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Q3 Report July 2012 – September 2012

Content The aim of this report is to allow to the whole plenary to have a clear overview of how AIESEC in Slovenia was performing in Q3 and present some conclusions for Q4. In particular: • 1. Plan 12/13 goals sum up. • 2. Measure of Success (MoS) results Q3. • 4. Focus projects overview • 5. Conclusions for Q4

Plan 12/13 goals Sum up TMP



70 5 10 0 85


51 117 168

iGIP 25 5 10 0 40

oGIP 10 1 3 2 16

iGCDP 28 6 30 5 69

oGCDP 20 10 5 0 35

38 0 10 0 48

This will allow a relative growth of 162 % in Exchange

Measure of Success (MoS) Q3 Results 2012 2011 Rel. growth % Ra Ma Re Ra Ma Re Ra Ma Re oGIP 2 1 11 0 0 5 200 100 120 oGCDP 1 0 10 0 1 8 100 -100 25% iGIP 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 -100 iGCDP 4 2 0 1 0 1 300 200 -100 TLP 20 12 10 13 7 17 TMP 21 14 8 18 12 20 X realizations in Q3 OGX GIP 11 OGX GCDP 10 ICX GIP 0 OGX GCDP 0 Total 21

Relative growth in exchange results is 40 % comparing with Q3 2011.

Notes: Considering that during July- September not many operations are happening we have a growth in RA and MA for oGIP and iGCDP, which are currently our focuses and 120 % growth in OGX GIP Realizations. Those results can ensure us better pipeline for Q4.

Considerations From the results we can see, that our TMP and TLP data in is not correct. This is something that we should work on. We must improve in # of members if we want to grow, because we must handle our operations.

Key projects progress report Cultural Connecting During Q3 was made review of CC. Project was structured: vision, concept, team structure, JDs. Please find Project guide here: Searchtool with available TNs here: QaVZ0N1FBaXc&pli=1#gid=0 OGX GIP Recruitment Pilot of GIP targeted recruitment for EPs with educational and teaching background. 20 people applied. OGX services are in process now in LC LJ and LC MB. All supportive documents were created: EP guideline, OGX processes, Contracts update, info presentations for EPs. Find them on OGX wiki: Searchtool with available EPs here:

Key projects progress report Youth to Business Forum Date is difine: 24th of November. Was made agreement with Faculty of Economics for hosting the event. We have 2 companies participating at the workshops: Mercuri International and ATKearney. In the field of Communication were developed: Communication Policies and Project guidelines. Find all updated documents in wiki:

Conclusions for Q4 In Q3 AIESEC in Slovenia was performing good. All key projects were structured, processes and project guides were updated in alignment with our Focuses of the year. Now we need to focus a lot on our recruitment and quality of projects delivery. Only with more people we can achieve bigger and better growth. We shouldn’t forget about right focus. By focusing on our key programs we can grow smart. Lets go, AIESEC Slovenia On behalf of MC 12/13 Lessya

AIESEC Slovenia Q3 report  

Q3 report of AIESEC Slovenia

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