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Portrait photos by Rachel Been.


OCT. 16, 2011 Benefiting

and 24 other L.A. County AIDS service organizations.

Created and produced by MZA Events. AIDS Walk Founder/Producer: Craig R. Miller. © MZA Events, 2011 L

Latham & Watkins is proud to support

AIDS Walk Los Angeles Many thanks to the walkers, volunteers and APLA staff for their dedication to improving the quality of life of those affected by HIV.

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Faces of APLA Drew Carey is Passionate about AIDS Walk Los Angeles

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A United Community in Action

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APLA Opens New Site in South L.A.


Paramount Pictures: First Home of AIDS Walk Los Angeles


Volunteer Profiles of Compassion in Action


Thank you April: Data Processing Dynamo

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The NOH8 Campaign: Tattoos and Duct Tape Bolster the Fight Against AIDS

Amazon Eve, the World’s Tallest supermodel: Walking Tall and Fighting AIDS

Photo by Ramir Delgado

APLA Board of Directors and Ambassador Council List of AIDS Walk Los Angeles Benefiting Organizations Day-of-Event Instructions Star Walkers Club Acknowledgement List AIDS Walk Los Angeles Gold Teams Top Fundraising Teams from AIDS Walk Los Angeles 2010 Volunteer Award Winners Named! AIDS Walk Los Angeles Production Team Special Thanks to AIDS Walk Los Angeles Contributors Corporate Sponsors Acknowledgement List

On behalf of the Board of Directors, volunteers, staff, and especially the 10,000 clients of AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA), welcome to the 27th annual AIDS Walk Los Angeles. As we mark the 30th year of the AIDS epidemic, allow us to share with you a brief, heartbreaking story that underscores the importance of your participation in this crucial event – the largest in California and the first of its kind to fight AIDS. A few months ago, a young, HIV-positive mother named Lisa walked into APLA’s David Geffen Center. Too sick to work, she was facing homelessness. That’s when she told our case worker of the devastating dilemma she had faced: She could take her 10-year-old son with her to the sidewalks to sleep or give him up to foster care – with the risk that she may never get him back. It was a mother’s worst nightmare and nothing Lisa, a United States Air Force veteran with two college degrees, ever imagined she would face. As it has for many thousands of Angelenos, an HIV diagnosis upended Lisa’s life. Suddenly, old friends in whom she confided were “too busy” to help; other parents stopped bringing their children to play at her home; and she quickly became too ill to work. Within weeks, her bank account was empty, and she sat staring at an eviction notice. The next step for a sick mom and her young son was the sidewalk. So she made her choice, and within a week, her son was in foster care in another state, and she was on the streets. That’s when she learned of APLA. Our staff did for her what they do for so many, thanks to your support. They walked her to APLA’s food pantry for groceries; arranged a free bus pass so she could get to a doctor; and our Residential Services team sprang to action to find Lisa an affordable, safe, and stable home in a new neighborhood. That launched a new, more hopeful chain of events. Her health improved, her situation stabilized, and this past Christmas, she got the only gift she wanted: Her 10-year-old came back to live with his mom. Stories like Lisa’s are just one of many reasons why you, our walkers and fundraisers, are so critical. You fund APLA’s urgent work to help clients like Lisa. You power our prevention efforts to stop new infections among those at greatest risk. And you support our fierce advocacy to defend the civil rights of all who live with this still-deadly disease. For every walker like you, there’s another story like this – a life you’ve changed or saved. We are grateful to you for your generosity, your compassion, and your faith in our work. Thank you for joining us – and we look forward to seeing you on the route!

Craig E. Thompson Executive Director APLA

Tom Witman Chair Board of Directors



AIDS Walk Los Angeles was founded in 1985 by Craig R. Miller and his organization of activists, MZA Events. Miller and MZA have produced this landmark event every year since its inception. Through the efforts of thousands of supporters, AIDS Walk Los Angeles has become a Los Angeles tradition and the largest AIDS fundraiser in California. In its 27-year history, the event has raised more than $69 million for AIDS Project Los Angeles and scores of other AIDS service organizations throughout L.A. County.

AIDS Project Los Angeles is dedicated to improving the lives of people affected by HIV disease; reducing the incidence of HIV infection; and advocating for fair and effective HIV-related public policy.

CONTRIBUTORS Bert Champagne, Brent Colby, Ben Fordham, Leif Green, Sally Hall, Amanda Haney, Scott Hoeninger, Gabriel J. McGowan, Christopher Mendoza, Kate Rosenblum, Shaun Sheppard, Brett Spigelman, Nasim M. Thompson, and Duyen Tran. Special thanks to the photographers who generously donated their time and talent to AIDS Walk Los Angeles: Lead Photographer Donna F. Aceto; Dale Baron, Jeff Bender, Adam Bouska, Kenneth Cammarillo, Bert Champagne, Ramir Delgado, Sam Lembeck, Jeffrey Parshley, Hector Perez, Danny Resnic, Lee Serrano, Jennifer Calais Smith, and Gijs Vandermost.


OFFICERS Tom Whitman - Chair Tom Whitman Presents, Inc. Rodney Gould – Vice Chair Attorney at Law Ron Valdez - Treasurer Hamilton-Selway Fine Art Carl Baker - Secretary Senior Operations Manager Office of the CEO & President Bank of America Home Loans & Insurance

DIRECTORS Daniel Clivner Partner, Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP Thomas J. Coates, Ph.D. Michael and Sue Steinberg Professor of Global AIDS Research Co-Director Global health Institute, David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA

Judith S. Currier, M.D. Professor of Medicine Associate Director, UCLA CARE Center David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA

Lefky Mansi Senior Vice President, Regional President Los Angeles Community Bank, Wells Fargo & Company

Hon. John J. Duran Mayor, City of West Hollywood

David L. Neale Partner, Levene, Neale, Bender, Rankin & Brill LLP

Joel L. Flatow General Manager, West Coast Operations and Senior Vice President, Artist and Industry Relations, Recording Industry Association of America Wayne Flick Partner, Litigation Department Latham & Watkins LLP Howard Gleicher CEO and Chief Investment Officer Aristotle Capital Management, LLC Kacy Hutchison Senior Director, Government Affairs Gilead Sciences Wilbert C. Jordan, M.D., M.P.H. Medical Director, OASIS Clinic Shawn Khorrami Partner Khorrami, Pollard & Abir LLP

Mark Perrin Principal Perrin Consultancy


Jim Murphy, Co-Chair Christian Dowell, Co-Chair Matt Redman, Board Chair Emeritus Ambassador Council Liaison to the APLA Board of Directors

Tim Aldrete James L. Arnone Leslie Barclay Shelley Benson Eric G. Bing, M.D. Howard Bragman Barclay Butera Richard Chung David Cooley Jack Corwin Eric Daar, M.D. Ignacio Darnaude Dan De Léon Chris Diamond John Douponce Roberta Eidman, M.P.H. Wayne Elias Tim Engel Ty Ervin

Shelley Freeman Brenda R. Freiberg Alan L. Friel David Galligan Mark Gill Jeffrey S. Haber Stephen Hardenburg W. David Hardy, M.D. Bill Harrison Tom Hogg III Harold I. Huttas Kevin James Jeff Jenest Lee Klosinski, Ph.D. Vallery Kountze Mark Krasne Barry Krost Steve Machuca Bill Mannion

Leslie A. Margolin John Martens Dona R. Miller John A. Pérez Rosalind Renfro Luis Miguel Rodriguez-Villa Mary Jane Rotheram-Borus, Ph.D. Randy Rotondo Peter Ruane, MD Kathy Sanders-Phillips, Ph.D Lou Sawaya Alan Strasburg Jewel Thais-Williams Bruce Vilanch Frank Voci Jim Wilson Les Zendle, M.D.

