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New Members Allocation ANNOUNCED! LCP sets off to EuroXpro in Greece

OGX #1 GIP EP provider in Egypt!

We Start Here … Challenge Complete! Just as AIESEC Alexandria is evolving this term, and with the new local directions been set, the newly established function, communication and IM proudly presents to you the first official AIESEC Alexandria members newsletter targeting our LC members. The schema of initiating a newsletter for members comes within our responsibility to keep the members constantly updated, increase communication between functions, and promote for leadership and exchange. For us, this issue is not just special because it is our first –biweekly– product, but because we uniquely dedicate it to our beloved new members, who we would like to congratulate for taking this HUGE step forward in their smart career orienting choice. Also, this issue stems from our desire to engage and develop every member and most importantly provide transparency whenever we can. From hereafter, we present this new issue focusing on our LC and functional news, and providing you with the latest opportunities in Leadership and Exchange. Without further ado, we sure hope you enjoy it, and always note that your feedback will always be appreciated.

PR Team

Vice President for Communication and IM Nada Madkour Public Relations Team Dina Nashaat Mohamed Mounir Ahmed El-Zalabani

Photography Mazen Ayman Amer

For more information, feedback or ideas please contact: VP COMM & IM: Nada Madkour PR Team Leader: Dina Nashaat

Discover the LEADER in YOU ‌ And be a GLOBAL Change AGENT AIESEC Entity: Dominican Republic Looking For: MCVPs Deadline: 25th March, 2012. More Information: Application Form Contact: (

Conference Name: International Congress

Russia 2012! Location: Russia Looking for: Team Leaders and Teamsters Deadline: 20th of March 2012, 23:59 GMT

AIESEC Augsburg has launched an opportunity for

exchange in one of its projects, their exchange offer includes: - Accommodation will be free of charge with host families in Augsburg. - Official reception with the mayor and with the media - Fantastic cultural experiences (cooking evenings, LCM that takes place every Monday evening, visits to big cities like Munich, excursion in the mountains in the south of Germany)

More Information:

Conference Name: Sellapalooza Location: Zagreb / Croatia Looking for: Delegates Deadline: 20th of March 2012 More Information:

EB 2012 has released the application for one of Alexandria source of pride projects: Think Green, which aims to raise awareness on protecting the environment. Deadline: 18th of March 2012, 11:59 PM More Information:

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Send us your feedback on the LC, on: We want to hear from YOU!

Crank up your performance…!

LCP sets off to EuroXpro in Greece In a call to gather and unite youth from around the world to bring them closer to the 2015 vision, AIESEC Greece is hosting one of the 5 biggest annual global AIESEC conferences, EuroXpro, attracting business leaders, global AIESEC partners, and global executives from around the world. Representing AIESEC Alexandria, LCP, Mina Shakhloul, is going to set off in a few days to take part in the conference held between the 17th and the 23rd of March, 2012. Along with MCVP, Kareem Abdel Azim, representing MC Egypt to set the organization regional goals with representatives from every country, also to boost international networking and interact with global oriented partners.

As VP finance, Ahmed ElBanna, has promised, and in cooperation with TM with their new members tracking system, it is now official that members reported with high performance till the end of Q1 will be subsidized a national or an international conference with a

maximum of 1000 EGP

OGX Recruitment Team LCVP OGX, Mohamed El-Araby, has finally opened up positions for OGX recruitment team. Anyone is welcome to join in and experience the real deal behind the scene preparations to put strategies for the recruitment plan, get the chance to interview EPs, and take part in on campus recruitment. Don’t miss the chance and

Apply now!

COMM & IM going BIG! ER boosting partnerships The function has been busy these days preparing for a sales mania with Projects and OGX. Also, Partnership seems to be going smooth, as the team is now finalizing with the magazine printing partner. As for CDC, there are now current negotiations for a potential partnership with ABA.

