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AIDS Walk New York Team Leader Workshop

Why do YOU walk?

AIDS Walk New York Benefits GMHC and other tri-state AIDS service organizations 2011 – 26th annual AIDS Walk New York raised more than $6.4 million 1986 – first AIDS Walk New York 4,500 walkers raised $710,000

1982 – GMHC is founded 1981 – first reported cases of AIDS in U.S.

2012 – 27th annual AIDS Walk on May 20!

Primary Beneficiary of AIDS Walk New York • Founded in 1981, GMHC was the nation’s first AIDS service organization • GMHC is a not-for-profit, volunteersupported, and community-based organization committed to national leadership in the fight against AIDS • Over 10,000 men, women, and families receive direct services at GMHC each year • GMHC‘s education and prevention messages reached hundreds of thousands more locally and nationally GMHC fights to end the AIDS epidemic and uplift the lives of all affected.

Mental Health Services • Provides FREE short- and long-term psychotherapy and

substance abuse services

Workforce Development • Offers job readiness skills and job placement assistance to promote self-sufficiency • has the lowest recidivism rate in New York City Comprehensive HIV Risk Reduction & Health Education • Offers harm reduction counseling services for HIV-positive men

and men who are HIV-negative and at high risk for HIV Housing and Legal Services

• Serves over 3,000 clients annually with representation ranging from discrimination to advocacy for overcoming health care barriers

Meals Program • Serves 115,000 meals annually • Distributes 330 food packages/month – good for 4 days

All Teams In 2011: There were more than 3,500 teams ranging from 2 people to 1,007 people!

Teams raised a combined total of more than 65% of the $6.2 million dollars raised last year = $4 million!

Gold Teams Gold Teams are the top 20 fundraising teams from 2011 This year‘s #1 Gold Team is… Barclays Capital Amount Raised: $234,491!

What are the benefits of being a Gold Team? • Exclusive Team Meeting Station and Sign-In Area • Team photo taken on the day of AIDS Walk New York • Recognition in all team materials, the AIDS Walk New York Program Guide, and on the website

We Need Your Help! 

New York has the highest number of HIV/AIDS cases in the country.

In 2009, the Office of National AIDS Policy unveiled the “9 ½ Minutes” campaign. Every nine-and-a-half minutes, someone in the U.S. becomes infected with HIV, resulting in more than 56,000 new infections each year.

Event Information: • Date:: Sunday, May 20, 2012 • Location:: begins and ends in Central Park • Length:: 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) • Duration: roughly 2 to 3 hours to complete Registration requirements: • No fundraising minimum • No fee to register

5th Avenue and 59th Street

• Recruit as many Team Members as possible. If you get 25 members on your team, you receive a Team Meeting Station!

• Motivate your team to reach out to people they know to join the team • Share fundraising tips and information with your team • Direct them to the AIDS Walk New York website • Ask them to attend our Fundraising Workshops

• Encourage your team to plan fundraising events

• Appoint a Co-Team Leader or a committee to help you “We advertise with signs and set up tables in our cafeterias with laptops so people can register online during lunch. We try to keep people motivated by sending emails and encouraging them to be Star Walkers.” - Sam, Team Leader for Pfizer

Online: Click ―Register Now‖ & ―Join a Team‖

Fundraising HQ: Log in to your Fundraising HQ. Under the ―Tools‖ tab, click on ―Team Registration‖

Email your Team Coordinator

Phone 212.807.9255

Team Registration Form

Visit: Stop by the office!

Your Team Coordinator can provide you with your 2011 Team Roster

To Re-register Team Members: 1) Verify contact info is still the same (address, phone, email) note: Bad Addresses are marked with an X 2) Mark applicable fields: Green Walker™ and/or Star Walker™) Mark the ‗Re-register for 2012‘ field with a ‗YES‘ 4) Insert rows for new Team Members who did not participate last year

5) Email the updated Team Roster to your Team Coordinator

To be a Green Walker: • Indicate you‘d like to be a Green Walker when you register; • Agree to receive all of AIDS Walk New York correspondence by email only; • Download materials you need from our website (Sponsor Form, Posters, etc).

It is proven that: More Team Members with high fundraising goals

more money raised!

In 2011, team Keep a Child Alive had 42 registered Star Walkers (22% of the team) and raised over $74,000!

Step 1: Get the Word Out

Place AIDS Walk posters, display stands, and information cards everywhere you can. Take some home today!