Paul Santello Senior Vice President, Brand Sales & Marketing Evolve Media Leonard Scroggins Manager II, Sales Operations Anthem Blue Cross Lee Straus Senior Vice President, Business Affairs NBC Universal Michael B. Strand General Manager Microsoft Corporation Toby Washington, M.D. Chief of Radiology Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Craig E. Thompson Executive Director AIDS Project Los Angeles




Mayor John J. Duran Mayor Pro Tempore Jeffrey Prang Councilmember John D’Amico Councilmember John Heilman Councilmember Abbe Land

Councilmember Paul Koretz 5th District Councilmember Paul Krekorian 2nd District Councilmember Herb J. Wesson 10th District

And the many other City officials and employees who welcomed AIDS Walk Los Angeles to their community and helped make this year’s event a huge success!

The most important step you’ll take all year Each step you take means progress in the fight against AIDS. Thanks for being part of AIDS Walk Los Angeles 2011. Your support makes us proud to be a sponsor.

Life products underwritten by Anthem Blue Cross Life and Health Insurance Company. Disability products underwritten by Anthem Life Insurance Company. Anthem Blue Cross is the trade name of Blue Cross of California. Anthem Blue Cross, Anthem Life Insurance Company and Anthem Blue Cross Life and Health Insurance Company are independent licensees of the Blue Cross Association. ® ANTHEM is a registered trademark of Anthem Insurance Companies, Inc. The Blue Cross name and symbol are registered marks of the Blue Cross Association. 23343CAMENABC 8/11

FACES OF APLA: CLIENT STORIES By Gabriel J. McGowan and Nasim M. Thompson.


onald Herman was one of the lucky ones. Unlike many who received an HIV diagnosis in the 1980s, he remained in good health for more than 26 years after his diagnosis – until one terrifying day in January, 2007 that left him barely clinging to life. With virtually no warning, a dangerous Donald Herman staph infection overtook Donald’s entire body, devastating his already-weakened immune system. Hospitalized for 12 days, he was virtually paralyzed. “Suddenly, I couldn’t even walk. I was completely debilitated,” he remembers. In the months that followed, he would slowly regain his physical strength, but the rest of his life would spiral wildly out of control: He lost his job, his health insurance, and ultimately his home of 18 years. “I went from being a productive member of society to unemployed and totally disabled – literally overnight,” says Donald.


rom the moment they met, Jerry Marshall and Freddie Goss shared nearly everything: a love of dancing; a passion for writing; an intense involvement in civil rights efforts; and eventually, a raging addiction to crystal meth and alcohol. It was the addiction that Jerry Marshall eventually caused their split, after 18 years. Freddie decided to get sober; Jerry didn’t. In fact, Jerry continued to use crystal daily until he was arrested. “The thought of spending time in prison – not jail, but prison – was horrifying to me,” Jerry says. “It was enough to scare me into sobriety.” So Jerry took himself to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, determined to stay clean. It was there that he saw Freddie for the first time since their split. But Freddie was different; he was on crutches, gaunt, and he greeted Jerry with slurred speech. “I knew right away that something was wrong,” Jerry explains. In fact, something was very wrong: Freddie was living with AIDS and diabetes, and he had suffered a stroke. “When we saw each other at that meeting, it was like we were never apart,” Jerry says. “The minute I saw him like this, I knew that I had to help.” Within two weeks, Jerry had moved back in with Freddie – and he’d signed Freddie up to receive services from APLA’s Home Health Program. “An APLA nurse and social worker came to the house regularly,” Jerry recalls, “and they helped us work through every obstacle we encountered.” When food ran low, Dina, their social worker, signed Freddie up for an APLA food pantry. When money was tight, an APLA Benefits Counselor, Vicky, helped them access disability services. And when Freddie suddenly went in to diabetic crisis – with Jerry frozen by his side – an APLA nurse, Jeannie, walked Jerry step-by-step through the process of administering the Glucagon shot himself. As Freddie’s health continued to decline, his APLA social worker arranged for in-home counseling from a licensed therapist (free of charge) to help them both with the grieving process. And it was Dina, their APLA social worker, who was one of the last to see Freddie alive. “I held his hand and said, ‘You can let go, Freddie. It’s okay,’” Jerry recalls. “Dina was by my side. I can’t imagine going through it alone.” “Today, I can look at his picture and smile,” Jerry adds, “knowing that he lived and died with the dignity he deserved.”

Suddenly, I couldn’t even walk. I was completely debilitated.

When first infected with HIV, Donald had learned of APLA – then a fledgling AIDS service organization with fewer than 1,000 clients. He frequently volunteered with APLA and AIDS Walk Los Angeles, and he attended the agency’s fundraising events, helping to support vital services that would eventually become his lifeline. Abruptly disabled, uninsured, and homeless, Donald turned to APLA for help. “The pivotal moment was my hospitalization,” he recounts. After he was discharged, Donald says, “an APLA case manager reviewed my situation and helped me get back on my feet.” An APLA benefits specialist helped Donald navigate a healthcare minefield to access treatment, while a Residential Services counselor led him to safe, stable, and affordable housing – a key step in his tenuous recovery. “I’ve had to access just about every service APLA offers,” Donald says, recounting a list that includes APLA’s Necessities of Life Program (NOLP) food pantries, its Residential Services, APLA Dental Services, Benefits and Work Services, Mental Health Services, and Treatment Education. Today, Donald has much to be proud of: No longer disabled, he has resumed work and continues to rebuild his life. “Now, I can volunteer again at APLA – and I know exactly where I can turn for help.”

s a child, 26-year-old Linda was virtually inseparable from her mother. They did everything together—shopping, eating, watching films, and even sharing the same doctor, whom they saw frequently. At first, Linda says the monthly appointments seemed normal. APLA Client Linda “I assumed my mom just wanted to keep me healthy,” she explains. But her younger sister uncovered the truth and broke the news to her when Linda was seven. Both Linda and her mother were HIV-positive. “I was sad, upset, confused, everything you can imagine,” Linda says. She had questions, too: Was her father also sick? But she couldn’t ask him; he was a convicted murderer, locked away for life at Attica. When she hit her 20s, she sought a job – “I never thought I’d see age 20, let alone be healthy enough to work,” she says gratefully. But then, the economy collapsed and so did her life. “I lost my job,” Linda says, “and I was in an abusive relationship, so I had to get out.” Linda moved into a small apartment, but with a weekly income of just $57 in unemployment benefits, her life was coming unglued. The electricity bill went unpaid, so the lights went out. So did the gas – and then the water. For days, she came home to a darkened apartment with food slowly spoiling inside a warm refrigerator. “Something had to give,” she says. Poor, hungry, and desperate, Linda arrived at APLA. “Right away, everything changed,” she explains. “A case manager sorted through my bills, and within days, I had a check from APLA’s client assistance fund to get the power and water back on.” But it didn’t end there: “My case manager really invested in me,” she says. “It wasn’t just, ‘Here’s some money and good luck.’ He sat me down and said, ‘Let’s make a plan together so that this never happens again.’” He walked her down to an APLA food pantry to restock her fridge; made her an appointment at APLA’s dental clinic to have six painful cavities filled; and referred her to an APLA Residential Services specialist, who helped her find stable housing, so she wouldn’t have to return to her abusive past. “Every time things have gotten tough, APLA’s been there with long-term solutions,” she says. “And they don’t just do the work for me,” she adds. “They empower me to do it for myself.” “My mom says I’m gonna make it,” Linda says. “Now I think she’s right.”


We are proud to provide pro bono counsel to AIDS Project Los Angeles and are pleased to be a sponsor of AIDS Walk Los Angeles.

Paul Hastings commitment to pro bono and the community is as global as our firm. Our professionals work across borders and practices to positively impact the communities around us. The proof? Last year alone, we dedicated more than 78,000 hours globally to pro bono and community work. To learn more, please visit us at

18 Offices Worldwide I Paul Hastings LLP I

A special thanks to our Community Coalition Initiative Sponsor

AHF Pharmacy’s generous contribution to this year’s AIDS Walk Los Angeles will support 20 AIDS organizations throughout Los Angeles County.


