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Do- It AIESEC Basel at th the national conference Do- It


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Functional Updates Career Days (CD): “The CD-Team is being super busy organising the event for next year April 2014. 4. So far, tthe logistics team is currently working on the he room al allocation, as well as regulating all the administrative nistrative du duties. The sellers are giving their best to acquire ire more loc local companies to join the workshops or presentations. ntations. As far as we can tell you, u, there ar are plenty of big and well known companies participating rticipating next year, so be excited!!!” – Nadine

Incoming Exchange (ICX): “In ICX we have started ed and done don the ICX and sales education. The next step ep would be to start doing sales and calls. So far we have ve only con contacted warm contacts (contacts that we have contacted b before) but we will start with cold calling the week. Bourbi for raising her first Congratulations to Houda Bourbia initial meeting with a company mpany called Agility Logistics. The lead for this company came ame from a contact of Houda. We encourage all members ers to prop propose other potential contacts in their personal and professional prof network. We also have an initial meeting ting next we week with the consulting company Agap2. gust 2012 has been raised! The The first TN since August company Wega IT AG has agreed to taking one intern through our Global Internship ternship Pro Program. The matching process with start in the coming wee weeks. The sales training in cooperation operation wi with NST Simon Caduff was a success. CD, ICX had a func functional training first and then the whole LC was as able to benefit from a very interesting sales training. Herbstmesse has been a fun and The intern event at the Herbstmess amusing experience forr all particip participants. We are looking forward to the next event.� - Philip

Talent Management (TM):

“The Talent Management ent Team h has just finished this semester’s recruitment. Out of twen twenty-one highly qualified applicants we selected d the fou fourteen most potential candidates to be new members embers of A AIESEC Basel. All the new members have now w been allo allocated to their teams and started their training in their func functional area. The applications for the he two vacancies vaca of VPTM and VPOGX have been opened ened the p past week. On Friday 22nd November the General neral Assem Assembly will be held before the International Dinner.. The candid candidates will be given the chance to convince the plenary of ttheir qualities by giving a five to ten minutes speech, peech, followed follow by ten minutes of Q&A. Furthermore all the he new members mem will officially be appointed active members of LC Basel.” Ba – Leslie

Outgoing Exchange (OGX):

“Students who are interested ted in going abroad with AIESEC have been interviewed about their wishes hes and exp expectations. During a small exchange preparation seminar (XPS) they have been taught how to look for the internship of their deams and what is there to be considered when applying for it. event at university with interns sharing On November 21 we will have an eve experiences and answering g questions to all interested students. Now, the time for the big OXG promotion otion has com.” co – Franziska

Communications (COMM):

“The team of communications ations supp supported the TM team during the promotion at the beginning g of the sem semester. We gave suggestion for the stand, and distributed flyers. s. Furthermo Furthermore, we updated the homepage and created a blog for students nts who are interested in an internship with AIESEC. Moreover, we helped lped the me members of the OGX team to prepare for the promotion.” – Franziska

Finance (F): “In October I met with MCP P Sarah Glo Gloor for our internal audit for the 3rdQuarter of Term 2013/2014. In November there has been a meeting meetin with Mr. Kaufmann, our external auditor from KPMG. He returned turned and reviewed with us the Booking files from Term 2012/2013. After the LC has spent money on promotion materials for the TM recruitment as well as the OGX promo promotion, the budget has been updated and presented to the individual dual teams llast week.” – Melanie

Do- It

AIESEC Basel at the national tional confer conference Do- It

“I am a newie in AIESEC. C. The first conference I attended was “Do- It” – one of the best st times I h had in Switzerland so far. I never met so many people eople in my life who share the same interests with me, who are re open min minded, who love life as much as I do, and who are re alway always willing to enhance their knowledge. The spirit at the con conference was amazing. No matter which background nd every ind individual had. The only thing that matters was the AIESEC ESEC community. comm During the sessions I learned a lot about the organizatio organization itself and I got a deeper inside of the function off every depa department. Furthermore, I saw how amazing the idea is of workin working with so many young and talented adults. My favorite vorite sessio sessions were the professional workshops and DO IT. The first one was led by two employees of the company Hays. I had the chance c to learn a lot about “cold calls”, how to sellll the produ product, the function of the ICX department in AIESEC, and last bu but not least how a company works. In the session DO O IT, I got to know the importance of every ry single department dep and that cooperation is the key ey to succes success. During the days we all were ere busy an and at the evenings we had a lot off fun at the p parties. The conference gave me the opp opportunity to meet a lot of people le all over Switzerland. Furthermore, I got to know my LC better and I can enjoy the meetings tings and w working in my team.” – Wanda

“Being in the same place ce with all tthe Local Committees was a great chance to get to know now how diverse di AIESEC in Switzerland is. In the workshops and nd functiona functional meetings we learned from Alumnis and well-known compa ompanies how to improve our knowledge and skills,, and use them effectively in the organization. We worked ed in team teams, shared opinions, solved tasks, but most important, nt, we enjoyed enjoye the time we spent together at Do-It. It was truly an amazing experience w we’ll hardly forget.” – Melanie

What will happen next? Upcoming events OGX promo In the week from November 18th until November 22nd we will have the promotio promotion for OGX. The team would uld be really happy about every support. On n the 21st of November we will have a special e event which was prepared by the e OGX team team. Students who went abroad ad with AIE AIESEC will talk about their experiences. nces. You ar are all welcome to join. Elections

The application for the two vacanci vacancies of VPTM and VPOGX have been opened opene the past week. Deadline ne for hand handing in the application form is Sunday 17t 17th November. On Friday 22nd 2nd Novem November the General Assembly will be held. Th The candidates will be given the chance to convince the plenary of their ir qualities by b giving a five to ten minutes tes speech, followed by ten minutes of Q&A.. Furthermor Furthermore all the new members willll officially be appointed active members of LC Basel.

International Dinner On the 22nd of November er we will h have our annual International Dinner. It is an a event





Alumni, mni,






celeberate. It is a tradition that everyone eryone brings brin a dish from the country he/she is from or a country that he/she really likes. We would be really happy iff you have titime to prepare one dish. To get an inspiratio spiration what other AIESEC’ers bring, you a are invited to have a look at the e doodle link link: zk3x8dm35fysh3kw The dinner will start at 8:00 :00 pm at Th The Venue (Steinenvorstadt 58, 4051 051 Basel) Basel).

Next LCM The next LCM will take place on th the 28th of November. We will have ave a specia special guest who prepared something ething reall really interesting.

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