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Our Global Partners

Our Internal Advisors Prof. Albert CHAN President and ViceChancellor of HKBU

Prof. SNAPE, Edward J. Associate Vice-President of HKBU "Over the past six years, I have met many of the incoming AIESEC interns. They are enthusiastic, skilful and highly motivated people. They bring a fresh new perspective to their host organizations. I would strongly recommend any employer to consider accepting an AIESEC intern - it is a win-win situation for the intern and for the employer."

Mr. SO, K. K. Simon

Mr. LAM, S. W

Senior Lecturer, Department of Management

Teaching Consultant, Department of Management

AIESEC is a global student organization to help you develop leadership, broaden your horizons and realize your potential, joining AIESEC will definitely enrich your university life"

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What is AIES EC?

AIESEC is t h e in t e r n a t io for you n ng peo p l e t o d a l p la t fo r m d e v e lo p iscover t h e ir p o and t e n t ia l s a positiv o as to e impac h ave t this aim in socie ty. ,A le a d e r s h IESEC provides To reach ip ov 350 confe p o s it io n s , o r g er 5,000 a n iz e s o rences , ver and runs p rog ram an th opportun at offers 3,500 m exchange ity to liv e and wo embers the country. rk in a fo reign Having o v e r 3 ,0 engaged 00 org an with and presence i z a t i o n s universit ies in 89 in over 8 co 0 proven a nd innov untries , AIESEC 0 ative rou is a high-po te for sou ten rcing graduate tial university s tu s from all over the dents and world.

AIESEC in HKBU Being the third local committee in AIESEC in Hong Kong, AIESEC in HKBU has always been striving hard in providing and facilitating fruitful leadership and exchange experience for our members and leaders in the past 24 years. We attract and cultivate young people with global mindsets while giving organizations an incredible opportunity to interact and access young people from all corners of the globe. We partner with a wide variety of organizations, from multinational to small business, non-profit to government.

Nothing is

Impossible A BU student doing AIESEC exchange in

Amazing India

AIESEC provides international internship opportunities for its members. Most of them do it during the summer or winter break, some of them even take a gap year to make it. The USA, Europe seems to be a popular choice when you come to the place for internship. But have you ever thought of doing your internship in India? Jackson Chan (year 2 Phy Comp) went to India, Jaipur for an internship last year. When I ask about how is India, he just smiled and said, " India is amazing! Nothing is impossible there!"

It is the free meal provided by the company.But the taste is...

My brother James! We promise we will come to see each other when we get married in the future!

Clubbing at India! A lot of hot Indian girls but I will not show you =P

Outside the place I live is a really big yard. After work all the ' Everyday is a new story. In India, the culture, perspective, interns always like to sit here values and practices are too different from Hong Kong! Everyday and chat. People you will experience something that will shock you!' from the world are ' For example, one day I took the government public bus and it sitting together and chat about was raining. I saw the window for the driver was getting blurred t h e i r d r e a m s , because of the rain. I was wondering how they were going to deal life, countries....I with it because there was no cleaning stick in front of the driver's really miss t h o s e r e l a x i n g window like the one in Hong Kong. Then amazing things happened. I saw the driver took out a 'napkin' and climbed out from his seat moments!!

and wiped the window while leaving the bus going! He kept doing this because the driver's window kept getting blurred! I just stunned and said "Oh Myyyy God!!"' 'But these culture shocks made me becoming more open-minded and experience some total new way of thinking! And I believe it is where innovation come from!'





e, an ee Le M i c k E C e r f r o me A I E S ines com g p Philli h e H o n t to t Baptis y g Kon v e r s i t c i n U i cadem a a f o r ange. As t e xc h P r e s i d e n is V i c e E S EC i n h i s of AI rsity, he e u n i ve p a s s i o n at o ve r y u n d e r g p a n d edershi C a Ce A I E S E g i n he Hon t i n t B a p t i s 's g K o n rsity. Let i s v i n U e ow is h g h s e e ey in Hon journ . Kong


p i h s r e d e e C

ns mea k ip or h w s r e e e d AIESEC C : e 1 s d o i n g y! Not r tr e C E is coun ee A I E S foreign Mick i g h t ! a k n r i in th re you ous u a : If m e , y o r y f a m 2 e v Note h a n d s o i s a s! very lly he ine a hillip A c t u y in P it r celeb