Photos by Donna F. Aceto

By Ben Fordham

Team Price is Right at AIDS Walk Los Angeles 2010. ast year, “Team Price Is Right” was registered through the AIDS Walk Los Angeles website. Because the team registered with no fanfare, the staff wondered if it had any connection to the long-running, popular game show, or if it was just a group of fans going under the name of a beloved TV program. Within a few days, APLA supporter, longtime television star, and Price Is Right host, Drew Carey, registered and joined the team, solving the mystery of the team’s origins. He and just 13 other employees at his production company went on to raise an incredible $34,290 for AIDS Walk Los Angeles. In addition to his own impressive fundraising, Drew generously donated to other friends participating in AIDS Walk Los Angeles, and attended the Opening Ceremony at the event to speak before the crowd of 30,000 and further show support for a cause close to his heart. “He’s always been adamant about giving to the cause,” explains Team Leader and office manager, Jenna Yamamoto. “But 2010 was Drew’s transformation year. He was getting into shape and getting healthier. He had completed a 10k fundraising event in August, and he wanted to keep doing charity walks and runs.” Like so many who join AIDS Walk Los Angeles, Drew received a recruitment e-mail encouraging him to register and form a Drew Carey speaks to supporters team. He thought it would be a at the AIDS Walk Los Angeles perfect way to raise money for a cause 2010 Opening Ceremony. he strongly supports, and have fun doing it. Team Price Is Right’s positive experience at AIDS Walk Los Angeles last year has brought the members back for this year’s event, ready to expand their fundraising and participation. “The event was great…we really enjoyed the route, and Drew was happy to be out there walking and meeting people,” recalls Jenna. Drew, Jenna, and the rest of the team are determined to reach even greater success in 2011: “We’re aiming to have a bigger and better team this year, and raise a lot more money,” Jenna adds.


If you would like to donate to Drew Carey or any other participant, go to and click “SPONSOR A WALKER.” © 2011 PARAMOUNT PICTURES. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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DELTA.COM/GAYTRAVEL D e lta h Delta has as b been een n named amed o one ne o off tthe he B Best est P Places laces tto o Work Work by by the the Human Human Rights Rights Campaign C a m p aig n ffor or tthe he ssecond econd yyear ear in in a row. row.

we salute you We’re proud proud to to support supportAIDS AIDSProject ProjectLos LosAngeles Angelesand and all AIDS all the the participants participantsofofthe the2011 2010 AIDSWalk WalkLos LosAngeles. Angeles.

A COMMUNITY UNITED IN ACTION Through their Community Coalition Initiative, now in its 15th year, AIDS Project Los Angeles invites local AIDS organizations to raise urgently needed funds by participating in AIDS Walk Los Angeles. These organizations fundraise as teams and keep 100% of the proceeds they raise. PROJECT CHICKEN SOUP Healing with Cooking


HALSA Fighting for Justice for People with HIV/AIDS

By Kate Rosenblum

By Kate Rosenblum and Bert Champagne

By Kate Rosenblum

wo Sundays each month, dozens of caring people of all ages and backgrounds gather in the kitchen of Project Chicken Soup (PCS) to cook delicious and nutritious meals for 125 HIVpositive Angelenos. Each client receives a grocery bag twice monthly that includes eight fresh meals, all cooked with love. PCS was created in 1989, when a small group of volunteers gathered in the kitchen of a Hollywood synagogue to prepare meals for people living with HIV. “Most clients were sick and needed financial help,” remembers founding member, Mollie Pier. “We decided it would be nice to cook for them.”

ounded in 1985, Minority AIDS Project (MAP) is a community-based HIV/AIDS organization that provides African American and Latino communities in South and Central Los Angeles with vital health and prevention education, HIV testing, counseling, and more. In addition to living with HIV, roughly 90% of MAP’s clients also deal with such economic problems as unemployment, homelessness, and poverty. Mike Jones, the leader of MAP’s AIDS Walk Los Angeles team, lost his godson, Bobby Hardy, to AIDS in 1994. Bobby contracted HIV in part due to a lack of sex education and HIV prevention efforts

ounded in 1997, HIV & AIDS Legal Services Alliances (HALSA) serves as a vital stand-alone entity to address the complex legal needs of HIVpositive people. Today HALSA is the leading provider of legal services for an estimated 100,000 people living with HIV in Southern California. Peg Brewer, HALSA’s Executive/Legal Director, reflects on the ways the organization’s services have changed to meet its clients’ needs. “Years ago, when people learned that they had contracted the disease, it was as if they had received a death sentence,” she recalls. “People stopped paying taxes and just made sure they had a will. Understandably, they thought


91-year-old Mollie Pier, founding member of Project Chicken Soup.

Prior to pioneering PCS, Mollie suffered the loss of her son, Nathaniel, who was among the first doctors to treat AIDS patients. He was instrumental in gaining government approval for HIV medications, and was a co-founder of New York Physicians for Human Rights. At the age of 37, Nathaniel himself died of AIDS. Motivated by grief, Mollie sought a way to help those living with HIV and realized she had the power to heal through cooking. Today, Mollie is 91 years old and still stands behind a hot stove for hours, pouring her soul into PCS. She feels her son is by her side as she carries out her work. “Somehow, somewhere [he] is here with me saying, ‘Mom, I’m proud of you.’”



Somehow, somewhere my son is here with me saying, ‘Mom, I’m proud of you.’

aimed at people of color. Bobby’s self worth and will to live became depleted as he faced not only worsening health, but also stigma from within his own community. To ensure today's youth are educated and safe, MAP holds AIDS 101 training programs and workshops at community organizations, drug and alcohol treatment facilities, and schools. Mike views AIDS Walk Los Angeles as a powerful platform for prevention education. “The Walk is so important because people need to realize it just takes a moment of irresponsibility to change their lives forever,” he says, stressing the critical message of awareness demonstrated by 30,000 AIDS Walk Los Angeles participants.

they didn’t have all that long in this world.” Today, HALSA’s services have expanded as people with HIV are living longer while still facing legal challenges. They now offer free in-house legal assistance with housing, public benefits, and immigration. Through strong allegiances with pro bono attorneys and civil rights organizations, HALSA continues to protect the human rights of those who are HIV-positive. In 2010, Los Angeles County cut funding for non-medical service providers, and HALSA lost 40% of its budget. Now, HALSA relies on funds raised through its Community Coalition team at AIDS Walk Los Angeles to ensure its services continue. “We love our association with APLA and have really appreciated being a recipient of AIDS Walk Los Angeles funding,” says Peg.




213.637.1690 •

213.250.9481 •





310.289.2551 •


323.936.4949 •

818.763.8836 §

877.800.CAMP •

800.448.0858 •

213.741.1950 •


310.540.1344 •





310.836.5402 •

310.450.2191 •


Target is proud to sponsor AIDS Walk Los Angeles A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. A I D S WA L K LOS ANGELES OCTOBER 16, 2011

Gilead Sciences. Advancing Therapeutics. Improving Lives. Proudly supporting every walker taking a step to fight AIDS.


