -­‐  Conference  prep     Updates   -­‐  Career  Days   -­‐  Kick  Off  2012   -­‐  XPS   -­‐  EB  elections   AIESEC    Info  about  KO  2012  


and get   excited  about  the  conference.  Or  if  you’re  reading  this  after   the   conference:  Take  a  moment  and  think  about  all  the  awesome  things  that   you’ve  experienced  in  these  four  days…  

Last LCM  –  what  happened?   • •

Team of   the  Week  

Finance Team  

Finance Team  presentation:  In  this  presentation  we  learned  what  the  finance  team  is  doing   and  h ow  much  money  the  other  teams  in  the  LC  are  spending.   Conference  Preparation:  The  TM  team  told  us  everything  there  is  to  know  about  the  upcoming   conference.  For  more  detailed  information,  check  out  the  last  page  of  the  newsletter!    

Upcoming Events KICK OFF 2012 29.03.2012 – 01.04.2012 Prepare yourself for four days full of making new experiences, acquiring new skills, meeting a lot of people and most of all: having fun. And don’t forget that the week after KO the easter holidays will start (Thursday)! So you’ll have more than one week to prepare yourself fort he rest of this semester. Sounds pretty awesome, right?


LC Zurich Informant


2012 were  a  big  success.  Thank  you,  CD  team,  for  making  this  

awesome e vent  happen!   Haven’t  had  the  chance  to  visit  the  workshops  or  just  to  drop  by  the  company  fair  at  the   Lichthof?  Then  take  a  look  at  our  Events  &  Pictures  section  on  our  website.  We  hope  to   see  you  there  next  year!    


CD pictures:­‐and-­‐news     CD  website:      

Kick Off  2012  –  Are  you  as  excited  about  KO  as  we  are?    

The OC  has  been  very  busy  the  last  couple  of  months  preparing  an  awesome  conference   for  you.  Take  a  look  at  the  last  page  of  the  newsletter  to  get  all  the  information  you  need   about  the  conference.  But  before  you  do,  check  out  these  videos:  

KO Promo:­‐-­‐-­‐P4JpFB8     Get  excited:  


XPS –  Today  the  XPS  took  place.  A  must  if  you  plan  to  go  on  an   internship  this  summer.  There  were  42  people  participating,  which   means  that  it  was  a  big  success.  If  you  didn’t  m ake  it  to  this  seminar,   but  still  want  to  go  abroad  this  summer,  then  don’t  worry,  there’s  still   one  coming  up  in  May!   Internships:­‐on-­‐exchange/    

OGX Team Building

EB elections  –  Are  you  up  for  a  challenge?   Have  you  ever  thought  about  leading  a  department,  having  an  impact  on  the  organizations   direction  and  creating  the  future  of  LC  Zurich?  This  is  your  chance:  EB  elections  for  the   term  2012/13  are  coming  up  in  the  middle  of  April!  More  information  was  sent  out  via   email  tonight,  should  you  have  any  questions,  please  contact  your  VP  or  LCP.  


Upcoming events  with  the  interns    

Thursday, M arch  22:  Party  time!  The  evening  started  out  at   2 Patrick’s  place  and  then  continued  at  the  Hive  club  

Since a  big  part  of  the  events  team  has  been   very  busy  organizing  KO  2012,  there  are  no   further  events  planned  for  April  yet.  But  rest   assured  that  there  will  be  a  lot  of  cool  events   coming  up.  To  stay  up  to  date  w ith  the   events,  make  sure  to  check  out  the  interns   facebook  page  and  of  course  your  E-­‐Mail  for   further  information.  

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LC Zurich Informant

Everything you  need  to  know  about  the  conference:  

When: 29.03.-­‐01.04.2012  


Where: Leysin  

Breakfast, lunch,  d inner,  drinks  and  snacks  in  b etween  are  

How to  get  there:  We  meet  at  11:45  at  

all free  and  there  is  no  conference  fee.  So  you  don’t  need  

the meeting  point  in  the  Zurich  Main  

to take  any  money  with  you.  However,  if  you  want  to  

Station on  Thursday,  M arch  29.    We  then  

enjoy some  drinks  at  the  party,  then  bring  a  small  amount  

take the  train  to  Leysin-­‐Feydey  together.  

of money  with  you  –  the  drinks  are  n ot  expensive!  

If you  join  on  Friday,  take  the  train  latest  

Shout &  Roll  Call  

on 16:04  or  17:04  so  you  can  make  it  to  

Prepare yourself  for  the  conference  like  a  boss  and  learn  

the Gala  Night!  

our LC  Zurich  shout:  

Party themes:  

„White  and  blue  coming  through  

Thursday: White  Sensation  

There is  nothing  you  can  do  

Friday: Venetian  Night  –  Masquerade  Party  

Ooh shout  louder,  Zurich’s  got  the  power  

Saturday: The  Zoo  –  Be  an  animal!  

Ooh shout  louder,  Zurich’s  got  the  what,  what?  POWER!“  

Make sure  to  join  the  facebook  group:  

While you’re  at  it,  why  don’t  you  learn  our  new  roll  call  for

this conference?    

Check it  out:  

Team of the Week:


Leadership Quote of the Week

Who are we?

“Do not go where the

From top to bottom: Guntram Uschtrin, Richard Braun, Li Wan, Luisa Kraus, Anze Potecin

path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

What is the Finance-Team (currently) doing?

About us

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Editor: Domagoj Belancic Co-Editor: Caroline Spiegel

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Overseeing the budgets for the LC and projects in general Payments and accounting Invoicing (collecting money from) EPs, TNs and interns Audits (checking the book keeping, bank account transactions, receipts, etc. for mistakes) Making awesome LCM presentations

LC Zurich Informant Nr. 19  
LC Zurich Informant Nr. 19  

LC Zurich Informant Nr. 19