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ABOUT THE PROJECT EMPOWER, supported by AIESEC in Perú aims to achieve women’s autonomy in society, help them understand the importance of their role in our lives, improve their self esteem and fight for their rights to eradicate gender inequalities in our country.

OBJETIVE To strength awareness of the role of women in Peru, generating action plans fostering campaigns where the woman can become the head and boosting its participation in schools, universities and NGOs.

PROJECT SITES NGOs, Schools, Orphanages, Communities

METHODOLOGY Dynamics to improve relations between students, spaces for discussion on issues related to soft skills, cultural understanding workshops.

MAIN ACTIVITIES:  The intern will develop sessions, workshops and dynamic for the strengthening of the skills soft of them children.  The intern will promote the discovery of points forts and points of improvement in each child, helping them to be better people.  The intern will foster integration, respect and the development of values in children.  It intern will teach their culture and language to the children.  The intern will deliver progress reports and final member of AIESEC responsible for the project.  The intern will participate in events of AIESEC designated by the Committee local, such as Global Village, IPS, LEAD sessions, Trainess Meetings, etc.

BENEFITS:  Family Host  2 meals/day  LEAD Sessions  Pick-up  Spanish/Quechua lessons  Traditional dance classes  Peruvian history classes  Carnival celebration


60 USD


VP Incoming Global Volunteer of AIESEC in Cajamarca


Empower Niña Belen  
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