Photo by Adam Bouska

By Kate Rosenblum

The NOH8 campaign arose from what founders Adam Bouska and Jeffrey Parshley refer to as “accidental activism.” Before the campaign, there was the impulsive staging of the first NOH8 photograph. After attending a protest against Prop. 8 earlier that day, Adam, a professional celebrity photographer, found himself inspired at 4:00 a.m. to buy tape and Crayola paint at a drugstore near his hotel. He posted his pictures online, and the success of the NOH8 Campaign grew rapidly from there. Adam hopes that this year, his group will reach “Gold Team” status. “To see a community come together like that to support AIDS Project Los Angeles is incredible,” says Adam. “It can only get bigger and better this year.” If this is your first time hearing about NOH8, watch for them on Sunday, October 16, when they will gather in West Hollywood Park for AIDS Walk Los Angeles. They will have plenty of tattoos to spare. You can visit to view their 15,000+ portraits. Photo by Jeffrey Parshley

AIDS Walk Los Angeles staff, and APLA staff, and volunteers pose for NOH8 portrait. ou’ve probably seen it before. The duct-taped mouth, the elegantly tattooed cheek, the eyes conveying sentiments of speaking out and standing up. It’s the NOH8 photograph – a protest in response to Proposition 8, the ban on samesex marriage in California. In the three years since its inception, NOH8 has captured the faces of thousands, and has invoked activism in the hearts of countless others. NOH8 also became one of the highest fundraising teams for AIDS Walk Los Angeles 2010. Walking with 170 Team Members, the NOH8 team raised over $10,000 – and they plan to do even better this year. Just as AIDS Walk Los Angeles began in part to combat the deadly silence of the federal government on AIDS, the NOH8 Campaign started as a protest against government inaction on gay marriage. It sought to fight stigma and discrimination and, just like AIDS Walk Los Angeles, the campaign quickly became a grassroots, community-driven platform where participants could feel safe and be heard.



Photo by Jeff Bender

NOH8 Team Members’ faces are adorned with signature NOH8 tattoos as they walk in the annual event.

For the past 29 years, Macy's has raised over $30 million to support HIV/AIDS organizations in Los Angeles and San Francisco through our annual Macy's Passport Presents Glamorama program. We're proud to continue supporting those affected by HIV/AIDS by being a principal sponsor of AIDS Walk Los Angeles.



a place to…

…get nourished. Leadership in prevention,

APLA’s Necessities of Life Program (NOLP) food pantries form the largest network of free food distribution sites in the nation for people living with HIV/AIDS. In nine locations countywide, NOLP provides life-sustaining groceries, nutritional supplements, and personal hygiene products to clients who face desperate poverty and hunger. And a registered dietitian offers nutrition classes, cooking demonstrations, and even one-on-one nutrition counseling.

advocacy, and service.

APLA ON THE MOVE: AGENCY MARKS 30 YEARS OF AIDS, OPENS NEW SITE IN SOUTH L.A. By Gabriel J. McGowan hirty years ago, on June 5, 1981, a report was published – only seven paragraphs long – that served as the first formal chronicle of an emerging epidemic. The report, in a weekly U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention update, confirmed what a small number of doctors had begun to fear: that a deadly new epidemic was killing otherwise-healthy gay men. At the time, Dr. Michael Gottlieb, a Los Angeles physician who co-authored that first report, told a colleague that the new disease was “bigger than Legionnaire’s,” a spiking epidemic that had killed 20,000 at the time. He was right. To date, more than 30 million have died of AIDS-related causes worldwide, a number that rivals nearly the entire population of California. It grows by nearly two million each year. In Los Angeles, since that first report, the epidemic has spread to every neighborhood, killing more than 30,000. Trends have emerged here, as well: Four decades in, the epidemic continues to disproportionately affect gay and bisexual men; it is now devastating communities of color; and it too often affects those with barely the resources to live, let alone to fight a complicated, chronic, and still-deadly disease. Early on, APLA recognized that HIV has thrived in pockets of poverty – in neighborhoods where the safety net has worn thin or never existed – places like South Los Angeles, where one in two residents lives on less than $19,000 a year. APLA cemented its commitment to serve this underresourced area years ago with the opening of its Necessities of Life Program food pantry for residents living with HIV/AIDS, many of whom took a circuitous array of buses to reach other pantries that were often out


of food or unwelcoming. This community was among the first stops for our mobile dental clinic, too; it was difficult enough to find a dentist in the area, let alone one who was comfortable and skilled in treating patients who were HIV-positive. In 2009, we expanded our reach with the opening of the S. Mark Taper Foundation Center, a new food pantry and permanent dental clinic in the heart of South L.A. And this month, we launched services and held a ribbon-cutting event for our newest space, the Vance North Health and Wellness Center, located in Baldwin Hills, a South Los Angeles neighborhood that’s been hit particularly hard by the epidemic. Our opening was a hopeful moment for a neighborhood that has yet to recover from the tragic closure of King/Drew, the area’s largest healthcare resource.

Free rapid HIV testing is one of the services offered at the Vance North Health and Wellness Center.

Corner Bakery Cafe Beverly Connection 100 N. La Cienega Blvd. 310.358.9146

Comprehensive services at the new site target those at greatest risk of infection: gay men of color, youth, men who use crystal methamphetamine, and Native American/ Alaska Natives. “We’re proud to announce this important expansion of our work within a community that continues to be devastated by HIV and AIDS,” says APLA Executive Director Craig E. Thompson. “Working alongside our community partners, we’ll provide a network of resources that offer critical links to health care and HIV treatment, economic empowerment, and real solutions to the region’s challenges.” The need is urgent: The region is by far Los Angeles’ most impoverished and is still rife with HIV-related stigma, homophobia, and racism. Your participation in AIDS Walk Los Angeles allows us to meet that need. In fact, your efforts have made the Walk our single largest source of funding – private or public – for our lifesustaining HIV care and prevention programs throughout the region. “We’re proud to announce this important expansion of our work within a community that continues to be devastated by HIV and AIDS,” said APLA Executive Director Craig E. Thompson at the center’s opening. “Thirty years in, this is a critical next step in our work to fight AIDS where it hits hardest. It’s only possible through the ongoing support of our donors who raise urgently needed funds through AIDS Walk Los Angeles. This work would be impossible without these crucial supporters.”

Proud supporter of AIDS Walk Los Angeles!



a place to‌

‌smile brightly. Leadership

APLA Dental Services offers a full range of dental care to people living with HIV/AIDS. Our professional dental staff works in our state-of-the-art clinics and our mobile dental van to provide care throughout underserved regions of Los Angeles County.

in prevention, advocacy, and service.

10:00 a.m.

Pass under the balloon arch and receive a hearty congratulations, a Certificate of Completion, and refreshments. Participants can enjoy food trucks and music!

Finish Line Festivities


Sign In

Join these celebrity guests and many others for the 27th annual AIDS Walk Los Angeles.

rts R obe



Announcement of Results!


West Hollywood Park

Sponsored by Macy’s

2:30 p.m.




Aerobic Warm-Up Get those feet and legs revved up and ready to walk with our warm-up team.


n Sa


9:00 a.m.

AIDS Walk Los Angeles Begins! Join 30,000 participants on the 10-Kilometer (6.2 mile) route through West Hollywood and Los Angeles. The Walk usually takes about two and a half hours to complete.

a Blvd. nic

Cedars Sinai (Free Parking Available}

Pauley Perrette of “NCIS”

Drew Carey of “The Price Is Right”


Melrose Ave.

Oakwood Ave. CHECKPOINT Beverly Blvd. Beverly Connection (Free Parking Available}

Academy Award winner Cloris Leachman


3 Map details subject to change.

LaBrea Ave.

Walkers will pass three checkpoints, each featuring delicious beverages and snacks!

Gardner St.

Opening Ceremony Listen as celebrities and AIDS activists address the crowd with messages of inspiration and encouragement.

Fairfax Ave.

Sign-In and Awards Open Sponsored by Sunrider Turn in funds and pick up fundraising awards.



Crescent Hghts

Along the Route Sweetzer Ave.

9:15 a.m.

La Cienega Blvd.

8:30 a.m.

Roller blades and skateboards are discouraged on the 10K route. Sunscreen and hats are highly recommended. Before bringing pets, think carefully about safety, control, and heat.