recruItment I f i rst m et A I ES EC e rs in Ho ng Kon g wh en Am an me ssa ged me to join the m for a vis it to Ho ng Kon museum of history. That g was wh en I me t Sha n, He len Dom inik , Bon nie , Nik ky , (or col lec tiv ely, the A-Team int ern s in BU ), Faf a, and Winnie Yeung. This group of people was really very kind and I felt very easy toward , them. What followed was s my par tici pat ion wit h AIE SEC HK BU rec rui tm ent we ek, wherein I met the rest of the BU EB, inc lud ing Jac kso n, Kat rina , Win nie , and Rub y. Jackson and I helped rec ruit future active HKBU memb ers. It felt very good to be able to speak about AIESEC to peo ple (ev en if I wa s a for eig ner and to pro mo te how goo ) the organization would be d for the ir ow n dev elo pm ent as person.

FIrst to Hong Kong

Las t Aug ust to Dec em on an exc han ge stu dy expber 201 0, I we nt erie nce to Hon g Kong. I have been a very acti my home school, and I dec ve AIESECer from my des tina tion sch ool (HKided to find out if AIESEC community so I cou BU ), also had an ld undergo a CEED opportunity also help out and at my experience with AIE . Looking back now SEC in Hong Kong, I realized that it was more that I got to experience; it than a CEEDership was a real experience of friendship.

FacIlItator In conFer


Another unforgettable exp erience would be my par in AIESEC in Hon g Kon g ticipation as a facilitator NLD Connection Times I had wit S. I can stil l vivi dly rem em ber the ver y fru itfu l h my particular group (gro we discussed our own me up name ‘BBQ’), and how nto worked with a team of inte rs affected our lives. It was very empowering to hav e Titah, Amarachi, and con rnational facilitators, including Sarah, Ayen, Jorg e, ference chair Sarah, who made the experience ver meaningful. y

FInance team

goodbye Hong Kong

Of cou rse I cou ld nev forget the time I spent hel er ping out HKB U VP- Fin anc e Jac kso with his Finance team. Tan n Tiff any, and Lill ian , the go, ver hardworking finance memb y will always have a special ers, plac in my heart. I would person e like to thank Jackson for ally giving me the opp ort uni ty to hel p, but most of all for being a ver honest and dependable frie y nd.

Before leaving, I was luck to AIESEC in Hong Kong thro y to have been able to say goodbye King, and to AIESEC BU through the Christmas BBQ we had in BBQ ugh our Christmas party. touched by the gesture of the LC members to have a I was very with me in Billy Boozers. I farewell night will from the other LCs, and esp miss the MC Team, the people I met ecia lly AIE SEC BU. The experience has definitely made me becom every AIESECer I met in Hon ing a better person, and I think that g guys when I come back. I will Kong was a real friend. I will see you always remember you guy s..

HigHligHts In AIESEC, apart from the exchange opportunities, there are is a a lot lot ofof activities activities for you to explore yourself. Indution day, National Leadership Development Seminor in Hong Kong, National Leadership Development Conference in Singapore, Asia-Pacific Asia-Pacific eXchange and Leadership Development Seminar in Vietnam, workshops, team experience, parties..... 18K镶黄白鸳鸯耳环

The international platform for young people to discover and develop their potential

Happy group photo





On the AIESEC Joint-U Induction, we have met new AIESECers from other universities. We understand how AIESEC operates by analyzing the case of a global corporation, IKEA. Five major groups of the structure are found: Incoming group, Outgoing group, External Relations, Human Resource management (Talent Management) and Information Management and Finance Group. Hence, AIESEC follows the path of the global corporation and keeps on running and even expanding to other countries. ALL OF US ENJOY THE HAPPY MOMENT OF INDUCTION DAY!

Hey AIESEC! The AIESEC Touch 2010 attracted many potential members! To let students in BUHK know more about our core work and core values, we introduced AIESECÕs structure, vision and International Internship Programme through dancing, playing games and sharing. We invited our AIESEC senior members to share with the students their unique experience. We welcome you alumnus back to join our AIESEC Touch in the next year! ItÕll be a great way to meet the members and pass on your wisdom!

