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Lc status Exchanges Membership Leadership

Target 356 125 36

Achieved 86 90 31

Exchanges iGCDP iGIP oGCDP oGIP Total

41 21 24 0 86

Team Priorities oGCDP driving growth through SUs. Experience Development. Financial Sustainability.

LC Focus Programmes oGCDP iGIP

Quality Assurance Plan To do Right Expectation Setting with EPs and Clients and IMPLEMENT it. To ensure Proper member engagement by ensuring output oriented LC forums and Meets. To Integrate EPs with LC for Experience development. To make EPs aware about the Importance of NPS. Regular Feedbacks with EPs, Trainees & Clients. EP Buddies.

Mission for AIESEC in Ahmedabad to become the and create a

Youth of the City

by delivering to all Stakeholders for the

Vision for AIESEC in Ahmedabad AIESEC in Ahmedabad shall strive to be an to provide high Quality Experiences and

Year Theme