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lovenia looks as if it has more in common with its Alpine neighbors of Austria and Italy, than those of former Yugoslavia.


orested mountains are interspersed with glacial lakes and chalet-style houses look out onto lush farmlands. The scenery of Slovenia is fresh and natural, while its people are equally genuine and accommodating.


he capital, Ljubljana, is a prosperous and pretty city with a large student population, which gives it a youthful vibe among well-preserved historic buildings. The Ljubljana River flows through the city, its banks lined with promenades, cafĂŠs and small shops.


cenic, clean and safe, Slovenia is an ideal destination for families and couples, especially those who enjoy outdoor activities. Cycling, hiking, paragliding, white-water rafting, caving and mountaineering are all excellent pursuits the country can truly boast about.


Fast Facts

This compact and strategically important country is dominated by mountains, rivers and major north-south and east-west transit routes. Slovenia borders Italy to the west, Austria to the north, Hungary to the northeast and Croatia to the southeast, with a 47km (30-mile) Adriatic Sea coastline, where the main port is Koper.

Population: 1,998,000 Capital: Ljubljana Area: 20,273 square kilometers (7,827 square miles) Language: Slovene Religion: Roman Catholic, other Currency: Euro Life Expectancy: 76 GDP per Capita: U.S. $19,200 Literacy Percent:100

The Slovenian office of AIESEC has a long history dating back to 1953. At that time it was a part of AIESEC in Yugoslavia. After Slovenia became and independent country in 1991, the AIESEC office separated from the Yugoslavian as well. This happened in 1992 when AIESEC in Slovenia became accepted into the AIESEC network as an independent entity. AIESEC in Slovenia today Right now AIESEC in Slovenia has got 3 Local Committees in Ljubljana, Kranj and Maribor and we are working on various projects. 2011-­‐2012 2010-­‐2011   GIP  


GCDP 2008-­‐2009   2007-­‐2008   0  






AIESEC Slovenia Vision 12-13 We want to have future oriented people that will follow the long term vision, set by previous generation, using critical thinking and constantly adding to the existing vision in a healthy working environment.


Projects targeting: TT students ET students MT students

in Slovenia

We will start a 1st round of recruitment on the 3rd week of September focusing on graduates/recent ones for students with Education working backgrounds and Social Sciences mainly.

Why Partner With Slovenia? Most Slovenian EP’s are dual or tri lingual when it comes to languages. EP’s with EU citizenship, streamlining the visa applications process. Slovenian students are extremely motivated to take professional internships in order to better prepare themselves for their careers. Most Slovenian are internationally minded Large pool of EP’s available for realization in Q3 + Q4

Where are we going to recruit? U. LJU: Administration Economics Education Art Social Sciences

U. Maribor: Arts (pedagogy, translatology & sociology), Education, Organizational sciences Economic and Business

U. Primorska: Education.

There will be another part of the recruitment right after TM members recruitment starting in the 2nd weekend of October. Focusing on IT and engineer students/grads & social sciences ones. Current Pipeline: Please take a look at:

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What about GCDP?





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50 45   40   35   30   25   20   15   10   5   0  

Finance Business  Administra7on   Economics   Marke7ng   Human  Resources   Accouning   IT   Social  Sciences   Teaching  &  Language  Educa7on   Cultural  Educa7on   Law   Journalism/Communica7on  scineces   Engineering   0  







AIESEC Slovenia we will be focusing on the following regions: Latin america Africa Asia

ICX in Slovenia Objectives

Spread cultural awareness among youth of 12-17. Show the EP country through presenting national traditions, food, history, national clothes. 35 realizations

Expectations AIESEC Slovenia is starting a new phase based on renewal and good work. We are committing ourselves to perform and to give the best from ourselves from this term. We are inspiring ambitious in AIESEC members and young professionals to perform efficiently and professional, we envision to lead this entity to a successful term and something that can transcend throughout the years. If you are interested on starting a cooperation or a partnership with AIESEC Slovenia we are going to offer our best talent and be the best guest for our incoming projects. We would expect the same from the other country side. If you decide to have a country meeting with us.


MCP Olessya Demchenko Mobile: +386 (0)30 253 556 E-mail: MCVP CR Sara Tanjga Mobile: + 386 (0)30 368 437 E-mail: MCVP OGX Ursula Ramirez E-mail: MCVP ICX Iulia Artemenko E-mail: MCVP TM&LCD Jovana Minic Mobile: + 386 (0)51 620 072 E-mail: MCVP COMM Hiram Chaparro Mobile: + 386 (0)40 332 978 MCVP F&L Aleksander Brankov Mobile: + 386 (0)40 554 422 E-mail: LCP Ljubljana Matic Kašnik E-mail: LCVP COMM Maribor Petra Strazar LCP Kranj

Ana Kutnar E-mail:

Cooperation booklet AIESEC Slovenia  

Booklet for cooperation

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