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AIESEC Sydney - Go Intern and Go Tech Information Pack Thank you for taking your first step to change the world! This information pack will be providing most of the essential information about both Go Intern and Go Tech programs. Should you have any questions, don‟t hesitate to contact us. E-mail:

Introduction to AIESEC AIESEC is a not-for-profit organisation that provides international exchangeopportunities to students. Our purpose is to develop responsible and entrepreneurial leadership in young people through these exchange experiences. Our offices are presented globally in over 124 countries with over 100 000 active members and this makes us the largest student-run organisation in the world. AIESEC was founded in 1948 in post-war Europe where a group of young individuals from 7 countries, determined to create change, came together to create an organisation that aimed to “expand the understanding of a nation by expanding the understanding of the individuals, changing the world one person at a time”.

Go Intern and Go Tech Programs What are the programs about? PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Our exchange programs provide you with first-hand experience in teamwork as well as leadership. Stand out from the crowd by doing something different, and by gaining a unique set of skills in the process. ENRICH YOUR GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE Gain a different perspective on the world while immersing yourself in a foreign cultural environment. Being placed out of your comfort zone will allow you to discover more about yourself, what you are passionate about and what you want to do in the future.

BUILDING LIFELONG INTERNATIONAL NETWORKS Connect with youth from all over the world. Once you've worked with like-minded individuals for a few months in a foreign environment, you'll always remember them. AIESEC connects people around the world. This is achieved through delivering language and cultural education.

Requirements: 1. Current undergraduate students or graduate students within 2 years after obtaining a degree are eligible 2. Age: 18-30 years old 3. Internship duration – from 12 weeks up to 18 months (often 3-6 months) 4. Ineligible for exchange to a country of origin or a country lived in for more than 2 years 5. Excellent English skills 6. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills 7. High relevant academic and work experience

Details: AIESEC committees around the world set up partnerships with NGOs and other organisations to create an issue-based project. AIESEC Sydney sends exchange participants overseas usually for 12 weeks up to 18 months to work in a long term global internship, allowing exchange participants to develop personally and professionally. Countries that we offer exchange to currently include (subject to change): Brazil, China and Germany Please note that this list is not exhaustive, but highlights some of the recommended countries (based on past exchange participant experiences). If you are interested in another country that is not listed above, please get in contact with a representative from our team! You can also visit to browse through our database of available internships We are currently processing applications for the Winter period (June-August). The upcoming rounds for Winter are: Round 1: 12th May – 16th May Round 2: 19th May – 23rd May

Get your application in by Friday, 23rd May 2014 to make the most of your Winter break.

Cost: The Go Intern and Go Tech programs have an administration fee of only $850.The administration fee is reinvested into the organisation to improve and develop our exchange programs and operations. Many volunteer organizations offer similar programs in similar countries with different experiences. Typically, they last around 2-4 weeks and cost about $2,000-4,000. This is about the cost of a holiday, and if you think about it, itâ€&#x;s a small price to pay for a lifechanging experience. This is why thousands of Australians go on these programs every year. Why are we so inexpensive? -

AIESEC is a not-for-profit and completely student run organisation


We want to give as many students as possible the chance to develop their leadership potential and make a difference.

A salary is often provided, however differs according to the project that you participate in. Flights, travel insurance, visas, vaccinations and living expenses are at your own cost. However, some programs do provide accommodation and food according to the job description.Please read carefully and contact us if you have any concerns.

Application Process Decision

Apply online

Attend information session


Preparation and finding a program


1. Decision Before applying, have a good idea of where you want to go and what you want to achieve during your internship. We recommend that you should first attend an information session to get a better idea of the Go Intern/ Go Tech program requirements, and what you can gain from the program. We encourage our exchange participants to have an open mind of where they want to go, as places in particular countries are limited. Please check the requirements (as stated in page 3) before you apply, and ensure you satisfy all the criteria. We look for people who are committed to this program and have an open mind.

2. Apply Online To apply, simply complete an online application form at the following link: PLEASE ENSURE YOU ATTACH A COPY OF YOUR RESUME AND COVER LETTER.. In your CV, please indicate at the top, if you are applying for either the Go Tech or Go Intern program, or both. Should your application be successful, you will be invited to attend a COMPULSORY information session. The information session will be an opportunity for you to ask any questions regarding the exchange process, and also provide you with the expectations for an AIESEC exchange.

