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October '19

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Le�er from the LCP | 2 Dear Wolves, When I think back on everything which has been happening this month, the first word that comes to mind is “overwhelming”. This is not necessarily a bad thought. Although there were many challenges I felt overwhelmed by, I was also overwhelmed in posi�ve ways. I was overwhelmed by my team and how they stood by me through all the difficult decisions needing to be made. I was overwhelmed by the new members who have been taken to the Wolfpack culture and who are becoming increasingly engaged and connected to each other and the LC. I’m overwhelmed by this sense of family I feel every �me I walk into the office. It is a breath of fresh air. When recrui�ng and induc�ng the new members we had many challenges to overcome: a lack of human resources, four events in one day, a struggle to book classroom presenta�ons and many sleepless nights preparing for LTS. Despite all of these adversi�es, the old members, the TLs, the EB and alumni came together, to support one another. This really showed me the value of this LC and the culture of the Wolfpack. At LTS we focused on the “Explorer” theme, that AIESEC is a journey and the more you explore, the more you will learn and develop. I’m proud to announce that three of our new members have already started exploring, by organizing the Christmas Dinner. The theme at CITIUS was connected with the phoenix, rising from the ashes. Here we talked about the power of vulnerability and how it can be used to connect with and help others. I want to really encourage you guys to con�nue using these learnings throughout your AIESEC experience even when doing opera�ons. One moment when I had to be vulnerable with my team and LC was when I had to make a decision that no LCP wants to have to make, and that decision was to let one of my EB members go. Yoan, the Vice-President of Incoming Global Volunteer is no longer a part of this Local Commi�ee. I really value Yoan and how enthusias�c he is and how much he loves this LC, and I am very proud to announce that although his journey in AIESEC has ended in Aalborg, it is con�nuing in Copenhagen from the 1st of February; Yoan is now the LCPe of AIESEC in UNIC. Talking about LCP elects, AIESEC in Aalborg also has a new president, Oliver Havasi, the current LCVP Finance. The elec�on was held at UCN where some of our alumni showed up, such as Ius�n, Marek, Jakub and Bob, while Ka�a, Mihnea and Matas joined online. We really appreciated having you there! I have now started transi�oning Oliver into his role and preparing him for selec�ng his team for the term 20.21. The VP elec�ons will be held on the 16th of November, I can’t wait to see you there! Erin Cara Jalk Local Commi�ee President 19.20

3 | Wolf of the Month

Wolf � � m�th

Frederik Bendix iGV member

Can you describe your AIESEC experience so far and what did it give to you? I’ve not only made a lot of great friendships, but I have become part of such a unique culture. AIESEC has infused me with hope and belief of change, not solely in terms of my own personal growth, but also for the growth of those around me. I hope I am able to be part of this amazing culture for as long as possible, and that I can someday give back as much as the old members of the LC has given us. It’s incredible to be part of a LC with such a rich history, and especially talking with Marek and Ka�a about their experiences within iGV and AIESEC have been cap�va�ng and encouraging.

Wolf of the Month | 4 Why in your opinion were you recognized as the Wolf of the Month? It’s a tough ques�on. I think, AIESEC has really resonated with something inside of me, and that’s pushed me a lot of the way to go the extra mile. I’ve tried to pick up every challenge, I’ve been able to and always try to share a passionate spirit, even though that’s some�mes been hard. However, the reward has been even beyond that of carrying the great wolf hat. You are the first ‘new member’ who wins Wolf of the Month how does that make you feel? Beyond the surprise, it obviously feels great to be acknowledged this early on. Being selected for this honor, while knowing how talented and competent my fellow wolves are, really fills me with awe. It’s infused me with even more desire and energy to keep on figh�ng for iGV and the wolfpack in any way I can. What would you like to say to your teammates from iGV and to the rest of the members of AIESEC in Aalborg? I’d like to say a special thanks to Erin for being who she is and for providing a space in iGV, in which it is never hard to stay mo�vated and inspired. To have managed being both LCP and VP iGV on the same �me truly must require superpowers. Also I’d like to thank Marco for his advice and mentoring. In general, all the iGV ye�s deserve a thanks for being such an extraordinarily good team. To the Wolfpack, I’m grateful for being part of the best and loudest LC in the en�ty, and I’m super excited about pushing the boundary even further with you guys for what we can accomplish! What are your main personal successes and challenges in AIESEC? The biggest success for me so far has been ge�ng out of my comfort zone in so many occasions, which AIESEC has made possible. There’s this saying, that friends are the family you pick, but I feel like AIESEC is the family that picks you. In par�cular, I feel like I’ve been able to grow much more self-aware and willing to take chances. My biggest challenge right now is staying out of my comfort zone and to keep pushing on with the dreams and plans I’ve made, instead of resor�ng to what’s easy – staying the same.