OGX talks numbers: #1 in Egypt

For a newly initiated function, COMM & IM is picking up high this term. The last few weeks the function was done putting this term’s goals; now, they are currently working along with ER on raising LC partnership with NGOs around Alexandria, in addition, with the function’s current focus on positioning AIESEC Alexandria for the outside community, they are now focusing on offline media positioning. As for online media, our rank in social media positioning is now pacing forward.

IGIP OGX has already excitingly begun its term. By now, they report GCDP 7 realizations 3 realizations that they have achieved 100% growth in Q1. They have already 10 EP raised 1 EP raised finished with the recruitment plan for summer and online 3 Partnerships 1 Partnership raise recruitment for GCDP has already begun. Also, they have SRBs raised every Thursday. As for GIP, SRBs are in progress and online pocket recruitment will start by next week. In the meantime, they are now finalizing the Function’s vice president, Ahmed El-Banna, says that there is now a new exchange booklet. structure for servicing team (LST) which is going to mainly include: events, study tours, accommodation and pickups, and orientations.

Finance & Legality

IGIP 3 realizations

SING FOR LIFE IT position open!

Let’s fight Lung Cancer!

COMM & IM has officially opened up an IT position which is responsible for managing the IT system of the whole LC to maintain the functionality of our website and databases. If you are interested or would like to know more information, contact VP Comm & IM, Nada Madkour at

PS: You don’t have to be an IT expert for the position.

AlexandriNa IC: CC Team ANNOUNCED!

In an initiative to support children, youth and adults who suffer from lung cancer, MAD project is hosting a Karaoke event on the 17th of March at Orient’s, to increase awareness on the disease. So join our LC and support our cause. ‘It’s not about how to sing, it’s about how to save a life’ Reserve your place now, and contact Ola Balbaa for more information:

EB Alexandria along with CCP, Dina Salem, have finally announced the CCVP team who are going to work closely the few coming months to deliver one of the BIGGEST international conferences to be hosted in Alexandria. The CCVP team who is going to lead the coming conference is: Ahmed El Zalabani - CCVP Sales Alia Madkour - CCVP COMM & PR Aly Ramdan - CCVP Delegate Servicing

Hidy Rostom - CCVP Finance Ibrahim Amr - CCVP EVENTS Mohamed Samy - CCVP Logistics

C-ICX is on the GO! During the past months, IGIP was almost done with putting new basis for the function with new methodologies, mindset, products and approach to the market; now, they are targeting new sectors such as import & export, and tourism. Raising and matching are picking up pace; many new potential TN takers and re-raises are expected this month, as well as several new matches. Also, the function has initiated two matching manias for WENA region and Iberoamerica during the past two weeks. Last but not least, IGIP along with servicing and IGCDP are now working on AIESEC Alexandria’s Reception booklet. Besides, the new “AIESEC Alexandria multinational business solution” is now complete and published, which is an unprecedented initiative for AIESEC Egypt!

TM back on track TM seems to have a full agenda for this term. Their current focus is on TTL to train the leaders, i2m (Interns to members) conference, and the past two weeks they have been really engaged with planning for the induction process for training new members. LC Meetings are now biweekly. Also, in an initiative to track members’ development, TM has announced that they’ve finally implemented a members’ tracker for each member in the LC on which they are going to be rewarded upon with a subsidized 1000 EGP for any conference. Lastly, Stay tuned for a National Training day with AIESEC CU and the Alumni Conference.

Projects picking up pace With new PMs on the way for this term, projects function seems to be getting along real good. They have raised three partnerships so far with Sutherland, Compass, and Radio tram, which is going to host their upcoming “Sing for life” event. As for YES project they have raised “integral” as a learning partner. Also they are working with and ABA now to sponsor and judge ideas from youth.

Induction Induction seems like an unusual term for any newly recruited member, however, it is one of the most important stages a member goes through once admitted into AIESEC. It is the first event any newbie goes through which gives him/her a glimpse of what the AIESEC spirit looks like. The recent members’ induction was not any different than any of the ones before except the location which was on the AAST Miami Campus; At first, there was a short presentation on what AIESEC is and what it does, then each EB member gave a short speech on his/her function, then there was a workshop simulating the 6 core values of AIESEC, and at last, Alaa Nabil, an Alumni, came in to give a speech on his experience through AIESEC, of what he mentioned also was, how truly he owes AIESEC his confidences and professionalism and that he never truly found himself anywhere but in AIESEC.