3. Attend Expectations Seminar Attend the information session to receive more information about our exchange program and understand what is required of an AIESEC exchange. Following this information session, you will find out details of the interview (known as the Member Review Board) and how to register for it. The interview is to assess your suitability for an AIESEC Go Tech/Go Intern exchange.

4. Interview (around an hour)


The interview aims to ensure that everyone participating in an AIESEC exchange is suitable and will have a positive experience while on exchange. We will inform you about the success of your interview within 1 business day. If you are successful in passing the interview, you are then required to pay half of the administration fee of $425 within 7 days after passing the interview.

5. Preparation and finding a suitable program After passing the interview, you will be assigned to an AIESEC member (your EP Manager), who will help guide you in preparation for your exchange.

PREPARATION: There are 2 compulsory EP Preparation workshops that you will need to attend after payment and before your exchange. These workshops aim to provide you with the appropriate skills and mindset for your exchange. They also teach you how to search and apply for suitable programs, allowing you to „matchâ€&#x; to a program as soon as possible. Details of the sessions can be confirmed with your Exchange Participant Manager (EP Manager), but in general they are 2 hours per week over 4 weeks. Please ensure you can commit to these workshops before sitting your interview. There is also a compulsory regional Outgoing Preparation Seminar for all EPs to attend. This will provide you with a final understanding of skills needed for your exchange. It is also an opportunity to meet other Exchange Participants from across NSW. For Semester 1, the Outgoing Preparation Seminar will be held on Saturday, 24th May 2014. Please ensure you are able to attend this event before sitting your interview.

FINDING A SUITABLE PROGRAM: After passing the interview, you have 6 months to find and be accepted into a suitable program. If you are not accepted to a program within 6 months, you will need to sit the application process again. It is your responsibility as the Exchange Participant (EP) to search for progams and be accepted to a program as soon as possible, or risk missing out on a program in your desired timeframe. When applying for programs, you may need to sit multiple interviews with other entities in the international network, as well as with the organisation itself. Once you have been accepted into a program, it will be your responsibility to book flights, travel insurance and to sort out visas and vaccinations (if applicable). Throughout the whole process, your EP manager will be available for guidance and answer any questions you may have.

To ensure that your AIESEC Go Tech/ Go Intern Program is as smooth as possible, it is crucial that you co-operate with your EP Managers and stay in contact with them regularly via e-mail. This whole process of finding a suitable program as well as preparing to go usually takes 1-2 months, provided there is good communication between you and your EP Manager. Once you are accepted into a program, you are required to pay the remaining $425 administration fee.

6. EXCHANGE! This is the best part! AIESECers from the hosting entity will provide support in collecting you once you arrive, getting logistically setup, whilst providing opportunities for cultural and social activities. Your home entity (AIESEC Sydney) will also keep in contact with you throughout your exchange to ensure that you have the best possible experience. We will ask you tofill out compulsory surveys for quality management, provide testimonials and photos formarketing purposes and others!

7. Return Upon your return, you will be invited to share your experience at a Welcome Back event. We will also offer further AIESEC opportunities after your exchange, such as becoming an AIESEC Sydney Member or joining our Ambassador Program, so that you may be part of sharing the wonderful experience to others.

Example of an internship opportunity Note that the following is just an example of one of the many internships AIESEC offers to students. The subject choice, type of organisation, type of students etc. is not limited to the following example.

Agile Wings 2º round: Digital Marketing Manager

BELGIUM, BELGIUM Earliest Start Date 05.05.2014 Latest End Date 31.12.2015

About Agile Wings Agile Wings is a dynamic Start-up Incubator and Internet Start-up company. We are a global company that through our different companies produce 30,000 sign-ups per day, have 30 million members in our database, have paid out over 100 million USD in affiliate fees over the past years, and processed over 150 million USD in credit card transactions through our own credit card processing company. 

We use proven methodologies in agile development and lean start-up methods allowing us to launch new concepts in short time frames.