5 | Where are they now?

We have all heard their names. We all know they made a history. LCPs. Where are they today? EMMA





Where are they now? | 6

Bonn, Germany What do you do? I am working in digital transforma�on with marke�ng and sales processes automa�on on Salesforce pla�orms. Mainly suppor�ng digital infrastructure for events and marke�ng campaigns as well as deliver projects focusing on process op�miza�on using digital pla�orms. Favourite memory from AIESEC... Very hard to find one memory there’s been so many. I think I would depict two. One I was a VPF elect and my en�re team took a car to go to Odense and everyone was just sharing their secrets and when I was LCP we spent a weekend with my team over at one of my VP's parent's in the Danish countryside. I guess all my memories are connected to the people. Words of wisdom to LCPe... Do your best in terms of performance, people and be your best self. It’s an awesome opportunity and it just goes by quickly.

Aalborg, Denmark What do you do? Right now I work in CompanYoung in HR with big responsibili�es in our internship Program. I’ve been working there for three years, 1,5 years as a full �me employee. Favourite memory from AIESEC... My favorite memory is driving home from a na�onal conference with the completely full sugar cube-envelopes for all of our members. It was my proudest moment to feel how much they all were appreciated by fellow AIESECers. Words of wisdom to LCPe... Not everyone will think you are the greatest person on earth - and s�ll working together with and gaining the respect will be your most important and valuable task. As long as you are true to yourself, you can look back and say you did your best. And remember - you always do your best, or else you would have done something else.

7 | Where are they now?

Budapest, Hungary What do you do? I am working as Account Manager at Bri�sh Telecommunica�ons in Budapest, Hungary. Favourite memory from AIESEC... Shou�ng AAU check-in and the awkward speeches on Nordic Circles :) Words of wisdom to LCPe... Be prepared for everything. Every term is different, new people, new challenges. What helped me the most was the great rela�onships we created not just in the EB but in the whole LC so it became a team effort instead of solving everything on your own. A well-prepared plan, consistency and occasional firefigh�ng were the key + remembering to have fun because that is why everyone is there at the end of the day.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands What do you do? Just graduated from The University of Amsterdam and Vrije University, where I obtained my joint master degree in Entrepreneurship. Going travelling for 4 months to explore Asia and get inspira�on for the future job in the area of social entrepreneurship.

Favourite memory from AIESEC... The opening plenary at my first Interna�onal conference EuroXPRO 2016 in Bulgaria, where I happened to be part of a crowd of +300 people from more than 30 countries all in one room excited to be in one place. The energy was so incredible, and at that moment I came to the realiza�on that people from all over the world have the same dream- peace. And that if all these crazy young people come together, we 100% can make a posi�ve contribu�on. Amazing feeling of togetherness and a common passion.

Words of wisdom to LCPe... LCP is 24/7 job, it is a lifestyle that you take on yourself. Be an LCP you would respect and follow yourself. Focus on self-discipline and quality of work you and your team produce together.

Where are they now? | 8

Aarhus, Denmark What do you do? I’ve always been passionate about technology and solving problems for people using computers. I used to believe that if one wants to be a good so�ware developer, they need to understand the technology really well. In AIESEC, I got to apply my technical knowledge to tackle different challenges. I learnt a crucial lesson which changed my original belief. If one wants to be a good developer, they need to understand well both the technology and humans as it’s people who are going to use our apps, a�er all. Today, I work as a mobile developer at Zliide, and together, we’re aiming to lead fashion retail into the digital age. My personal mission is to bring the human touch to our so�ware and remind other developers of the importance of understanding our users and not just their problems.