Parents Meeting While a parents’ meeting was not a new initiative from AIESEC Alexandria, it somehow turned into a heated discussion between the EB and the parents. In a brief walkthrough of the whole event which took place in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, each of the EB members gave a short presentation in different aspects covering the history of AIESEC and what it does, and in depth information on the organization. Also, at the end of the event, Alaa Nabil, an alumni, gave a five minutes talk on how AIESEC really had a huge impact on his career and personality afterwards, and to provide more testimonial a few parents stood up the podium to talk of how AIESEC had a great impact on their sons. To conclude, having heard a few feedbacks from parents, the parental meeting was somehow a success; where some loved the idea of AIESEC and others saw the EB an example of global leaders.

National Induction Conference 2012 Having settled on 63 members during our pocket recruitment, the EB have strongly encouraged our newly recruited members to set off to one of the biggest conferences of the year, the National Induction Conference (NIC), which took place last weekend in Ras Sudr. Being part of any conference in AIESEC surely brings about a great experience, especially if it is the first; that is why NIC’s OC made sure to deliver a conference with the optimum AIESEC experience to engage new members and educate them more with the AIESEC way. Also, this conference was a great chance for the new members to get to live the AIESEC Alexandria LC spirit and for the EB to closely monitor and assess them before allocation, which is going to be announced soon!

New Members

Allocation! Talent Management Vice President: Mohamed Meniawi Members: Adham Ismail Maha Tareef Omar Sourour Peter Shakhloul

Esraa Alaa El-Din Moustafa Hafez Omar Gamal Nour Adawy

Communication & IM Vice President: Nada Madkour Members: Abdelaziz Ghis Maher Alnaggar Omar Selim Rowan Khedr

Hamdy Elgammal Nermine Nabil Yahia Elbetebsi

Incoming Global Community Development Program (Projects) Vice President: Youmna El-Ninni Members: Ahmed Sherif Mohamed El Hadi

Ahmed Sherif Saad Zaghloul

Aya Mahmoud Abdel Hakeem


Heba Allah Galal El-Mansy

Maha Sharif Talaat Shaat

Omar Ahmed Alaa El Din

Salma Elmarsafy

Sandy Samir Elsabbagh

Sarah Nasr Ellaithy

Yasmine Anis

Jumana Hany Moustafa Medhat Shalaby

Incoming Global Internship Program Vice President: AbdelRahman El-Soueify Members: Ahmed Mamdouh Ghobashy Amar Mohamed Hussien Norhan Khaled El Guenedi

Alaa Hisham Tewfick Nardeen Reda Nouran Elsayed Anwar

Nourhan Alaa Eldin Mostafa Kamale

Radwa Moustafa Kamal El Gindy

Outgoing Exchange Vice President: Mohamed ElAraby Members: Ahmed Hussein Rabie Aly Hany

Alanwar Mohammed Mohammed Anwar Hassan Soliman El Salamouni

Karim Nader Yacout Mennat-Allah Tarek Badr Mohamed Saad Galal Saafan Yousry Ahmed Khalil Walaa Samir Fayek

Mahmoud Alaaeldin Mohamed Mohamed Ahmed Bayoumi Rowida Yasser Tarek Ramadan Ibrahim

External Relations Vice President: Mohamed Koreish Members: Adham Mohamed Abdelrahim Dina Ossama Al-Sharief Sherif Mahmoud Abdou Abla Ahmed

Ahmed Kamel Nada Mekky Yasmine Arafa Sabah Khodair

AIESEC Alexandria March Newsletter 1.1  
AIESEC Alexandria March Newsletter 1.1  

AIESEC Alexandria March Newsletter Issue #1