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AIESEC Slovenia

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5. Projects

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“AIESEC has possibly been the most decisive influence on my student life. Through AIESEC I have learned to function in a multi-national environment, getting things done in a pragmatic way, driven forward by the forces of enthusiasm and 2

commitment. I am convinced that AIESEC is our most direct link to tomorrow’s business leaders .UweDoerken

Chairman and CEO, DHL International


In the beginning of each section, a short description of the section is available. This will help you in deciding whether this part is relevant for your business.

If you feel that a section is not suitable for your business, please feel free to skip to the next one. If it is, more details are provided about what we offer and how your business can benefit, clearly stating the system.

AIESEC Slovenia 2011

AIESEC Slovenia Product Portfolio

We understand that time is highly important for corporate decision makers. This is why we are providing this quick brief of how to get exactly what you want out of this portfolio.


WHAT IS AIESEC AIESEC, the world’s largest youth-driven organization, is the international platform for young people to explore and develop their potential to have a positive impact on society.

With a focus on building personal networks and exploring the direction and ambition of their future, AIESEC has an innovative approach to engaging and developing young people into the leaders needed today and tomorrow.

AIESEC Slovenia 2011

 

Time management Team wo rk

 

Planning and achieving goals Decision making

Public speaking



Global mind set

AIESEC Slovenia Product Portfolio

AIESEC helps youth develop skills through practical experience. The members can choose to either go on an international internship, apply for a leadership position, or both. The practical experiences evoke skills such as:


AIESEC IN NUMBERS GLOBALLY 60.000 members 110 Countries/ter ritories

The year AIESEC was founded The number of young people who are currently Experiencing AIESECAs of internal data from July, 2011. The number of countries we have AIESEC activities in Several countries/territories were approved to join the global network at IC 2008 in Brazil and IPM 2009 Rome, so we now have AIESEC activities in 107 countries!

2,100 universities

We are currently present in over 2,100 universities Although we have 730 LC's, many LC's have presence in numerous universities. Given the latest internal data (July, 2011) on number of Universities we have presence on.

470 conferences

We run more than 470 conferences each year at national, regional and global level. The biggest AIESEC Conference is the International Congress with more than 600 young people and 200 organizations involved from all around the world. (We are not including local conferences).

16,000 exchanges 4,000 partners 20,000 leadership opportunities 945,000 alumni

We provide unique exchange experiences for over 16,000 youth annually This is given our latest exchange statistics. We partner with over 4,000 organizations globally These include sponsors, partners, etc. Each year, over 20,000 leadership opportunities are available Youth around the world engage in all sorts of projects in leading a team of at least three people for more than three months. This number is constantly increasing. We have impacted over 945,000 people in society through AIESEC This number is calculated taking into account an average of 15,000 members per year (taking into account low and high years in terms of membership) throughout our existence.

730 We have 730 LC's Local Slovenia 2011 AIESEC This represents how many LC's we have, though we are present on many universities and campuses. Committees

AIESEC Slovenia Product Portfolio



AIESEC SLOVENIA Since 1991, AIESEC started in Slovenia, inheriting from AIESEC Yugoslavia that was founded in 1958 This section provides more information about AIESEC in Slovenia in terms of: 

Businesses that participate with AIESEC.

Project currently run.

Competencies of our members.

Where AIESEC is present in Slovenia.

AIESEC Slovenia Network

Local Committee LJUBLJANA – Kardeljeva ploščad 17, 1000 Ljubljana Local Committee MARIBOR – Razlagova 14, 2000 Maribor Local Committee KRANJ - Kidričeva 55a, 4000 Kranj

AIESEC Slovenia 2011

AIESEC Slovenia Product Portfolio

Member Committee SLOVENIA – Kersnikova 4, 1000 Ljubljana


PROJECTS Global Internship Program (GIP) Gain access to our pool of high quality international university students with various academic backgrounds through the Global Internship Program. The program provides long and short term staffing solutions and enables your organization to develop international business. Our global internship program provides cost and time efficient solutions in human resources by giving the opportunity to employ last year students or fresh graduates from more than 110 countries for the duration from 1.5 to 18 months.

     

In-depth knowledge of a specific country to support export or expansion plans Foreign business knowledge to improve international operations or business relations Qualified employees with a specific background, like IT, marketing or finance Ways to source and retain international academic students without having to arrange all formalities The Global Internship Program gives access to a pool of over 5000 high quality university students and recent graduates from 110 countries, with a wide range of academic backgrounds and working experiences. The Program is a tailored recruitment and community integration process which enables your organization to develop international business and to provide long and short term staffing solutions.

