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March 2012 2nd Edition of 2012 External Relations Incoming Exchange Finance, Legal & Administration

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HEEEEY MONEY MAKERS! Welcome to the 2nd edition of Money Makers Magazine in 2012. Finishing the first month of Executive Boards 2012-2013 management EB AIESEC in Central America South are ready to rock the house!

Money Makers

Check out the news of ICX, ER and FLA and be prepared to work hard in the next months!

Hugs, Nanda, Yese and Cami

TMP 11-12 202/500

TLP 11-12 120/150

Entities = 5 LCs and 2 OE

OGX 11-12 = 37/100 GCDP RE = 18/70 GCDP MA = 1 GCDP AV = 1

GIP RE = 19/30 GIP MA = 2 GIP AV = 20

ICX 11-12 = 98/130 GCDP RE = 52/60 GCDP MA = 0 GCDP AV = 15

GIP RE = 46/70 GIP MA = 3 GIP AV = 14

Daniela Mendez LCVP FIN UCR 

Age: 20 years

Country: Costa Rica

Favorite Color: Blue



Achievements:. reorganization of the legal area, consolidate a great team

Next Steps: conference

Outside: I want to finish my career and work in personal projects

Assistant Operating, OCVP Comm.Recruitment, Financial Manager Experience:






Leandro Gamboa LCVP ICX UCR 

Age: 22 years

Country: Costa Rica

Favorite Color: Blue

Hobbies: Playing tennis, Cinema, extreme sports

AIESEC Experience: ER member, ICX Member, VP ICX, Coach JUMP 2011, Agenda Manager iGrow

Achievements: Honored member in Latin American Physic Olympics

Next Steps: Keep my professional preparation in England or Switzerland


Age: 21 years

Country: Panama

Favorite Color: Purple (almost blue)

Hobbies: I love reading, eating, travelling and sleeping.. (God bless you, AC hehehe)

AIESEC Experience: LC member, Intern in Greece, OC Recruitment 2011, OCP EPPA, LTT member and Currently VP BD.

Achievements: Successful EPPA, FACI of the first NATCO Panama and amazing XP in Greece

Next Steps: To finish my career , then go to brazil to do a GCDP and after this, go to Europe or Asia to do a GIP


Age: 21 years

Country: Panama

Favorite Color: Purple

Hobbies: Love Reading, listening music and exploring panama with my family

AIESEC Experience: Team Member and currently VP FLA

Achievements: Development of my leadership skills, team management and time planning

Next Steps: To finish my university career and go on exchange (GIP)

Luis Felipe Diez Arrocha


Age: 25 years

Country: Panama

Favorite Color: Red

AIESEC Experience: Former ER and TM member. Former OCP of the 1st NatCo done in Panama currently LCVP ICX of LC UTP

Next Steps: fulfill my EB duties to the end and then opt for an Internship, as well as to start a business I've been working on for some time now.

Don’t forget to check the outputs of our international events, trainings and wiki in general!

Account Management Policies tent/ 0208668

CRM Training Output qZjZiY2M0YmQtYzA2OC00 ZjllLThlMzgtN2IzMGRmMW Y1NTNj/edit?pli=1

Money Makers Wiki tent/ 0184450

Here, you can find the link!

APPLY NOW!! dsheet/viewform?formkey=dGdfYlFGLTZtb k10ZTM4aV8yaXEzN1E6MQ&pli=1

Check it up!! Clic in each imagen to download the proposal for each product! This is the wiki!!! d=10209266#

Hey this is in spanglish, for a clear understanding

Pricing TN GCDP 1-4 TN raised = U$ 70 (por cada) más de 5 TN raised = U$ 60 (por cada)²

¹La promoción es valida solamente para los Raising en marzo, abril, mayo. ²La promoción es valida solo por las TNs subidas en un mismo mes. ³Los comités locales que suben más de 5 TNs y hagan el RE hasta 31.05.2012, recibirán mitad del total del RA Fee como suporte a Hospedaje.

Ejemplo²: El LC XYZ subió 5 TNs en abril, así que el total a pagar al MC será de: 5 TNs * U$ 60 = U$ 300 Un LC XXX subió 2 TNs en abril y 3 TNs en mayo, así que el total a pagar al MC será de: (2 TNs * U$ 70) + (3 TNs * U$ 70) = U$ 350

Ejemplo³: El LC XYZ subió 5 TNs en abril y pagará U$ 300 de Fee al MC. Sin embargo los hizo RE en mayo y por lo tanto, va a recibir del MC mitad del Fee (U$ 150) para invertir en Hospedaje.

Recognition to David Valenciano: For the contribution to the creation of the new accounting system in Costa Rica & Panama. Coming soon, its implementation !! Aeee IGN

Recognition to ICX TEAM- UCR: Congratulations to the ICX team of AIESEC UCR. They have been working hard in the two GCDP projects for next peak: Community Up and Sene Bere

Regional Partners

Global Community Development Program Partners

Global Internship Program Partners

Global Partners

Facebook Group: AIESEC CAS Money Maker$ 2011 2949/

Wiki: Money Makers AIESEC in CAS contentid=10184450

Camilo Bermudez, MCVP FLA

Fernanda Ribas, MCVP ICX

Yesenia De Jesús, MCVP ER

Money Makers Magazine March Edition  

Money Makers Magazine March Edition

Money Makers Magazine March Edition  

Money Makers Magazine March Edition