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December '19

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Le�er from the LCP


Wolf of the Semester


Interview w. OC ALTIUS

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MCP Applicants Func�onal Area Updates


Reality Check



Le�er from the LCP | 2 Dear Wolves! I’d like to wish you all a very Happy New Year full of adventures and fulfilled resolu�ons! I hope you all had a great �me with family and friends and got your much deserved rest. I can’t wait to see you again once you start returning to Aalborg. This month we’ll be reflec�ng on the Christmas Dinner created by our amazing OC: Frederik, Guste, Patrik, Hajin and Sandra. We’ll talk through the awards which were given out to our most proac�ve members and we’ll give you a small introduc�on to the OC for ALTIUS 2020. This new year has given me the chance to reflect, reflect upon my term, my ac�ons and what I have here as part of the Wolfpack. It’s hard to think that all of these amazing experiences in the LC will soon change, I won’t say that they’ll be over, but my role in this LC will change at the end of January. I’ll be part of the AIESEC in Aalborg alumni. Before I do though, the following quote comes to mind: “Every task, goal, race and year comes to an end…therefore, make it a habit to FINISH STRONG.” — Gary Ryan Blair

Erin Cara Jalk Local Commi�ee President 19.20

I want to finish my term strong. Although EB Ohana will be taking over very soon, I s�ll have a role un�l the end of January. To finish my work, to transi�on my roles and my knowledge well and to support the next team in their vision. I can’t wait to see what you guys will do with this incredible year of adventure and I’m looking forward to watching and suppor�ng you on the sidelines. So, EB Candour, let’s finish strong. One month to make a difference.

3 | Wolf of the Semester

Wolf � � SEMESTER Sandra Gruner oGV member

Why do you think you were recognized as Wolf of the Semester? To be honest I did not expect to become Wolf of the Semester and I feel unbelievably honored! I enjoy the work in AIESEC and tried to do my best developing with each challenge. What does this recogni�on mean to you? When receiving the recogni�on, I was pre�y speechless – you probably no�ced. Thank you for believing in me! It means so much to me and encourages me to further step out of my comfort zone. What does AIESEC give to you? For me AIESEC means friends and a place where I feel I belong – amazing and unique people I can share my dreams and values with to make the world a li�le be�er every day! You also give me the opportunity to develop myself in a comfor�ng environment with empowerment.

Wolf of the Semester | 4 What is your most and least favourite task/ac�vity in terms of AIESEC work? I am lucky to be part of a great team, both in oGV and in the OC for the Christmas dinner so that everything, even problems and challenges, feel doable and like fun. I especially enjoyed being crea�ve in planning the events in oGV and the Christmas dinner with you! What would you like to tell to your fellow oGV members and to all the others from the LC? You are the best! I am so happy to be part of such an amazing team and LC! You are one of the main reasons I enjoy working in AIESEC so much. Let’s rock 2020! What is your favourite AIESEC memory un�l now? My favourite memory was my first conference Ci�us. I didn’t properly know what to expect in a conference and was even a li�le nervous. But you inspired me, gave me the opportunity to connect and made this weekend the best experience possible.


Danka Ordog

Codrina Acsinte

Bence Bejczy

Frederik Bendix

oGV member

oGE member

iGT member

iGV member







Flash Interview w. OC | 6

Currently: iGV member

Currently: iGT member

Describe yourself with one word: Dreaming

Describe yourself with one word:

AIESEC is… a second home


EB Candour is… Impressive

AIESEC is… A place for mee�ng like-minded people

EB Ohana is… Exci�ng ALTIUS is going to be unforge�able! Favourite thing about AIESEC conferences: New friends!

EB Candour is… the most wonderful semester EB Ohana is… the fresh wind for the LC ALTIUS is going to be F*****g Awesome!

The least favourite thing about AIESEC conferences: Not sleeping.

Favourite thing about AIESEC conferences: Mee�ng new AIESEC members

Say ‘Happy New Year’ in your na�ve language: Godt nytår

The least favourite thing about AIESEC conferences: When you're OC and have to wake up in the morning

Coffee or tea? Coffee Sushi or pizza? Pizza

Say ‘Happy New Year’ in your na�ve language: Šťastný nový rok!

Mountain or the beach? the beach

Coffee or tea? Tea

If you could spend one whole day with somebody (dead or alive), who? Avicii

Sushi or pizza? Sushi Mountain or the beach? the beach If you could spend one whole day with somebody, who? Richard Branson

7 | Flash Interview w. OC

Currently: oGV member

Currently: oGE member

Describe yourself with one word: friendly

Describe yourself with one word: Enthusiasm

AIESEC is… very rewarding

AIESEC is… Family

EB Candour is… crea�ve

EB Candour is… Experience

EB Ohana is… full of poten�al

EB Ohana is… Future

ALTIUS is going to be unforge�able!

