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Within universities today, one of the biggest opportunities identified is the interest that young people have for learning and practicing new languages and also the discussion of controversial national and international affairs, bringing to light important political, economic, social and cultural rights. This interest goes far beyond a front specific courses, but covers them all in general, with the only variant preference issues to be discussed. Speak out Project aims to take this opportunitywithin the universities and provide cultural enrichment of young people, providing discussions in English and / or Spanish on relevant global issues.


Develop consciousness and global sensibilization in youth people about relevant issues in a multicultural environment in order for them to generate a multiplier effect and cultural enrichment in their academic background as well as the professional future.


Involve and form students in a global environment through discussions of important national and international issues in different languages that promote critical thinking and proactivity oriented development of personal and social global consciousness.

OBJECTIVES It seeks to raise awareness among young people about national and international reality and encourage initiatives that generate change.

Subject Focus 1 Groups of discussion and debate.

Subject focus 2 Development of communication in different languages.

DRIVERS Global Culture Engaging young students in knowledge and concern for their own and other realities.

Proactive and leadership Promoting the action setting and the taking of decisions in order to generate change.

LANGUAGE Using language practice as a tool to access a global environment.

EP PROFILE Our project wants to develop the leadership potential of all our trainees by means of international platform of learning, development and stimulate your creativity and innovation in different situations. For this reason we search trainees with a profile like this (preferred)

Student of Social Work, Education, Translation and Interpreting, Business and Communication, International Relationships. Trainees focusing in practicing their own language or another language with young adults through debates and discussions. Trainees with skills of innovation work in team and work under pressure Trainees with a high level of tolerance and open minded.

Trainees with a good level of English and/or Spanish. Trainees with initiative and proactivity.

Project Manager: Leily Preciado E-mail: Telephone:

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This is the booklet of the Speak Out Project