We are always exploring cutting edge technologies to stay ahead of the rest of the world. Our team is dynamic, energetic, flexible and very good at what they do, providing you with a rare opportunity to learn from the best in internet start-up culture.

Agile Wings is successful because we only hire the best people to work with (everyone is self managed). We support these great people with a great working environment; our offices feel just like home (even with bedrooms and sleeping areas), we have our own cook for lunches, a massage therapist, and we reward good work with substantial financial bonuses. For the right applicant, we offer an exciting future. As a project leader or department manager you will be assigned to a senior manager mentor to guide you on your way, help brainstorm possibilities, and help trouble shoot where needed, but you will have a lot of freedom to create and implement your own businesses development theories and practices. In the beginning you will BE every department and executing every task of the start up business. You will be in close communication with your senior manager mentor communicating successes and challenges along the way and leveraging their experience, but the creating and execution will be all up to you and your own abilities, so being self motivated is very important.

Job Description Department the intern

Marketing - Responsible for marketing for all

will be working Job Description1 The ideal candidate has knowledge and experience with google adwords, display ads (banner ads), email marketing, affiliate marketing, media buying, online traffic buying and other online market tools. This person needs to be in love with internet and its advertising forms, in love with statistics and optimizing via multiple online tests. Job Description2 Devising strategies to drive online traffic to the company website & Tracking conversion rates and making improvements to the website. Job Description3 Developing and managing digital marketing campaigns & Responsibility for planning and budgetary control of all digital marketing. Job Description4 Utilizing a range of techniques including paid search, SEO, PPC, affiliate recruitment and Google ad words. Overseeing the social media strategy for the company. Job Description5 Managing online brand and product campaigns to raise brand awareness & Evaluating customer research, market conditions and competitor data. Job Description6 Review new technologies and keep the company at the forefront of developments in digital marketing. Measurable results expected from the intern


Marketing initiatives produce profitable ROI (return on investment)

Increased unique to sign up ratios / increased sign-up to sale ratios

Innovative marketing methods implemented

Rated highly by peers and managers

Preparation required

How would you describe an ideal candidate for this role in

from the intern before

your company?

arrival 

Highly motivated person with a passion for online marketing - adwords, seo, pay per click, email marketing.

Knowledge of these mentioned areas, and creative drive to invent, create and test new marketing ideas, quantify the results to gauge return on investment.

I.I.E = Intelligence (ability to solve a problem from point A to point B, and learn new things quickly), Integrity = doing the right thing when no one is watching, and Energy - self motivated.

Creativity (to invent new business concepts) mixed with execution power (to test and quantify results) Good organisation and communication skills.

Strong understanding of current online marketing concepts, strategy and best practice.

Work Experience: Existing online marketing experience with seo, google adwords, pay per click and email marketing is highly preferred

Details on the Working

Personal Workspace


Computer Internet Access Any Other

Other Details of the

They will provide comfortable accommodation and food.

Working Conditions

 Must love spending a lot of time on the computer  Location: Belgium, and potentially visits to Bulgaria.  Our offices feel just like home (even with bedrooms and sleeping areas), we have our own cook for lunches, a massage therapist, and we reward good work with substantial financial bonuses.We are really looking for someone with good online marketing experience, especially in media buying, banner

display advertising, pop-unders, traffic buying & ad statistics Learning points that the

intern might obtain during the internship

Learn, test, implement and improve your own marketing methods/theories

Learn people management skills / manage your own department

Learn deep online marketing insights into what makes Agile Wings so successful

Learn from cutting edge company with very successful proven track record in internet start-ups - join an advanced program teaching you to be highly effective in lean start-ups and learn all their insider know-how.

Additional information a

This is the second round of the selection process for "Digital

potential candidate may

Marketing". In Order to apply please press on "Apply for this

require for the Internship

internship", before the 8th of May 2014. Fill out the application tool. Choose Agile Wings TN-In-BE-MC-2014-2045. Uploaded your application as one PDF file that contains CV and Cover Letter. Applications sent by email won't be checked.