CHECKLIST: Cookies/Candy Laptops (if possible) for online registration Fax Registration Forms AIDS Walk Posters and Stands  Two people at your table

Donation Can Email your co-workers a day ahead of time to remind them about your event




Check in during your Team Leader Workshop

Create a new location for your own team’s check-ins!

Step 2: Use Your Fundraising HQ and Manage Your Team

Log in! If you don‘t know your username and/or password, just click this link to request that your password be reset.

What you can do from your HQ: Edit your fundraising web page

Email people Enter offline donations (cash/check donations) See Important Dates

‌ and more!!

The AIDS Walk Facebook Fundraising Application allows you to receive donations directly via your Facebook account.

Fundraise with Facebook for direct access to everyone you know!

Create a Facebook Team Page

Keep Friends, Followers, and Team Members updated via Twitter • Create a personalized Team Twitter (or Facebook) account; • Post direct links to register and donate to your team; • Include information from this year as well as past years.

Personalize your Page! Upload a fundraising video!

Click ―Submit‖ to save changes

• Ask people to join your team • Ask people to donate to you • Send a thank you message to your donors • Update your Team Members with your progress Import address book to create an email list

Send emails to your team  Include progress toward your

fundraising and recruiting goal  Announce incentives  Fundraising ideas  Matching gift info  Encourage them to attend a fundraising workshop

NOTE: The Email Center can only send emails to 30 people at a time.

Check on your team‘s progress from the ―Reports‖ tab Copy this email list and import to your contacts!

Visit the Fundraising Tips web page!

Download promotional AIDS Walk New York promotional materials and more !

Find a fundraising style that works for you!

Brainstorm Session! •What are some of the excuses you hear for why people can‘t participate on your team? •What are your responses? •And if people still refuse to register: •Ask them to donate •Ask them to contribute food/time to a fundraiser •Ask them to volunteer for AIDS Walk •What are some of the resources that currently exist at your organization that you can use to help you recruit people?

Step 3: Plan a Fundraising Approach

What is my fundraising goal? Do I have a fundraiser planned?  Need posters or stands?  Have I posted my event on the website?

What successful fundraisers have I attended ? Do I have Star Walkers on my team? ….What kind of fundraiser am I?

Click on ―Edit My Profile‖ in your Fundraising HQ

Tip: Keep it realistic but also challenging. Break down your team goal to encourage Team Members to do their part.

Incentives can motivate your team! Examples: • gift certificates; • gift baskets; • merchandise items; • preferred parking!

It doesn‘t have to be a product; it can be the boss giving you one day when you can leave an hour early or a contribution to someone‘s personal donation web page.

What is incentive swapping?

Trade gift cards or products from your company with a different company to use as a fundraising incentive for your Team Members.


Here are some ideas: 

Top fundraising Team Member of the week

Team Member who recruits the most friends and family

Facebook Application Fundraising Challenge

24-hour challenge

Friendly competition / Industry rivalries

Be entered in a prize raffle for every $100 you raise Fun Challenges: Themed Contests—such as nerd day

AIDS Walk New York Staff team holds a themed costume day



Raffles Silent Auction 50/50 Raffle

• •

• • •

Pie Smash Denim Day


Bake Sales Cook-off

• • • •

Set cover fee/drink special Guest Bartending Benefit Performances Comedy Night

We can bring a workshop to you!

We‘ll teach you about:  Matching Gift Programs  Creative fundraising ideas  Online and face-to-face fundraising

OR… Invite your Team Members to our next Fundraising Workshop. April 17th 6:30 – 8:00 p.m.

Ask every donor about their company policy

Find the Matching Gift Search Engine on our website: • Go to ―Raise Money‖ • Click on ―Matching Gift Information‖

Make a Sponsor Checklist List everyone you know and choose five people you can ask first! Secure the easy donations first thing!

Donor Chain Ask sponsors to forward on your request for a donation to their contacts who might be able to make a contribution! Think of five creative ways to fundraise Sometimes the trick is to fundraise without asking for a direct monetary donation - get creative! Follow Up Send an email or make a call. People forget!

Team Meeting Station Deadline Must have 25 Members by

Wed. May 9 at NOON

T-Shirt Order Deadline with Coastline Teez

Tues. April 24

Day-of-Event Workshop Thurs. May 10 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Have you qualified for your Team Meeting Station? Did you order your Team T-shirts? Are you bringing breakfast for your team? What is a Drive-On Pass? Do you need one? Let us answer all these questions and more.

Fundraising Deadline Friday June 15 Turn in all outstanding pledges & collect individual fundraising awards.

Thank you!

Questions? Call: 212.807.9255 (WALK) Email:

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AWNY 12 TL Workshop

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