ALTIUS is going to be Memorable

Favourite thing about AIESEC conferences: Inspira�onal stories.

Favourite thing about AIESEC conferences: Roll-calls.

The least favourite thing about AIESEC conferences: Punishments.

The least favourite thing about AIESEC conferences: Disorganiza�on.

Say ‘Happy New Year’ in your na�ve language: Boldog Új Évet!

Say ‘Happy New Year’ in your na�ve language: Laimingų Naujųjų metų!

Coffee or tea? Coffee

Coffee or tea? Tea

Sushi or pizza? Pizza

Sushi or pizza? Pizza

Mountain or the beach? the beach

Mountain or the beach? the beach

If you could spend one whole day with somebody (dead or alive), who? my mother

If you could spend one whole day with somebody (dead or alive), who? Albert Camus

MCP Candidates | 8

MCP Candidates 20.21 Who will lead our en�ty in the upcoming term? These are the three candidates and already on January 17, we will know!

9 | Func�onal Area Updates is ge�ng back on track soon! Shireen closed December with a fund social �me, where Bence taught everyone how to make sushi, and the whole team drank Aperol Spritz. Yaaay! Shireen has been transi�oning herself, meaning that she was collec�ng feedback from her team, reflec�ng upon the term and filling in the knowledge gaps (if there were any). She's been also working on new plans for the terms and well - we have all something to look forward to! is on fire, s�ll! The team closed the year with a nice social �me; and some more matching. In February, Aalborg will have have the biggest realiza�on peak since a long �me ago. Imagine all those leadership stories that will get to be wri�en in our LC! <3 For now, Erin is finishing the transi�on, as Marco is taking up more and more responsibili�es. Also, there's a new iGV booklet to be printed and it's so fancy!

is on fire with approvals! S�ll! Hajin and her team have been mostly working with the approved EPs, so that they are ready for their upcoming experiences. Besides that, the team started having mee�ngs with some of our LC members who would like to go on IXP. Yaay! Winter is not over yet <3 Bogdan and his team started catching up with some last minute approvals! So nice! Adriana (besides approving herself for an exchange and apartment-hun�ng) has been taking all the necessary steps to transi�on herself out of the LC (and the country). She said her goodbyes, a�ended social �mes, and made sure Bogdan had all the knowledge he needs for the first weeks of his VP experience. Although she le� the LC a bit earlier, she's coming to EB Summit and really hopes someone will recognize the successes of the whole OGX department (hint hint). Are the MatchMakers going to come back from EB Summit with an Excellence Award? Stay tuned to find out.

Func�onal Area Updates | 10 Oliver from hasn't been doing anything outstanding regarding the finances. Actually, he's been slowly giving up his responsibili�es by delega�ng them to his amazing successor Daniela. Oliver himself has been focusing more on his new LCP role.

oversaw the delivery of the Christmas Dinner! Yaaay! Also, he made sure that Al�us 2020 will have an OC to be organized by. He facilitated the selec�on process of the OCP and OC and we are all so excited to see the results of their work.

BUT! There's one thing worth men�oning - if the calcula�ons were right, AIESEC in Aalborg managed to reach the desired product share, which means we are ge�ng our full membership back!

The whole December has been a lot about transi�on - even during Christmas! That is some dedica�on right there.

And that truly is outstanding!

January will be all about EB Summit, support to Hajin, and reflec�on upon Daniel's AIESEC experience.

The plan for January is to work on Q2 report, but that will be a task for Daniela.

But well, hopefully his AIESEC experience is not over yet and we will see him around <3

had a busy December. Star�ng with a dynamic Board of Advisors mee�ng; con�nuing with CEO Summit where BoD2BoD transi�on happen; and definitely not finishing up with Christmas Dinner. The EB had their last social �me while everyone is in the country, and it happened where it all started: Dale Valle. In the BoD, Erin has been legisla�ng a lot of stuff. One of the things is a part of the OD Model. January is all about being there for the EBe, a�ending EB Summit and finishing LCP Hygge. Yaaay!

11 | Reality Check




























Showing data from AIESEC in Aalborg from 1 to 31 December 2019. Compared with the same �meline in 2018.

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Showing data from AIESEC in Denmark from 1 to 31 December 2019.

Calendar | 12

Jan 17-19

EB Summit 2020 & MCP Elec�ons


It's �me to reflect and let the new EB take over!

Jan 30

First LCM of EB Ohana


The first LCM of the year; and of the new EB!

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Wolfpack Newsletter | December  

Wolfpack Newsletter | December