 The company requires for all applicants to provide a video resume no longer than 10 mins via youtube or video link (or other) that they can view along with their paper resume. The video must contain who you are, why you are applying for this position and how you can contribute to the company.Important information: 1) Carefully read Job Description & requirements of position that interest you 2) After a review of the applications, Agile Wings will pre-select qualified applicants. Those under consideration will then be interviewed via telephone or skype. 3) The shortlist of candidates will be sent to the company on 9th May 2014. The selection process is expected to end on 23th May 2014.

Work Information Field of Work

Marketing ( Primary )

Working Hours

From 9:00 To 17:00

With a total of 40 hours per week Saturday work Sometimes Payment

Salary in US $1046

Organisational Preferences Internship Earliest Start Date

05.05.2014 (Preferred)

Internship Latest Date

31.12.2015 (Preferred)

Minimum Duration

52 Weeks (Required)

Maximum Duration

78 Weeks (Required)


Masters (Preferred)

Backgrounds Marketing

Brand & Trademark Management(Preferred) Market Research & Evaluation(Preferred) Advertising + Public Relations(Required) Customer Relationship Management(Required) International Marketing(Preferred) Consumer + Buyer Behaviour(Required)

Skills Computer

Internet User Skills(Required) PC User Skills(Required)

Professional Skills

Organisational Management(Preferred) Project Management(Preferred)

Leadership skills(Preferred) Marketing / Selling skills(Required) Team Management(Preferred) Training/ Facilitating skills(Preferred) Presentation skills(Required) Client Servicing Skills(Required)

Languages Excellent



Is it possible to go to a country that is not included in your given list of programs?

Yes, in most cases. However, we cannot guarantee that all countries are available. Additionally, positions are limited in each country, so get your application in as soon as possible to avoid missing out! The countries in our given list of programs are highly recommended based on past exchange experiences. Your EP Manager will be able to provide more support in matching to these countries, however if you wish to go to another country, please speak to your EP Manager about what options are recommended. Please note that AIESEC Sydney does not send Exchange Participants to India, as these programs are still under development. 

Can I undertake an exchange program in my home country?

No. Remember, AIESEC‟s goal is to provide international experiences in new a culture – going back to your home country makes this vision redundant. Further, you cannot go to a country you have lived for more than 2 years in the last 10 years. 

What happens after the interview?

You will be assigned to an EP Manager, who will explain and guide you through the rest of the exchange process and overall prepare you for your exchange. It will be your responsibility to work with your EP Manager to find a suitable program. 

What am I paying the $850 for?

The $850 is an administration fee which is reinvested into the organisation to improve anddevelop our exchange programs and operations. This includes the preparation courses and ongoing support that you receive from our exchange team. 

How do I get „matched‟ to a program?

Getting matched to a program is similar to applying for a job. You will need to look for suitable programs you are interested in. To apply for a program, you need to contact the respective overseas program coordinators and arrange a Skype interview with them. Once you are successful in an interview and an offer has been received, a reply must be sent within 24 hours or else the offer may no longer be available. This is because many EPs apply for the same programs and can be highly competitive. If one offer has been accepted, emails must be sent to other offers received to turn them down.

Is accommodation provided?

Accommodation, along with other costs such as airfares, insurance, vaccinations etc., is not included. There may be some programs that provide subsidised accommodation and food as stated on the job description. If you are confused about anything, please consult your EP Manager. 

Can I travel with a friend?

The short answer is yes, but we cannot guarantee that you‟ll participate in the same program - due to the limited capacity of each program. AIESEC encourages those who are looking to go on exchange, to do so individually. The reason for this is that the AIESEC experience is focused around self-development. You will meet plenty of people during your exchange. Regardless, if you are very keen on travelling together we will do everything we can to make it happen – but there are no guarantees! 

Who will help me in my host country?

All internships are based on a local committee nearby, which is there to help you during your internship. More concretely, the members of this hosting local committee organize your accommodation, pick you up from the airport/station, show you around in the city, and accompany you to work on your first day. In addition, they will integrate you into their activities, organize events for you and the other interns and help you get to know the people and culture of your host country. Should there be any problems, there will always be someone to help you. We keep in contact with you and support you in every possible way.

Where can I find more information?

More information can be found on our website (, our Facebook page ( If your application is successful, you will be invited to attend an information session, where you may ask the International Exchange team any questions you may have. Any other questions can be directed to us via email at

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