Favourite memory from AIESEC... It’s fascina�ng how quickly my AIESEC journey was over and at the same �me how much actually happened in such a short period of �me. I always loved those moments with my EB when I could be myself. Then when, a�er thinking that day by day nothing was changing, we looked back and saw how everything was different. My best memories are probably those where I could see the magic happen in people when they got a space to be themselves and to grow both personally and professionally.

Words of wisdom to LCPe... Always be yourself, have faith in yourself and trust your intui�on. Do what’s right, not what’s easy. For your team, select people who challenge you and inspire you. Be a good listener to them; you don’t need to agree with everyone but you have a responsibility to try to understand them. Have pa�ence with people; you can’t change them but your ac�ons can inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more. Accept and embrace all experiences; remember though, we don’t learn from experience but from reflec�ng on them.

9 | Func�onal Area Updates is a team now! Yaay! Shireen has been taking an ac�ve approach to the educa�on, and she prepared some fun simula�on for her members to learn by doing.

is on fire with a�rac�on and considera�on in both products! The general focus of October was educa�on and proper on-boarding, as well as the start of the sales.

Opera�ons are finally on, and the team created templates, did cold calling prac�ces, sales mee�ng prac�ces, and then started there’s a structure in the team.

Hajin has some approvals on their way! OMG, so exci�ng! Besides the team forming and bonding, oGV has also been organizing a story-telling event, where some of our members will share their exchange experiences. Let's hope this will work out for the oGV team.

And of course - Shireen keeps challenging herself by a�ending Danish B2B networking events. She's now thinking of going networking as a team to raise brand awareness and to bond. had a li�le sad start with Yoan leaving, but Erin has been focusing on proper educa�on and assigning accounts to the new members from the very beginning. A coldcalling session brought us 2 sales mee�ngs, yaay! A lot of opportuni�es have been reopened the focus is on matching for the beginning of February. Are we gonna have a big realiza�on peak? iGV is currently improving the collabora�on with AK by crea�ng a tracking tool with all the accounts (thanks, Oliver!).

Bogdan and his team were working hard to convert sign-ups to consultancy mee�ngs, and those efforts got us 6 applicants and 1 approval! A bit late start, but there are more on their way. Adriana has been exploring her 'new' posi�on and although it's been a bumpy road, she's ge�ng there and is very excited about the last Q of her experience. She successfully managed to get an oGV ad on TV screens in CREATE - yaay! In the next weeks, her main focus is to deliver a kickass transi�on and work a li�le bit more with external rela�ons. Keep your fingers crossed for them!

Func�onal Area Updates | 10 Oliver from was a bit busy with LCP applica�on, but that didn't stop him from doing finances. He managed to strengthen the FIN leadership pipeline on local level, and helped with correc�ng accoun�ng issues in the finance commission. His plan for November is to con�nue the LCP transi�on, start FIN transi�on - and a�end Regional Presidents Mee�ng in Romania. There, he will get more insights into the posi�on he got elected for, and he will also make a network of fellow LCPs. Exci�ng �mes ahead! #It'sGoodToBe

was busy with on-boarding of new members. But seeing them being extremely engaged in LTS and Al�us made all the sleepless night totally worth it! Lately, he has been occupied by tracking the TLs and making sure that the team standards are being implemented and all the members are having a good experience. He's super excited, because he has a successor in mind, and he's forming the OC for the Christmas Dinner. In November, he is planning to have 1on1 with all the members to check up on them. Every. Single. One.

had to take over iGV, which is not ideal, but it's been a very rewarding experience. However, the achievement of the month is ge�ng an LCPe and star�ng the LCP Hygge a.k.a LCP transi�on. During CITIUS, she tried to be on the other side, and got the chance to be a FACI. And she did so well! She delivered a LEAD session for new members, the HOW for old members and team leaders. She has been suppor�ng VP OGX with crea�ng a new - more detailed - job descrip�on, so that all the possible confusion about responsibili�es is eliminated and OGX can work be�er than ever. Her plan for November is to do some legisla�on (surprise surprise) and con�nue LCP transi�on.

11 | Reality Check




























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Showing data from AIESEC in Denmark from 1 to 31 October 2019.

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Wolfpack Newsletter | October 2019  

Wolfpack Newsletter | October 2019