Once AIESECer, always AIESECer!

Workshop With

ricky & Mark

On 27th, November 2010, we are very excited to have a workshop prepared by our almuni: Ricky and Mark on HOW to prepare ourselves for future-when people and opportunities meet. Ricky and Mark were our Vice President and Marketing Officer in AIESEC in HKBU during 1990-91 respectively. They are now the general managers of two international companies. AIESEC is a platform for us to equip ourselves. They shared with us their past experiences in AIESEC and how these valuable experiences contribute to their career aspiration. They taught us how to “start with an end” and the concept of “P.I.E.” (Performance, Image, Exposure). During the panel discussion, our members raised questions and exchange ideas with Ricky and Mark. We did learn a lot from these valuable experiences which is extremely useful for us in the future interviews, meetings, and networking events. Mark (right) is the Associate Director at Procter & Gamble China Ricky (left) is the General Manager at TSL Jewellery, Hong Kong and Macau Retail

Our members Kelly and Maggie were very interested on them and asked them some questions after the workshop, Let's have a look.

Q: What is your most impressive experience in AIESEC? Ricky: Well, I was a freshman when I joined AIESEC. I participated a training camp held by AIESEC South Korea, delegates from all over Asia Pacific joined the camp, they were mainly from Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, South Korea and of course Hong Kong.We had on-site visits of some local corporations, We knew more about the model and structure of those companies. Q: How did AIESEC help you to equip yourself ? Mark: Thanks to the internationalism of AIESEC, I’ll be less fear to work in the future. AIESEC holds an array of international conferences and activities every year. In addition, it invites reputable people to give talks and shares their keys to success. Students from all over the globe get a chance to gather together. By joining the activities held by AIESEC at the University, I was able to meet with people of different nationalities, thereby widening my horizons. This experience of internationalism was my stepping stone to work efficiently with partners from varied cultural backgrounds in society. Moreover, it's professionalism allowed me to equip myself with skills at holding events and leading members in the University.

Q: General ly, AIESEC er s in Hon defer their g Kong is study for a not willing one-year ov you think? to erseas intern ship. What Ricky: I’d do say over se as internsh encourage ips are not students to common. I join the ov family can do erseas inte support th rnship, if th em. It’s ab experience eir le to enrich as well as your worki enhance yo might be a ng ur languag plus for yo e ability. T ur job in th your compa hat e future. F ny is going or example, to expand ov it is the co if erseas, and untr y you coincidentl have been w o u ld h el p y, to. Isn’t yo a lo t? I b el ur experie ieve over se corporates nce as in te rn sh would help ip s in la rg stud become mor e e independe ents to plan their care er path and nt. Be serious in your inte rnship, nev Take the op er conside port get prepared unity as a stepping ston r it is just for fun. e in the futu for it! re and


hong Kong

——AIESECers from the world working in Hong Kong

This year, we have quite a lot of AIESECers from the world working in Hong Kong as management trainees for the AIESEC internships. Five of them even work for our school, the business school of the Hong Kong Baptist University! (I bet students who take the course 'Business Communication' should see them a lot!) Because they are working at our school, our members have a lot of chances to chat, hang out and interact with them. We become really good friends no matter where we come from! They are leaving soon, Let's see what they want to say!

Staff Staff

ChiefEditor: Editor:Maggie MaggieYeung Yeung Chief Editors:Jackson JacksonChan Chan Editors: KellyLau Lau Kelly MabelTsang Tsang Mabel QueenieNg Ng Queenie

Special thankS thankS Special Alumni:Ricky, Ricky,Mark Mark Alumni: Interns:Bonnie, Bonnie,Helen, Helen,Nikky, Nikky,Shan, Shan,Dominik Dominik Interns: Ceeders:Mikee Mikee Ceeders: Photos:Vi ViSéraphina, Séraphina,Maggie Maggie Photos:

If you you have have any anyenquiries, enquiries,feel feelfree freetotocontact contact If IM Team Team 1011 1011 of ofAIESEC-LC-HKBU AIESEC-LC-HKBUthrough through IM


AIESEC-LC-HKBU 2010-2011 Annual Magazine  

AIESEC-LC-HKBU 2010-2011 Annual Magazine

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