To register: 213.201.WALK




Dot Marie Jones of “Glee” Photos by Kenneth Camarillo, Ramir Delgado, Tom Hinckley, and Thomas Holiday.


hen Eve’s mother passed away, she didn’t tell anyone. “I didn’t cry – I was so angry,” she explains as she takes herself back to September 3, 1990, when her mother, Patricia, an Air Force nurse, died of AIDS. Patricia contracted HIV in the early 80’s, but she did not tell her daughter she was HIV-positive until Christmas of 1989. Throughout the following months, Eve witnessed her mother’s deterioration. She couldn’t bear to see her so sick, and the situation filled her with fear and outrage. “I was walking around like a zombie,” Eve remembers. Amazon Eve, the world’s Eve was not a stranger to tallest supermodel: “If we all feeling isolated and alone. Taller come together and pitch in, than her classmates, she grew up we can solve this.” enduring taunts and nicknames from her peers. Over time, Eve came to see that her unusual height, a source of discomfort for so long, was actually a great asset. Now standing at 6’8’’, she is known as Amazon Eve, and holds the title of the world’s tallest supermodel, a distinction that gives her the opportunity to stand up, and stand tall, for what she believes in: promoting self acceptance, self love, and the beauty of being different. In October of 2010, twenty years after her mother’s death, Eve participated in her first AIDS Walk Los Angeles. “I walk for my mom,” Eve says. “AIDS is a human thing we are all fighting. To me, AIDS Walk Los Angeles means taking action and participating in a group dynamic effort.” Eve remembers the incredible spirit of the day, and enjoyed being with her team – they stopped at Hamburger Mary’s along the way, and had a great time. Amazon Eve is getting an early start on her fundraising this year. Months before the event, she began to tackle a list of 2,000 potential supporters. “If we all come together and pitch in, we can solve this,” Eve says.


Baby Eve with her mother and aunt. It is no wonder where Eve gets her statuesque height!

Remove your junk without lifting a finger.

Here’s how it works: We’ll remove almost anything - from old furniture, appliances and electronics to yard waste and renovation debris. Plus, we do all the loading and cleanup.

Proud to support AIDS Walk Los Angeles

Book online at or call 1-800-468-5865. Franchise Opportunities: 1-877-408-5865

Paramount Pictures The First Home – and First Friend – of AIDS Walk Los Angeles

“ “

by Leif Green Photo by Dale Baron

In 1985, and for the following 15 years, Paramount Pictures was the exemplar of hospitality for AIDS Walk Los Angeles. n January of 1985, when AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA) leaders and activist, Craig R. Miller, launched AIDS Walk Los Angeles, the world’s first Walk to fight the epidemic, the first order of business was finding a place to stage this unprecedented event. They wanted an appealing location that would act as the starting and ending point for the event. Additionally, the location would need to have easy access to the streets for the ten-kilometer walk. Finally, this venue would have to house 1,000 plus participants – and their cars. Miller reached out to his long-time friend and public affairs specialist, Steve Afriat, for ideas. Afriat soon came up with a solution that met all their requirements and offered some tinsel and glamour, as well – Paramount Pictures, located in the heart of Hollywood! “I had three compelling reasons for suggesting Paramount to Craig,” Afriat remembers. “The first and most basic reason was that I had some darn good contacts there. Furthermore, the lot was private property, which is usually


easier to manage than a public venue. Finally, I assured Craig that everyone would LOVE it!” Paramount proved to be more than an ideal location for the fledgling event, which surpassed the organizers’ goal of attracting 1,000 participants. That first year, more than 4,500 APLA supporters raised a remarkable $673,000. As the event grew, so did the scope and variety of its needs. “For the next 15 years, the studio hosted the annual event with a level of hospitality that would make Emily Post blush!” shares Afriat. Paramount offered parking lots, screening rooms, power, golf carts, dumpsters, trash sweepers, staging equipment, and even the commissary for the VIP Breakfast. Paramount also provided AIDS Walk Los Angeles with another invaluable resource – their Manager of General Labor, the multi-talented, handy, capable, and eager John Sampogna. “John was appointed by Paramount to be our liaison for everything studio-related. He quickly became our all-around Mr. Fix-It, our expert, our hero,” Miller informs. In no time, the staff had affectionately nicknamed him “J-Sam.” Unfortunately, the tragedy of September 11, 2001, brought an abrupt end to Paramount’s role as home to the event. “The security risks were incalculable,” Sampogna recalls. “As much as Paramount wanted to remain the host of AIDS Walk Los Angeles, we just couldn’t jeopardize the safety of the lot.” But the partnership continued. In five short weeks, the event relocated to West Hollywood Park, and Paramount still played a large role in staging the event – literally. Paramount not only donated the actual stage, they supplied the equipment, crew, generators, golf carts, and everything associated with the technical and staging aspects of the event. It is a form of invaluable support that continues to this day. Miller adds with delight, “We also got J-Sam!” Sampogna has become an AIDS Walk Los Angeles keystone. In addition to playing his customary role as Paramount Pictures’ liaison, he volunteers every year at AIDS Walk Los Angeles as the Head of Security. “I’m proud to work for a company that has been steadfast in its commitment to AIDS Walk Los Angeles. The sincere dedication of the event organizers, their all-consuming drive to make the event as successful and safe as it can possibly be, and the vitality of the participants have long made the event irresistible to me,” declares Sampogna. Organizers confirm that the admiration is mutual and eternal. AIDS Walk Los Angeles Event Director, Shona Borevitz, exalts, “We love John! His contributions to this event are countless. He is THE MAN.”

…the studio [Paramount] hosted AIDS Walk Los Angeles with a level of hospitality that would make Emily Post blush!

Steve Afriat

Public Policy Specialist

…the vitality of the [AIDS Walk Los Angeles] participants have long made the event irresistible to me.

John Sampogna

Paramount Pictures




he fundamental success of AIDS Walk Los Angeles has always depended on a vast community of passionate and persuasive individuals. Each participant does his or her best to raise money for the fight against AIDS – some people raise $50 while others raise hundreds! Year after year, the collective power of these dedicated supporters generates millions of dollars for AIDS Project Los Angeles and many other AIDS service organizations in L.A. County. AIDS Walk Los Angeles is extremely grateful to everyone who raises funds, but we do like to shine a special spotlight of recognition on those whose fundraising achievement is particularly exceptional – the members of the AIDS Walk Los Angeles Star Walkers Club. The Star Walkers Club is comprised of participants who pledge to raise $1,000 or more. Hundreds of participants reach that goal; many go far beyond that, raising thousands of dollars. “It’s wonderful to see the love and admiration shown to those donning the Star Walker crowns. There are people from all walks of life who put an extraordinary amount of dedication, months of hard work, and an incredible show of heart to reach that goal of $1,000 or more goal each year,” remarks


By Leif Green

Star Walker Coordinator Duyen Tran. “Star Walkers are crucial to the success of the Walk. We could not do this without them and are so grateful for their continued support!” adds Duyen. In addition to receiving the entire suite of commemorative awards (see below), these fundraising experts will be rewarded with a Star Walker commemorative lapel pin and the Star Walker Gold Crown! Star Walkers also attend the exclusive Star Walker Breakfast on the morning of AIDS Walk Los Angeles. If you would like more information about the Star Walkers Club, please call the AIDS Walk Los Angeles office at 213.201.WALK or visit the AIDS Walk Los Angeles website at There is still plenty of time to become a member of the fundraising elite!

TE I L E G N I S I RA D N U F 0 1 0 2 S ELE G N SA O L K L A W S s D I A tulate 3rd Place a r g n from es co

l Ange g walkers s o L n Walk fundraisi otion and ls S D I a v A ividu three t. The de d p n i o t ven the hree ar’s e of these t spiring. e y t s n las -in inatio and awe os Angele m r 1st Place e t l de ject L and tiona o a r r i P p Cynthia Park is ins lf of AIDS g with HIV for a n h i u $53,801 On be people liv , thank yo g he rve and t t they se your stron cation. a th rt, edi AIDS less effo eadfast d t tire our s y your d n ort, a supp Star Walkers who achieve their goal of

raising $1,000 or more receive the entire suite of AIDS Walk Los Angeles commemorative awards – T-Shirt, baseball cap, tumbler, picture frame, and lapel pin.

