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General Details The Global Internships Program is your launching opportunity to a successful career while working in a multicultural environment. Professional and personal development will be your main focuses! Improve your skills and upgrade your professional experience by working in international companies, organizations or institutions from all over the world on areas such as: education, marketing or IT. Bring diversity in your development process, challenge your perspectives and change things your way. Our programs are: Impact the world by working in a global environment, in sub-areas such as child learning, student learning and adult learning.

Customize the world with new perspectives by bringing diversity in different markets from emerging countries.

Experience working with new technologies, programming and web development in cutting edge IT businesses from all over the world.

Global Marketing is your opportunity to “taste� international markets by working in companies from all around the world, developing new strategies for their products and services. You can emphasize on your strategic thinking in order to implement innovative ideas that will change perspectives in the external environment. Make your vision steady for international markets!

The program fits you if you are…

What will you learn?

• a student or a recent graduate • a good English speaker • keen on working in an international environment

• Open your mind regarding other cultures • Increase your performance by finding solutions easily • Take advantage of the relations you make with people from other cultures • Contribute to others’ development by sharing your experience and knowledge • Develop your adaptability skills • Be constant in your actions and future decisions • Develop your management techniques • Globalize your knowledge • Follow and lead trends of the world market • Develop your strategic thinking

…and if you have knowledge in • marketing • market research • international Marketing • advertising and public relations • import & export • consumer behavior

Time and place for you to go Experience 3 to 18 international months in countries like : India, China, Czech

Republic, Turkey, Brazil, Poland or Germany

What will you gain?

AIESEC’s involvement at your destination

• Experience in international specialized companies • Support in finding accommodation; • Theoretical and practical knowledge • Providing a salary; • Personal and professional development • Reception activities; • New multicultural perspectives • Support the search for information about • New international relations in your network the country and documentation; • Free access to a lot of trainings and • Support the cultural adjustment. preparation seminars • Friends from all around the world How are you responsible for your

AIESEC Romania’s involvement in your experience • • • • •


• Internship fee (250 Euro) • Costs of passage Support in creating an international CV; • Documentation: Passport, Visa and Support in interviews and negotiations for Insurance. the opportunities; Intercultural preparation for the internship; Virtual support from AIESEC during the internship; Support for reintegration when returning home.

Opportunity Marketing Analyst & Developer

Job description: Creating value-based propositions for marketing the products to the external environment Analysis of international consumer trends for better marketing avenues Enhancing the outreach of the product for maximizing sales Language: English Payment: $450

• •

Other details: Internship duration between 12 and 18 weeks A multi-cultural and employeefriendly work environment

Hyderabad, India

Skills and background required: • International Marketing • Consumer + Buyer Behavior • Import & Export • PC User Skills

Opportunity Online Marketing Intern •

Job description: The intern will support and get an insight in all online marketing measures. The intern will participate in SEM and SEO. On the social media field, the intern will take care and improve the presence of the company in social media platforms and forums. The intern will be in charge of collecting performance data and analyze it. Payment: $890

Other details: It is essential for the intern to have an affinity to games, just like the interest in getting to know a Start-Up. Internship duration 12 weeks

Hamburg, Germany Skills and background required: • Introductory Marketing • Market Research & Evaluation • Brand & Trademark Management • Team Management skills • Marketing / Selling skills Language: English

Opportunity Marketing and international selling •

• •

Job description: The interns will have to do a recognition of lightning frames market in Russia, Romania, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece or Serbia. He/she will have to do market research and analyses. The interns will have to take care of existing clients and find new potential customers for this company. Gain a necessary knowledge needed in creating a catalogue of company’s products in his mother tongue. Other details: Internship duration between 50 and 54 weeks Personal Workspace Computer Internet Access

Nowy Sacz, Poland Skills and background required: • Retail + Sales Marketing • Market Research & Evaluation • Import & Export • Marketing / Selling skills • Presentation skills Language: English Payment: $400

Opportunity Digital Marketing Strategist •

Job description: Strategizing Google and Bing PPC campaigns and landing page optimization to generate quality leads Create Social media campaigns to build company brand and generate leads: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google + Good understanding of Google Analytics and Webmaster tools and Following best practices to drive traffic Language: English Payment: $400

• •

Other details: Internship duration 52 weeks Personal Workspace Computer Internet Access

Bangalore, India Skills and background required: • Introduction to Management / Business Administration • Market Research & Evaluation • International Marketing • Project Management • Marketing / Selling skills • Team Management • Training/ Facilitating skills • Client Servicing Skills

Opportunity Marketing Analist •

Job description: The intern will help to research and evaluation of market in order to introduce company's products and enter this market to find new customers. The intern will help for establishing relationships with partners and searching for new customers. Creating the database of potential clients to sell the products. The intern will help to controlling customer relations and import-export activities of our company

Other details: Internship duration between 24 and 26 Weeks

Denizli, Turkey

Skills and background required: • International Marketing • Market Research & Evaluation • Import & Export • Marketing / Selling skills Language: English Romanian(Preferred) Payment: $445

How to apply • Complete the application form • Send your CV to • Go through selection process • 5 days trial period on our internal platform • Create your own account on the platform (you have to pay the first installment of 100 euro) • Find the suitable internships and apply • Get matched with one internship (pay the second installment) • Prepare for a great experience with AIESEC

People talking about us • Andrew Skobinsky, Corporate Communications from AlcatelLucent

• Jan Muehlfeit, Chairman of Microsoft in Europe

• Alexandra, a Global Internship participant in Malaysia

• Students talking about what AIESEC is...

Partners that support the program •Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca

•Technical University Cluj-Napoca

Contact Mariana Bトネan Vice President International Internships Global Internship Program

AIESEC Cluj-Napoca E-mail: Phone: 0749.340.243

Global Paid Internships in Marketing by AIESEC Cluj Napoca  

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