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LC ZURICH INFORMANT Newsletter 22nd of May 2011 Volume 4

NEWS of the Week Dear LC Zurich member, th

On Friday, 13 of May, you have elected your new EB 2011/2012! Those 7 people will have an impact on the future of the LC Zurich.
















TTT impressions

5 5-6 6

Upcoming Events

LAST LCM at Chinawiese May 25, 2011

TM goal setting – Sum up


Pictures of the Elections Night!


TTT Impressions

So why not chill out a last time with our EB, have a talk with your @ friends, before heading out to have a fantastic summer? Join us for BBQ on Wednesday!






AIESEC Knowledge

But regarding the very near future, people start getting busy with exams, summer is coming and everyone’s looking forward to going on holidays.

In this newsletter you shouldn’t miss out these fantastic news:

Your Comm Team

The last LCM in 2 points

You couldn’t attend the last LCM? Get a feeling of what you missed… EFFECTIVE COMMUNIATION LCM 1. Theoretical Part: The process communication, Listening, The traps 2. Game Part! J Some funny YouTube-videos about Comm:


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EB Updates

TM Updates


Goal-Setting Sum-up

After electing the new EB 2011/2012 the EB is now preparing the transition.

The TM Processes Team has evaluated the Goal-Setting of all members. Read more in the AIESEC knowledge section…

And they are also preparing an EB2EB Party! Date will be announced soon.

ER Dinner after the Training

Our new intern: Bassil

LC Zurich Informant

ER Updates

IM Updates

Good news from the LPG


The ER Team is still enthusiastically working on the Partnership with Roland Berger and making progress…

During the last two weeks 2 new interns arrived: Jeremie who started his internship at UBS and Bassil who’s now working at FIATA.

Training and Team building event After a 3-hours ER training, the ER team enjoyed dinner together.

PLUS: 3 new interns are going to arrive in the next 2 weeks. If anyone is interested in welcoming them at the airport à Contact the IM Team!

X Updates

F Updates

Team building event!

Transition & Holidays Yes, this is what Finance is preparing for at the moment! J

After doing an amazing job with helping people go abroad this summer, the X team spent some relaxing time together!

AiS Updates NST: National Support Team This week AiS announced the NST 2011/2012. Congratulations and good luck to everyone, especially to our current LCP Mirella Haldimann! Conference Manager - Alexandra Kalinina Alumni Coordinator - Corinne Binkert Internal Auditor - Cyrill Suter Grants and Funds Manager - Olivier Duperrut OGX Manager - Hamid Afshar and Rohan Sharma Learning and Development Manager - Jeffrey Sweeney HR Manager - Mirella Haldimann X Team building event

Election’s night

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LC Zurich Informant THE SPEECHES

Giving applause to the candidates…

VPF: Bettina and Guntram

LCP Candidates: Daniela and Patrick VPER: Elke and Ruzica

Listening to the speeches… Filling out ballots, … This is what elections are like!

VPX: Johannes and Laura

Our Chair

VPTM: Sara and Samantha

Break-Fun-TalkTime VPIM: Susanna and Carolina

VPCOMM: Carmen and Caroline

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Election’s night

LC Zurich Informant

Let the new generation be elected!

It’s good to be a LCP!

The VP F generation

Mirella closing the GA in front of the University.

EB 2011/2012: LCP: Patrick Mann VPER: Elke Wiebalck VPX: Johannes Nachbar VPComm: Caroline Spiegel VPIM: Carolina Isenberg VPTM: Sara Kurtovic VPF: Guntram Uschtrin (From the right to the left)

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LC Zurich Informant

Other News

Member of the Week: Julian Osborne / Juli, Chuchu, Ozzy Julian, the crazy English-German economic student, joined AIESEC in February because one of his friends in St. Gallen told him about the organization. Being in the TM Processes team he’s currently working on helping the VPTM E to prepare the new term.

know him will show you anyway, but some proof might be this: Julian has one favorite ice cream for each season (varies from whiskey short bread to coffee and lime in summer)

So, why crazy? I guess getting to

Julian is looking forward to spending one month of his summerholidays in Shanghai at a law-business school and relax for the rest of the time.


TTT Impressions

Julian Julian at the TTT Discovery

LAST LCM of this EB May 25 2011, 6pm At Chinawiese! You are totally stressed out by studying and the upcoming exams? Chill out for a few hours at the Chinawiese where we will have our last LCM with a BBQ. Bring food, drink and good mood J

Zurich members at the TTT Discovery

TTT Discovery in Fiesch: Some of our LC members spent a weekend at the TTT to get trainings on presentation skills. Looks like they really enjoyed it!

FACEBOOK EVENTS / LINKS: Chillax LCM at Chinawiese:

Workshop about presentation skills

AIESEC Knowledge: TM GOAL SETTING – SUM UP Dear Members The TM Processes Team is happy to present you a short analysis of the goal setting you filled out approximately 1.5 months ago. Learning: The 5 most wanted skills were o Leadership skills o Time management o Team work o Organizing skills o Soft skills/communication skills à We’ll keep that in mind while organizing the trainings next semester. •

As there is an interest in international conferences, we decided to present you a few of them here: o AIESEC US Summer National Conference 2011: August 7-12, Chicago - High chances that there will be other Swiss delegates


More information at the AIESEC Finland Facebookpage soon!

o •

The eXchange Team received the names of the people interested in X and invited them to the XPS

ScaLDS 2011: August 4-7, Helsinki area - Our EB was there last time à they recommend it JulyCo 2011 NZ: July 1-5, New Zealand - Application DDL: 31th of May!!!


For more conferences see: ry&content=Classified&PriCatId=1

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LC Zurich Informant

Concerning the flow in the LC (help out in other teams, change teams etc.) we’re still working on a solution how to make it clearer and easier for everyone. The following graphics show you how ambitious LC Zurich is:

Outlook: We’ll ask you for feedback in one of the next weeks. Be prepared : )

AIESEC Zurich Rämistrasse 66 8001 Zurich, Switzerland Office: +41 44 252 36 82 Fax: +41 44 262 55 40 E-mail:

We’re on  the  Web!   or   visit  us  on  Facebook  

Good luck with your exams wishes you TM Processes Team

FINAL WORDS It’s exam-summer-fun-time! This is why the Comm Team goes on holidays as well J But we will keep you up2date with a monthly newsletter during the summer! Good luck for your exams and hope you have an awesome summer Your Comm Team

E d i t o r C a r o l i n e   S p i e g e l   A s s i s t a n t   E d i t o r   F r a n k   O b e n  

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LC Zurich Informant Nr. 4  

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