2nd Place Tom Whitman $36,625



2011 2011



Drew Carey $33,315



AIDS WALK LOS ANGELES Congratulations to the top 50 fundraising walkers from last year’s AIDS Walk Los Angeles. Their dedication, determination, and fundraising finesse deserve our gratitude and your applause!

Cynthia Park $53,801

Mark Tarbox $6,545

Robb Schard $5,125

Tom Whitman $36,625

Alicia Ramos $6,400

Thom D'Errico $5,010

Drew Carey $33,315

Chuck Wallau $6,345

Elena Sacca $5,000

Amanda Grandinetti $4,100

Michael Collins $12,690

Kristie Tien $6,332

Joel Frahm $4,991

Troy Whitaker $4,100

Robert Sulatycky $6,290

James Klawiter $4,775

Hillel Wasserman $4,050

George Padilla $5,690

Keith Blau $4,725

Reid Larson $4,020

Michelle Nabati $5,510

Penny Peyser $4,650

Robin Nicholas $4,000

Pauley Perrette $12,190 Jody Zucker $11,100 Rodney Gould $10,135 Aubrey Parnell $8,070

Michelle Miller $5,500

Jefferson Hendrick $4,610 Alma Martinez $4,540

Richard Chung $3,940

Joe Husman $4,505

Robin Bram $3,846 Kara McNamara $3,830

Wayne Zahner $7,655

Ellen Goodman $5,280

Nancy Nyberg $7,000

Todd Barnes $5,275

Michael Lalla $4,401

Michael Berckart $6,575

Barry Edelman $5,240

Janet Corazza $4,325

Jeff Dvorak $5,200

Susan Simons $4,265

Kendra Castleberry $6,572

Joseph Tague $4,000

Terry Grand $3,825

Audrey Friedman $5,195

I know you have what it takes to be a member of the fundraising elite for AIDS Walk Los Angeles. Call me at 213.201.WALK to join the Star Walkers Club! – Duyen Tran

Star Walker Photos by Gijs Vandermost

Robert Frankel $12,396

Patrick Southard $4,150


GOLD TEAMS The Top 20 Fundraising Teams from Last Year’s Event 1

Gang of 100 $108,189


Team Price is Right $34,290


Fox Entertainment Group $20,330


Ernst & Young $16,370

CBS Families & Friends $20,250


PwC $15,350

City of Los Angeles $20,121


Crossroads Teen AIDS Ambassadors $14,717

AIDS Walk Staff, Family & Friends $20,109


Gap Inc. $14,060

St. Monica Catholic Community $20,250


Evil Angel $13,180


Princess Cruises Community Foundation Team $12,617



Team Toyota $63,120


DreamWorks Animation $57,961




Anthem Blue Cross $38,339 AIDS Project Los Angeles $37,666 NBC Universal $35,659

There’s plenty of time before the event to organize a fantastic fundraising team from your workplace, school, religious organization, or club! If you would like to form a team, the AIDS Walk Los Angeles teams staff would love to help you get started. Please call one of them at 213.201.WALK right away!






County of Los Angeles $32,378


Kids Who Care $30,618

Deloitte $27,497

M .A . C Cosmetics $26,049

Macy's $21,140

Sally Hall specializes in Beauty & Fitness, Advertising Agencies, Law Firms, Insurance, Casting/ Talent, and Real Estate groups.

Emily Parson specializes in Finance, AIDS Organizations, Religious Organizations, Government, LGBTQ Organizations, Hospitals and Health Organizations, NonProfit Organizations, and Sporting groups.

14 IT’S A


Bank of America $17,614 The Heart of Hollywood &17,377

Bert Champagne

Jenn Doyle

specializes in Community Coalition Initiative (CCI) groups.

specializes in Art Organizations, Hotels and Travel, Food and Drink, as well as Friends and Family groups.

Chris Mendoza

Stephen Tomasetti

specializes in Computers/ Technology/Internet, Entertainment, Media, Music, Publishing, and Union/Guilds.

specializes in School and Retail groups.

Portraits by Gijs Vandermost

TOP FUNDRAISING TEAMS FROM AIDS WALK LOS ANGELES 2010 Toyota is a prime example of a team that goes above and beyond. In addition to the Toyota employees, friends, and family members who have been walking and fundraising as an AIDS Walk Los Angeles team for over 17 years, the company has also been a longtime corporate sponsor of the event. Such combined efforts have resulted in a collective contribution of more than $500,000. To meet their high fundraising goals, dedicated Team Leaders energize their team with creative events such as rallies, raffles, and auctions.

Photo by Hector Perez


Photo by Alex Samples



GANG OF 100 For the fourth year in a row, Tom Whitman and his Gang of 100 have claimed the coveted title of #1 fundraising team. These young altruists have raised more than $500,000 for AIDS Walk Los Angeles since 2006. One of the most influential socialites in Los Angeles, as well as Board Chair of AIDS Project Los Angeles, Tom inspires his Team Members to step up, reach out, and make a difference. The Gang of 100 is known far and wide for their mid-walk pool party – truly putting the fun in fundraising!


Dreaming big and working hard, DreamWorks has been a consistent Gold Team since 1996. Year after year, their amazing Team Leader, Dina Strada, rallies the support of DreamWorks creator, Jeffery Katzenberg, and all employees. Their “secret fundraising weapon” is the legendary Cynthia Park, who has been the top AIDS Walk Los Angeles individual fundraiser for nearly fifteen years. Dina has even created a special DreamWorks AIDS Walk Los Angeles Committee, cementing her role as an invaluable member of the AIDS Walk Los Angeles community.

3rd Photo by Jayson Dana


Photo by Alex Samples

For Anthem Blue Cross, dedication to health goes beyond the 9-5 workday. Through their charity initiative, the company commits to championing healthy behaviors, health-risk prevention, and healthy environments. When it comes to upholding this promise, Team Leader Lenny Scroggins is no slouch – recruiting more than 180 Team Members, and raising over $38,000 for AIDS Walk Los Angeles through innovative tactics such as book sales!


If your organization or company would like to start an AIDS Walk Los Angeles team call 213.201.WALK or visit and click on “TEAM INFO.”

AIDS PROJECT LOS ANGELES As the principal beneficiary of AIDS Walk Los Angeles, AIDS Project Los Angeles is dedicated to improving the lives of people affected by HIV/AIDS; reducing the incidence of HIV infection; advocating for fair and effective HIVrelated public policy, and fundraising like rock stars!

Photo by Hector Perez

KIDS WHO CARE In 1992, Leo Beckerman, a 13-year-old from Studio City, founded Kids Who Care. Nearly 20 years later, Leo is joined by students from Milken School, Brentwood School, Archer School, Campbell Hall, Harvard Westlake, Marlborough School, Oakwood School, Windward School, Wildwood School, Buckley School, Animo Venice, and Montclair Prep. This unique group of 700+ committed students, teachers, and family members encapsulates the true spirit of AIDS Walk Los Angeles. With passionate students like Michelle Nabati (Milken School) and Olivia Uhley (Windward School) leading the team, Kids Who Care is bound to continue its tradition of empowering youth to fight AIDS for years to come.