AIESEC Slovenia 2011

AIESEC Slovenia Product Portfolio

The Global Internship Program gives your organization the opportunity to attract highly qualified international academic students with knowledge of foreign markets, specific professional expertise, and perspectives that cannot be found in the Slovene workforce. An international intern can be very valuable if your organization is looking for:


Youth to business Forum and Employer Branding Becoming a Partner with AIESEC offers your organization unique opportunities to build and enhance your employer brand among highly qualified international students, recent graduates and young professionals with work experience. AIESEC has proven to enable organizations to develop a strong positioning as attractive employers. Thanks to AIESEC your organization can establish personal contact with high quality students, recent graduates and young professionals with work experience who are committed to intercultural experiences and leadership development. Your organization can build a strong brand through conferences and business forums, events and corporate social responsibility programs. AIESEC in Slovenia can offer to your company integrated Employer Branding product containing: Workshops for concrete students on campus and business forums Conferences and seminars organized for AIESEC members and other students Online promotion of companies career programs and opportunities in Slovenia and abroad Offline promotion on campus Case studies among students

Project Cultural Connecting Cultural Connecting project is successfully run in Slovenia for more than 5 years. Each year students from abroad are coming to Slovene schools to provide activities for pupils. Interns are delivering sessions about their cultures, helping in daily activities of schools and also delivering basic language lessons. Interns are coming for short periods of time (6-8 weeks), so during the year schools have the opportunity to take more than one intern from different countries and cultures. This project is having a positive social impact by introducing an international perspective, showing diversity and helping young people to keep an open-minded view.

AIESEC Slovenia 2011

AIESEC Slovenia Product Portfolio

    


Project IT Days Strengthen a position of your company among IT students and use free workshops for students as an element of recruitment. Thanks to AIESEC you can have direct access to students.

AIESEC Slovenia 2011

AIESEC Slovenia Product Portfolio

IT Days is the project for delivering to IT companies and IT departments in corporations proper employees and helping them with selection process. How AIESEC is planning to do this? We have two ways for that which are main pillars of IT Days project. First part of project is for companies which are ready to take interns from abroad to their companies for short term projects or longer period of time (up to 18 months). Second part of project is for companies which prefer to recruit Slovenes. For them we will organize cycle of workshops for students about usage of concrete software. Companies can send their trainers for those workshops. It is a great Employer Branding opportunity for them and a way of company promotion in general. From another side, companies can observe students during workshops and use this interaction with students to offer them internship or job in their company.



AIESEC Slovenia 2011

AIESEC Slovenia Product Portfolio

AIESEC in Slovenia is cooperating in different areas with:


Our main national partners and area of cooperation with them Since S&T Slovenia was set up in 1991, the company has become the premier provider of information technology solutions in Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina. In 1999, S&T Slovenia became part of the international group S&T (System Integration & Technology Distribution), the leading IT system integrator in Central and Eastern Europe. By merging with S&T, S&T Slovenia can provide complex, state-of-the art solutions based on a broad foundation of experience, expertise and knowledge. S&T Slovenia takes part in AIESEC's global exchange program and receives interns in its office to join the team and work on diverse projects in different departments. S&T Slovenia also participate in mentorship program: Members of Management Board act as mentors of AIESEC's leaders.

Microsoft is a partner of AIESEC globally for more than 10 years, been a Global Exchange Partner of AIESEC International and having National Partnerships with more than 20 different countries in the network. In Slovenia, Microsoft is supporting AIESEC through mentorship program for AIESEC's leaders.

AIESEC Slovenia 2011

AIESEC Slovenia Product Portfolio

ŠtudentskaorganizacijaUniverze v Ljubljani is a democratic student organization which represents the interests of students and quality assurance studies and varied and high quality student life. ŠOU v Ljubljani is one of the most representative university student organizations in Europe. ŠOU v Ljubljani is supporting AIESEC as other student organizations in Slovenia and in addition, twice per year financially supporting our projects for young individuals.


Mercuri International is a consulting-training company. Mercuri helps companies in achieving and maintaining competitive market position. This is obtained by increasing the level of competence at all levels and in all fields: management, marketing, sales and maintenance, as well as acting to improve the communication process within the company. Mercuri puts special emphasis on the commercial activity of the company and its client orientation. Mercuri International taking part in mentorship program with AIESEC and is also offering supporting as a National Learning Partner. Thanks to Mercuri, AIESEC members have the opportunity to use expert's knowledge and experience to gain new skills, especially in sales.

Grid was started back in 1991 and since then it strives to achieve only one goal - to provide the best service, products and consulting to its clients. Every client is treated by them as their most important client. Grid's goal is total customer satisfaction with our products and services even after the purchase of ours products. They specialties are: distribution of Morex in Hypex products, multimedia super mini itx computers T-REX and reselling of products from world known corporation.

AIESEC Slovenia 2011

AIESEC Slovenia Product Portfolio

Grid is supporting financially development of AIESEC members allowing them access to global learning environment.



