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Dear Skia, This is the introduction to the last LCP newsletter which is created by outgoing Board of Presidents. It was a great year full of challenging and rewarding experiences. We were working together on defining the national direction, shaping national strategies. We went together through learning and creating better ourselves. I wish everyone, who is reading this newsletter, once to say proudly: I was LCP and this was the time of my life! Last month we had the last national conference called Bridge when we celebrated successes of the term and walked through the brightest memories of the term. April was also a month of international conferences like EuroXpro and CEELDS where we had Slovak representatives. Now it is our time to take the best from the legacy which generation 12-13 leaves us with and take Slovakia for the next level and rock this summer better than ever! Yours, MCP Nadin


LC awards LC Bratislava – ACHIEVE award and FOCUS award. Conratulation!

LC awards LC Comenius University – Together award Conratulation!

Winning the TOGETHER award was for LC CU a great feeling after the whole term. We did our best to contribute to AIESEC Skia and help other LCs as much as we could, and it was worth it - we can see we helped to move AIESEC Skia a bit further.

Final words from LCPs 2012/2013 Enjoy every single day of your experience, because it will pass faster than you think & never be satisfied, you can still challenge yourself and do even better :) Lucka LCP BB

Future plans? - is the most exciting one than I had ever before! Im really looking forward to work with each and every one of you and I believe together we will make @ Slovakia shine next year.

I learnt how to work with different people and how create strategies Renca LCP TT Future plans? -

full-time job. I also want to continue in AIESEC as a teamleader for external events.

I've lealized how much details matter, it is worthy waiting to get things right eventhough many people are not used to an environment where excellence is expected. Mata LCP BA

Future plans? - Expansion manager in NST AIESEC Slovakia

I´ve learned that the hardest things are the best that can happen to you. And i ´realized its not about the problems you need to solve, its about reality you should experience and about your attitude. Veronika LCP KE

Future plans? - Finish my last year at university, full time job, wanna run for NST possition, helping my home LC by coaching, as conference manager, for trainings and everything what will come 

The biggest learning point from my IGP term has been that its not the positive and good things that had shaped and developed me, I have learned much more from the negative, stressful experience. That is why, eventually, I am happy for each and every hard time life gives me

Baska ICP PO

My biggest learning point was to learn how to cope with unpredicted and difficult situations, not to give up but instead focus on solutions Nada LCP CU Future plans? -

For the next term I'm going to work as MC VP Marketing in AIESEC Singapore, and then I want to continue with my studies (of course in marketing) in Germany.

Last year was the year of exploring when I learned that every challenge is a gift that makes me stronger. Katka LCP NT Future plans? -

internship during summer, finish my last year of study in Nitra, ocuppying our @ Nitra office from time to time for some trainings delivery, facilitating on some conference abroad and I want to be very helpful and supporting alumni.

Highlights from April LC Bratislava

LC Nitra

 OPS organizes (68 EPs from all LCs)  ICP plan already fulfilled,

 FA of BD established (first results came)

 ToT sold o AT&T and Accenture

 new LC PR partner

 meeting at Paneuropean University (credits for GCDP

 new contacts with local youth

& GIP internships dealt)


 5 VPs at Ceelds in Estonia

 leadership body establishment

 Global village at Economic University organized

and its 1st meeting

LC Košice     

Selling culture established Q2 fullfilment in GIPi realizations 4 raises in GCDPi New TN partners attending event: Day of EU - on 10th of May

Highlights from April LC Commenius University

IG Prešov  "Presov getting soft" initiative - training on planning&tracking from ourAlumni  5 EPs on OPS  2 GIPo RA, 2 GCDPo RA  GCDPi - training on project management & creation of the project "Leto patrí deťom" focused on summer camps  R&R system  LC Bratislava becoming our patron :)

 ToT organized  PR publications  GCDPi plan overachieved monthly estimate

LC Trnava    

96% audit office painting awesome LC visit with Lucka airsoft teambuilding

EuroXpro is the biggest international AIESEC conference held in the Central Eastern Europe & Western Europe & North America Region, It is a 7 days conference. EuroXpro is one of the 5th biggest annual AIESEC conferences globally, hosted by different countries every year and attracting global partners and global AIESEC executives.


This year had there AIESEC Slovakia 5 delegates, Zuzka and Kubo (LCPs), Lucka and Richi (MCe) and Nada (MCe Singapore).

“This conference was the best conference I have attended so far, and I would recomend for the next year to all LCPs go rather to Euroxpro than to Euroco, because it is in the begining of your term,you can gain a lot of GCPs and you can put it into practice. We have sesions about new strategies in GIP and also GCDP whcih were the most useful ones. The atmosphere was also great , 64 countries were present, cca 10 AI members who were facis and parties were as well great :) „ Zuzka LCP BA 13/14 “EuroXpro was simply the most awesome conference that I've visited so far. The amazing opportunity of spending a week with 300 people from more than 60 countries, witness AI in action for the first time and finally fully experience the internationalism of AIESEC was truly brilliant. I highly recommend to every single one of you to attend some international conference in the future. I truly felt changed after this experience. I hope next conferences will be able to keep up with the standart Xpro set for me :) “ Kubo LCP CU 13/14 month as the one and only LCP in committee

„April is gone? I have feeling, that time runs faster when you are LCP :) . The first month of our term S was hectic, but we are all looking forward to new challenges and (hopefully) to many successes. So, let´s see what the future brings“

“It's awesome! I have great EB team and super cool AIESEC Nitra members so I really enjoy every single day.:) “

“Full of diversity but awesome with great EB Bees and great members in AIESEC KE. :)”

“First two weeks were kind of difficult. Leaving whole LC for 2 weeks at the beginning of a new term was rather uneasy, but when I eturned, I found out, that everything was working as it should, which really helped me to be able to rely on my EB and LC. Rest of the month was very busy and filled with a lot of leaning on-the-go as we're all still getting used to our position. I believe however, that April was a great start of an amazing year to come.”

“Our first month was really emotional :D. OK now seriouslly, when I should leave my EB after a week and go to Euroxpro, it was not easy, even when 5 other VPs left to Ceelds and we left there only Lucka at the office, who was preparing OPS. But at the end everything was working perfectlly and it was great test for me. I think that with my EB we can call April as getting used to EB life :)”

All things must come to the end, but every end becomes a new beginning I wish LCPs to have at least such an experience as we had, to learn and take out of this one year as much as possible and to enjoy it to the most with your EBs, because you live LCP experience just once in your life and it's not gonna happen ever again. Nada

I wish Baška to achieve more than she can imagine not only for AIESEC Nitra but for her personally as well. I wish her to get through 8888888 experience and I wish her to enjoy it and to develop herself and her team. I wish her a lot of passion, courage, belief, positive attitude, strenght, motivation even in hard moments and I wish her to have always great people around. Katka

My wish to you guys is for you to enjoy those little-big moments that make you proud of being LCP, to have amazing team experience with your EBs and to fulfill your LC plans as a fulfillment of the promise you make towards @SKIA. Good luck :) Lucka

I wish you the worst kind of criticism for everything you do, because that makes you fight to achieve beyond what you normally would. Mata I wish new LCPs a lot of patience with their teams, energy and good luck in fulfilling plans. Renca

I wish you guys year full of unexpected situations, challenges, a lot of ups and downs, many unbelievable moments, fun but also difficult times, as well personal grow and life changeing XPs. Dont forget, its your term, your one year so enjoy every little piece and every day of it, fight for what you believe in never give up on your dreams and goals. Veronika

LCP Slovakia newsletter  
LCP Slovakia newsletter  

LCP Slovakia newsletter for April-March