Photo by Hector Perez



EYE is once again proud to sponsor AIDS Walk LA I Call 877 393 6671 I Email I

You are part of a greater community. Union Bank believes in the power of partnerships. That’s why we partner with communities and organizations to make a positive difference in the places where we work and live. To us, building a healthy community is the most valuable investment of all. Union Bank is proud to be an event sponsor of the 2011 AIDS Walk Los Angeles. Los Angeles Main 445 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA 90071 Robin Vahoviak, VP & Branch Manager, 213-236-7711 Little Tokyo 120 South San Pedro Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012 Yukio Shiratori, VP & Branch Manager, 213-972-5506 California Mart 900 South Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 90015 Jenna Lee, VP & Branch Manager, 213-312-4681 Š 2011 Union Bank, N.A.

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q web d ign + brand n es l desig q logo d llatera o c + t q prin

For m For more ore a about bout Ha Hazan+Company zan+Compan and a nd ssamples amples of of our our work, work, visit: v isi t: h

Orr g O give ive us us a rring ing at at ((718) 718) 237-4141 237-4

We Proudly Support

The 27th Annual AIDS Walk Los Angeles




Proud to support AIDS Walk Los Angeles Proud to support AIDS Walk Los Angeles



Proud to Support




Here’s to those who help others build their skills. Accenture is proud to support the work of AIDS Project Los Angeles. We applaud the various programs they provide for skills development and job readiness.

Ernst & Young is proud to support AIDS Walk Los Angeles.

Š 2011 Ernst & Young LLP. All Rights Reserved.

Proud to support AIDS Walk Los Angeles

Starbucks is a proud sponsor of AIDS Walk Los Angeles 2011



Jamison Services, Inc.


Village Pizzeria is proud to support AIDS Walk Los Angeles

Rhino Entertainment is proud to sponsor the 2011 AIDS Walk Los Angeles

PROFILES OF COMPASSION IN ACTION Volunteer Support is Key to AIDS Walk Los Angeles Success by Shaun Sheppard

by Duyen Tran

very year, AIDS Walk Los Angeles is fortunate to partner with the Constitutional Rights Foundation (CRF) to provide an eager high school student with an engaging and rewarding summer volunteer/intern experience. This year, AIDS Walk Los Angeles selected sophomore Lorena Vasquez. At 16 years old, Lorena is the youngest member of the AIDS Walk Los Angeles staff. As the Office Coordinator Intern, she soon became an integral member of the team, helping to keep the office running smoothly and taking on other Photo by Bert Champagne special projects. Lorena is especially proud of her work translating to Spanish our PSA’s airing LORENA on Telemundo. Bert Champagne, Supervisor of Office Management, knew from the moment Lorena introduced herself in the interview that she was the one for the position. Bert remarked that in the six weeks of her internship, “Lorena has grown so much, come out of her shell, held her own amongst a veteran staff, and accomplished every task with eagerness and efficiency.” Lorena says that she “had an amazing experience, gained confidence, and learned to trust my abilities and myself.” Lorena aspires to be a doctor and plans on going to medical school to help people like her father, who is unfortunately ill. Lorena chose to volunteer with AIDS Walk Los Angeles because, in addition to sharpening her skills, she wanted to learn more about HIV/AIDS and AIDS Project Los Angeles. As the co-Team Leader of her AIDS Walk Los Angeles school team, Dominguez High School, she plans to encourage her schoolmates to volunteer, walk, and fundraise. Lorena says she plans to lead her college and then medical school teams as well! The staff of AIDS Walk Los Angeles is incredibly grateful for Lorena’s work and is thrilled she will be returning for years to come as a volunteer, Team Leader, and friend.

ith his perpetual smile, laid back charisma, and friendly banter, AIDS Walk Los Angeles volunteer John Hands has become a fixture at the office. Each day, since 2005, he has helped open the office, sometimes arriving as early as six in the morning. “I have always had a soft spot in my heart for people who need help,” says John. He is determined to keep volunteering as a way to “help people who need it, whoever they are, whatever background they come from.” After overcoming a decades-long battle with alcohol, John sought a volunteer opportunity with AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA) to help turn his life around and give purpose to his days. When he began coming to the AIDS Walk Los Angeles office daily, John remarks that it changed his JOHN perspective on life. Assisting with the event year-round “makes me feel like I’m part of society,” he says. The accepting, progressive environment John walks into everyday is a far stretch from that of his upbringing. John’s father was a strict Pentecostal preacher who, at the outbreak of the epidemic, placed signs outside his church with remarks such as, “God’s gift to homosexuals is AIDS.” John never ascribed to his father’s belief system and says he was the black sheep of the family. At AIDS Walk Los Angeles, he has found a place to truly call home. John’s high level of dedication is apparent to everyone he works with. “John is my right-hand man!” declares Bert Champagne, Supervisor of Office Management. “I can always count on him to jump in and help out with anything we need.” That is why he comes back each day, offering his services to an office that has served as a second home for him and many others throughout the years. “The people who work here make me feel appreciated – they make me feel at home.” John explains. John is not “all-work-and-no-play,” however. He occasionally sneaks out of the office early on Fridays to go fishing with his nephew, Jacob Hands. On the day of AIDS Walk Los Angeles, you can find John helping out at the Awards Tent, handing out T-shirts and other fundraising awards.


Photo by Gijs Vandermost


THANK YOU – WE COULD NOT DO IT WITHOUT YOU! AIDS WALK LOS ANGELES OUTSTANDING VOLUNTEERS FOR 2010 Each year, AIDS Walk Los Angeles honors five volunteers who compassionately and consistently donate their time and effort in the fight against HIV and AIDS. These exceptional individuals demonstrate a strength of heart and a singular commitment that inspires, empowers, and nurtures us all. Kaz Ando

Alex Castaneda

Audrey Paschke

Daniel Garcia

Mitchel Primrose

AIDS Walk Los Angeles 2011 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

Alex Banuelos “I've been volunteering with AIDS Walk Los Angeles since 1994. I participated in my first of many amazing walks as a checkpoint volunteer. I want to help eliminate HIV/AIDS, period. I’ve seen too many wonderful and sweet individuals afflicted by this disease.”

Photo by Lee Serrano


YOU! Photo by Gijs Vandermost

Each year, more than 2,000 volunteers generously lend us their hearts and their hands to make AIDS Walk Los Angeles the largest AIDS fundraiser in California. They act as Route Monitors, Sign-In Clerks, Check Point Servers, and carry out many other important roles on the day of the event. We could not do it without the kindness, good humor, and hard work our volunteers provide.

Photo by Kenneth Cammarillo

Photo by Donna F. Aceto

Photo by Donna F. Aceto

Photo by Donna F. Aceto

Want to volunteer? Contact Shaun Sheppard, Volunteer Coordinator, at or 213.201.WALK!

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POZ is proud to support AIDS Walk Los Angeles

Residence Inn Beverly Hills is a proud donor to the


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1177 South Beverly Drive • Los Angeles • California • 90035 (310) 228-4100 • (310) 228-4152 Fax •


n event with the scope and magnitude of AIDS Walk Los Angeles needs more than a data management specialist. It requires a dynamo! Each year, tens of thousands of individual walker records move through the Data Department of AIDS Walk Los Angeles, which is run by April Yamamoto, Manager of Data Systems and Analysis. “In this age of e-mails, voice blasts, and on-line donations, it is critical that our event has an invulnerable foundation,” explains AIDS Walk Los Angeles Event Director, Shona Borevitz. “Our foundation is our data and no one guards the gate with more diligence, intelligence, and care than April.” For last year’s event, Yamamoto maintained the individual files of more than 30,000 participants. The list of requests that are made to April and her small but mighty data team are copious, complicated, and (very often) incomplete. “Not only does April give all the right answers, but most importantly, she also asks all the right questions.” Borevitz adds. April first volunteered for AIDS Walk Los Angeles in 1990. She worked in the office prior to the event with Office Manager, Bert Champagne. On the actual day of the event, Champagne commandeered her. She was busy stuffing envelopes and handling other administrative tasks. “When I saw the way she ravaged a ten-key, I knew she was the perfect person to work in our totaling area,” states Champagne. His instincts were right; in two


