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26th  of  February  2012  

LC Zurich  Informant  Nr.  17  

LC Zurich  Informant   AIESEC  in  Zurich  Newsletter   Back  at  Uni  –  Lot’s  of  upcoming  events   Being  back  at  University,  we  have  lots  of  events  coming  up.  It’s   recruitment  time,  Career  Days  time  and  very  soon  also  Kick  Off   time.  Read  more…  

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Recruitment Time!   Dear  LC  Zurich  member   At   what   aspects   of   your   CV   is   an   HR   person   going   to   look   first?   The   University   you   did   your   degree   at?   Maybe  the  little  work   experience   you   gained  next  to  your  studies?     We  are  only  able  to  guess,  b ut  there’s  also  a  way  to  find  out:  Career  Days   2012   are   coming   up   soon,   and   so   do   interesting   workshops   and   presentations  from  various  companies!  Why  not  visit  the  HAYS  workshop   and   get   CV   tips&tricks?   Or   maybe   the   Solution   Providers   workshops   in   which   you   learn   how   to   prepare   for   an   interview   after   going   through   a   character  analysis?   No   matter   if   you   attend   CD   or   not,   there’s   one   thing   we   can   tell   you:   Your   AIESEC   Experience   already   added   something   special   to   your   CV   which  can’t  be  removed  anymore.  So  why  not  let  other  people  know  and   make  them  paint  their  future  as  well?   Tell  your  friends  &  colleagues,  cause  it’s  recruitment  time!   We  are  very  much  looking  forward  to  seeing  you  all  at  the  IBM  workshop   Your  Comm  Team  

Paint Your Future – Membership Recruitment 2012

Content News  of   Lots  of  upcoming  events!   the  week   Updates   Recruitment  Time!   Career  Days  wants  you!   IM:  Restructuring     Want  You!   Events   We   IBM  Training   Career  Days   Team  of    Talent  Management   the  Week  

LC Zurich Informant

Updates     Recruitment  Time  –  Have  you  ever  wanted  to  get  an  insight  into  


Marketing or  HR  processes?  Or  even  better:  Get  to  know  the  Newies  first  hand?     Then  sign  up  for:     Flyering  &  Info  Stand: Entry  Talks:

CD Career Days  –  Want  to  meet  PWC,  CS  or  Solution  Providers?     And  support  the  CD  Team?   Sign  up  for  Flyering,  Info  Stand  promotion,  Catering  or  Logistics  and  be  part  of  the  xOC!

Extended OC  Kick  Off  –  Be  a  very  special  part  of  the  conference!  Be  part  


of the  xOC!  The  OC  is  currently  looking  for  2-­‐3  more  members  who  help  them  during  the   conference.  Contact  Sam  or  someone  from  the  OC!  

New Interns,  Team   Structure  &  Social  Events  

LC members,  EB  people  and  Interns   on  the  ice!   This  event  was  organized  by  our   Social  Events  Coordinator:  Susi!   Thank  you!    

Welcome to:     • Evgeniy  &  Galina  from  Russia  working  at  eBay   • And  Michael  from  Belgium  working  at  UBS   We  wish  you  an  amazing  stay  in  Zurich!     The  IM  team  is  growing:     The  ICX  team  from  the  Exchange  department  has   been  transferred  to  the  IM  Team  à  Possibility  for  the   IM  Team  members:  Take  care  of  your  Intern  from  the   application  to  the  hosting  in  Zurich!   2

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LC Zurich Informant

Upcoming Events “We Want You” Event 28.02.2012, 3pm-7pm UZH

IBM Workshop 29.02.2012, 7pm, KOL-E-18

In cooperation with “linking pin”, AIESEC launched this event where you can meet 10 student organizations in one afternoon! Find out more on: FACEBOOK. Join in and invite your friends!

Empowerment: How do Meaning, Capability, Decision Autonomy and Impact influence your Motivation? Find out more on Wednesday and feel free to bring your friends along!

Career Days Zurich 14.-21.03.2012

Team of the Week:

Workshops, Presentations & Fair Sign up now on

Talent Management What is the TM Team currently doing? •

Leadership Quote of the Week

“Leave your mark where others only dream going.”

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Promoting @ like crazy at the info stands Ready for meeting the applicants during their Entry Talks Preparing "We want you!" Setting up everything for NITRO What do TM members learn from their current work?

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LC Zurich Informant Nr. 17  

LC Zurich Newsletter

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