 

Notable AIESEC Alumni _______________________ JanezDrnovšek, Former President, Slovenia Junichiro Koizumi, Prime Minister, Japan Gerhard Schroeder, Former Chancellor, Germany UweDoerken, Chairman and CEO, DHL Facebook Fan page Twitter Account!/AIESECSlovenia AIESEC platform – Monthly newsletter to members and partners

 

Aleksander Kwasniewski, Former President, Poland

E-mail signature with partnership notice

Jack Wadsworth Board Member,Morgan Stanley

Media partners :

Career Centre at University of Ljubljana Radio Študent Ljubljana

Martti Ahtisaari, Former President, Finland

AIESEC Slovenia 2011

Han Maerki, Chairman,IBM International

Over the duration of 20 years, AIESEC Slovenia is very proud of its Alumni who constantly support the organization. They include:

Radio Center Maribor

Radio Belvi Kranj Mogenas d.o.o. Študentska arena

                     

JanezDrnovšek Former President of the Republic of Slovenia Tea Petrin Former Minister of Economy DraškoVeselinovič CEO Provincial Bank of Slovenia StanislavValant CEO National Finance Company Peter Tevž CEO Radeče Paper AlešHauc Managing Director of Post of Slovenia MatjažKovačič Chairman of the Board of Nova KBM MatjažČačovič Director of the Auditorium Portorož AljošaTomaž Former CEO Abanke SamoBobek Dean, Faculty of Economics and Business in Maribor KrešimirPuharič Professor, Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana

AIESEC Slovenia Product Portfolio

AIESEC Slovenia websites


Global Internship Program

 For more than 60 years, AIESEC has been offering internship opportunities for highly talented academic students within partner companies around the world. The interns are able to offer the company’s employees as well as foreign working methods and can support the work with their knowledge.

AIESEC Slovenia 2011

 Companies can have interns from the where they can access over 50,000 students worldwide from 110 countries and 2.100 Universities.

Members’ development programs provide us with unique experiences that enable our personal and professional development.

whereas the company provides the minimum monthly salary for the intern.

of the intern they are willing to give an opportunity. They can choose interns with specific skills and education necessary for the company. Also, they already have a very enriching practical experience or education in a certain field.

AIESEC Slovenia Product Portfolio

 Exchange is one of the core activities of AIESEC since it provides the intern with an opportunity for a The intern learns to be independent, to lead his/her life, and not to mention gain a lot of benefits through the internship which supports his/her future career and development.


RECRUITMENT Looking for talents in Slovenian universities? AIESEC organizes bi-annual recruitments in the University of Ljubljana, University of Maribor and in the Faculties of Kranj to find ambitious students who want to gain more soft skills and working experience during their academic years and put their skills to practice or take a chance and develop abroad in one of our global internship programs. Through our virtual and physical networks we reach the majority of freshmen students each year. Would you like to participate in the development of this potential, deliver a message and position your company or brand to the pool of future employees?

- Branding partnership, online promotion through all communication channels, printed marketing and promotional materials and pr esence at conferences, workshops and youth to business forums. We track our personal and professional development with competencies assessment tools focusing on:

AIESEC Slovenia 2011

Like any corporation, we share values that make us unique:

• • • • • •

Living diversity Enjoying participation Acting sustainably Demonstrating integrity Activating leadership Striving for excellence

AIESEC Slovenia Product Portfolio




Talent Pre-selection All candidates in AIESEC’s talent pool have been pre-selected based on their education, skills, language certifications, and leadership experience by a review board of professionals.

6 Ongoing Servicing


AIESEC facilitates service evaluations for your company and intern before, during and after the internship. AIESEC is committed to receiving and responding to your feedback.

Needs Identification Your company identifies the desired internship profile specifying education, languages, skills, work experience, geography, duration and timing needs.



5 Community Integration This is a key characteristic that sets AIESEC’s program apart. Interns have an intense development experience through local community involvement.


AIESEC Slovenia 2011



Pre-Arrival Once selected, AIESEC takes care of all logistics including visas, accommodation and air-port pickup. AIESEC runs interns through cultural preparation, integrating and goal-setting seminars.

Intern Selection Within two weeks, AIESEC will provide a shortlist of the best candidates and arrange interviews. The final decision is always yours.

AIESEC Slovenia Product Portfolio




Providing AIESEC members with trainings or workshops.

Publicity in AIESEC conferences through showcasing your business’ products/ services.

Every year, AIESEC Slovenia conducts two National Conferences where the main aim would be to analyse the current situation and have the necessary actions take place to strive & strategize for more, launch campaigns and exceed results.