By Bert Champagne and Leif Green

years’ time, she was running the entire totaling operation! When Yamamoto isn’t shackled to her computer, you will find her at Hamburger Mary’s rallying the AIDS Walk Los Angeles staff members and volunteers for their legendary bingo extravaganza, which benefits a variety of charities. “We have come to depend on April for her vigilant attention to detail, inexhaustible industry, and astute forethought, but we are also pampered by her talents in the kitchen! Her infamous Chinese chicken salad, her “Death by Chocolate” dessert, and many other recipes are legends in our office.” Borevitz gushes. Photo by Donna F. Aceto


Shona Borevitz

AIDS Walk Los Angeles Founder/Producer

Event Director

Bert Champagne

Emily Parson

Supervisor of Office Management & Community Coalition Coordinator

Team Coordinator & Fundraising Specialist

Debbie Cordero

Supervisor of Event Operations

Office Coordinator

Megan Reath

Jennifer Doyle

Kate Rosenblum

Team Production Coordinator & Fundraising Specialist

Promotions Coordinator

Sally Hall

Volunteer Coordinator

Supervisor of Team Communication & Targeted Fundraising

Natalie Lembeck Event Operations Specialist

Chris Mendoza

Shaun Sheppard Stephen Tomasetti Team Coordinator & Fundraising Specialist

Duyen Tran Star Walker Coordinator & Fundraising Specialist

Supervisor of Team Operations & Targeted Fundraising

A sincere thanks to our outstanding interns:

April in Action! On the day of the event, April Yamamoto oversees 40 volunteers and the entire totaling process.

The AIDS Walk Los Angeles staff reports that April uses her special culinary talents to acknowledge volunteers’ and co-workers’ birthdays and other special occasions. Now, they would like to take this rare opportunity to turn the tables on this remarkable and dedicated woman, and acknowledge April for everything she contributes to AIDS Walk Los Angeles.

Martha Anda, Volunteer Outreach Intern Lauren Baldwin, Star Walker intern Stephanie Delgado, Teams Intern Amanda Haney, Media & Promotions Intern Wan Amy He, Sponsorship Intern Thuy-Tien Hoang, Teams Intern Diana Howard, Event Operations Intern Andrea MacFarlane, Teams Intern Lorena Vasquez, Office Coordinator Intern Madellyne Vasquez, Sponsorship Intern

Special thanks to MZA Events national staff William Archer, Senior Director of Campaign Operations Brent Colby, Director of Strategic Partnerships & Communications Ben Fordham, Supervisor of Communications Leslie Goodykoontz, Event Operations Specialist Leif Green, Senior Director of Creative Services Scott Hoeninger, IT & New Media Supervisor Rebecca Mirkil, Director of Finance & Administration Jesse Pasackow, Data Processing Supervisor Nicole Schodowski, Data Processing Support Brett Spigelman, Supervisor of Sponsorship & Major Gifts April Yamamoto, Manager, Data Systems & Analysis



Apple & Bee VIP Gift Bags

CRE Laptops

Horizon Organic Beverages

Peasants & Travelers VIP Gift Bags

Armani Exchange Volunteer T-Shirts

Diddy Riese Reception Catering

Jane Marvel Incentives

Arya Ice Cream Checkpoint Snacks

DJ Bumbaclot Reception Entertainment

Larabar Checkpoint Snacks

Poppin Gift Bag & VIP Gift Bag Items

Barefoot Wine Reception Beverages BarTime Reception Bartenders The Beistle Company Star Walker Crowns Broadcast Support Reception A/V Burke Williams Incentives Cascadian Farms Checkpoint Snacks Coastline Teez Gift Bag Items & Incentives Corner Bakery Star Walker Breakfast

DNE World Fruit Sales Checkpoint Snacks Eat Cleaner Gift Bag Items Evolution Fresh Checkpoint Beverages FritoLay Checkpoint Snacks Gatorade Checkpoint Snacks GoPicnic Volunteer Lunches Hector Perez Reception Photographer

Leslie Barkley Reception Beverages Lola Shahdadi Sign Language Interpreter

Quaker Checkpoint Snacks Rent the Runway Incentives Sam Images Photoshoot

Loud Truck Energy Gummi Bears Gift Bag Items Madame Tussauds Hollywood Reception Venue N101 Gift Bag Items On Your Feet, Inc./Family Resource Center Water

97.1 AMP Radio CHARITY.comTM Clear Channel Outdoor Clear Channel Radio Discover Hollywood Magazine Diversity News Magazine EDGE Magazine The Essential Gay and Lesbian Directory

Silk Beverages Starbucks Star Walker & Volunteer Breakfast Stock Building Supply Lumber

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Maggiano's Noah's Bagels Rainbow Bar and Grill Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles

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Stonyfield Yogurt

Ramada Plaza West Hollywood Sheraton Universal

Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Team Shaka West Hollywood Cheerleaders The Sound 100.3 W Radio 690 AM

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Canon Bu Business usiness Solutions

Wet International Trash Boxes


The Gumbo Pot Village Pizzeria Z Pizza

proudly proudl ly supports supports the

Fro From om small/medium businesses b to large corporate enterprises, Business Solutions, Company, Canon B usiness S olutiions, IInc., nc., a Canon U.S.A. Company y, serves ser ves e a broad broad range off organizations with a vvariety ariety a of document workflow services, management and wor rk kflow solutions and ser vices, including: t%JHJUBM#MBDLBOE8IJUFBOE$PMPS1SJOUFST t %JHJUBM#MBDL BOE E 8IJUF BOE $PMPS 1SJOUFST t-BSHF'PSNBU%FWJDFT t-BSHF'PSNBU%FWJDFT F t4DBOOJOH *NBHJOH BOE"SDIJWJOH4PMVUJPOT t4DBOOJOH *NBHJO OH BOE"SDIJWJOH4PMVUJPOT t$PTU3FDPWFSZ4PMVUJPOT t $PTU 3FDP F WFSZZ4PMVUJPOT P t"EWBODFE%PDVNFOU4FDVSJUZ0QUJPOT t "EWWBODFE B %PDVN NFOU 4FDVSJUZ0QUJPOT t"EWWBODFE/ B FUXP PSSL L4PMVUJPOTo"OENPSF t"EWBODFE/FUXPSL4PMVUJPOTo"OENPSF For more infor iinformation, mation, please call: 1.800 0.815.4000 or visit 1.800.815.4000 solut

HOTELS Beverly Hills Residence Inn The Beverly Hilton Joie de Vivre

The NOH8 Campaign POZ Magazine The Rage Monthly The Sound 100.3 The Tolucan Times Unicorn Booty W Radio 690 AM Yelp Los Angeles


VOLUNTEER FOOD Alcove CafĂŠ & Bakery Anoush Catering Bossa Nova Brooklyn Bagels Capri

Independent Film Quarterly Jewish Life Television LA’s the Place Los Angeles Noticias Los Angeles Women's HIV/AIDS Task Force Mateo Magazine Metrosource Magazine

The Standard Sunset Marquis Hotel & Villas Š 2011 Canon Bu Business usiness Solutions, Inc. All rights reser reserved. ved.

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RED MEANS G AIDS Walk Los Angeles has always been prepared to spring to action, inspiring and inuencing change for those affected by HIV/AIDS. Viacom is a proud supporter of this year’s walk and encourages everyone to walk with purpose.

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We are honored to partner with APLA in support of AIDS Walk Los Angeles

ongratulations AIDS Project Los Angeles on all your wonderful work.

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800.478.3779 We are a proud sponsor of the AIDS Walk Los Angeles!


When in West Hollywood, avoid traffic and parking hassles… ride the Cityline shuttle!

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AIDS Walk Los Angeles 2011 Program Guide  

AIDS Walk Los Angeles 2011 Program Guide