Any participation in a National Conference is the following:

Positioning as an employer of choice among students

•Flyers delivered in all welcome packages of delegates

Sourcing local talent with first hand case based selection

•30 minute partnership launch in front of all delegates •In-kinds delivered to all delegates •Booth presenting company’s products •Workshop and session at the business forum

AIESEC Slovenia 2011

AIESEC Slovenia Product Portfolio

This section is relevant if your business is interested in:


Business Forums Slovenian

AIESEC Slovenia conducts business conferences opened to all students not just AIESEC members where the main goal is to create a bridge

Youth to Business Forum

between students and businesses. It’s an opportunity for your company to position itself among future employees, gain valuable input and feedback from a young and innovative generation.

On the conference, we provide organised workshops where companies deliver relevant sessions on actual topics such as Innovation, sustainability, creative solutions. An

During the workshops it is an opportunity to create and engage teams on your projects specific case studies or certain analysis, where the best one could be given an opportunity for an internship or later on permanent employment.

AIESEC Slovenia 2011

AIESEC Slovenia Product Portfolio

opportunity is also given for networking and business lunches.


Business Forums There are usualy three main proposed themes or blocks within the conference for workshop or session delivery to choose from Bellow is an approximate agenda for Business Forums track 9:00– 10:00 Arrival and Networking 10:00 – 10:30 Welcome (Meet the youth of the world) 11:00 – 11:30 Highlighted speeches from exciting speakers across the three topics (Delegates split into 3 topic tracks and move to workshops) 12:00 – 13:30 Partner Workshops 13:45 – 15:00 Networking Lunch 15:00 – 17:45 Case study workshop 18:15 - 19:30 Closing Panel

20:30 – 22:30 Partners Dinner

A Brief fact about the event There are five to six partner companies attending and delivering workshops within the proposed blocks150 to 200 delegates; aiesec members and other students are attending the conference, applying for Partners workshop/session expected 20 -25 delegates per workshop

AIESEC Slovenia 2011

AIESEC Slovenia Product Portfolio

(Open debate between youth and guests building on the discussion of the day)


PARTNERSHIP Global Internship Program

AIESEC Partner Online and offline promotion

Therefore we have created different packages to suite your demands in the best possible way and developed a rewarding system of cumulative discounts, especially for our long term and committed partnerships.

National Conferences and business forums

Your company is represented as an employer of choice amongst young talented and motivated students, recent graduates and more experienced AIESEC members through various surveys and business forums, costs depending on the length and extent of the project.

AIESEC Slovenia 2011

AIESEC Slovenia Product Portfolio

Employer Branding

Since we fully understand the need for cost optimisation and reduction across corporate sectors, it gives us great pleasure to offer such unique business solutions to you at a very competitive and affordable price.


The internship service as described in the portfolio being our core product includes the complete process from selection to the actual arrival of the intern at the workplace and support.

Being an AIESEC partner gives your business the opportunity to promote your organisation, spread your idea or launch a case study or project analysis among the young innovative generations that will curtail the market conditions in the years to come. Depending on your preferences from being the key note speaker at opening speeches, having workshops delivered and obtaining candidates contacts for case studies teams and further cooperation.

AIESEC Slovenia 2011

AIESEC Slovenia Product Portfolio

Servicing your brand, logo and event promotion is done through our online communication channels including internal and external promotion within our global network and on all printed publications and promotional material.


Depending on your business needs, we develop and curtail our products providing you the desired solution.

• Companies attending educational cycle and conferences • Cooperating in Employer Branding projects

Educational Partner

Internship Partner

• Taking interns with specific skills and knowledge from desired country or region • Cooperating with your HR departments to meet your needs and tap the appropriate pools

Cooperation at premium partnership level guarantees your business with full servicing and account management including 3 internship positions per year full employer branding activities and access to local and global talent. You are also eligible to win an annual AIESEC CSR award presented at one of the conferences to Partners supporting our socially responsible projects such as the Cultural Connecting. As a bonus for Premium partnership you are entitled to a company presentation at our internal and external conferences twice per year.

AIESEC Slovenia 2011

AIESEC Slovenia Product Portfolio

Branding Partner

• Companies using our online and offline communication chanels • Using AIESEC as an agent connecting you to the University or specific Faculty, promoting your products or services also using AIESECs databases of alumni, members and other students


Partner with us For details and tailored product packaging please contact:

Aleksander Brankov Vice President for Corporate Relations

AIESEC Slovenia | Kersnikova 4 | SI - 1000 Ljubljana | Aiesec Si | Aiesec | NATIONAL PARTNERS S&T Slovenija | Mercuri International | Microsoft | Banka Koper | Ĺ OU | | Grid d.o.o. | Ĺ tudentarija.| | Our international platform enables young people to explore and develop their leadership potential

AIESEC Slovenia 2011

AIESEC Slovenia Product Portfolio

mobile:+386 40 554 422


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