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1604575 Aidora Tankeu

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Autumn/Winter 2016 edition


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Models : Aidora Tankeu (Left) , Emmanuel Duru (Right)

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Aidora Tankeu 1604575 Creative Marketing FT4101

        TREND MOODBOARD Our task for this working trend moodboard was to look for 5 cases and find a trend with those case studies. So we chose as a case study: Black Lives Matter, Brexit Movement, LGBT Pride Parade, Women exploitation, and Animal Exploitation. We chose all those topics because they take place in our society every single day and we need to change all those inequalities in the world. Our trend was “Freedom” because through all those case studies, people need to be free. First for Black Lives Matter, black community needs to be free and the police needs to stop brutality towards this community. Then we have the Brexit Movement, which is the United Kingdom planned withdrawal from the European Union following an advisory referendum in which 52% of vote was cast in favor of leaving the EU. In this case, British people needed to be free in their own country and be independent. Thirdly, we have the LGBT Pride Parade, which is an event that takes place every year celebrating the LGBT Community. In this case, the LGBT Community celebrates their pride and protests to say that they are free to love whoever they want to love. And finally, the two last cases are about exploitation. First there is Women exploitation in countries such as Bangladesh or in Cambodia in the working industry, and after there is Animal exploitation in every industry. So we can deduce that in all of these 5 topics, people are looking for just one thing: FREEDOM. Whether is the freedom of loving whoever they want to love, the freedom of being treat as everyone else, or even the freedom of being independent. We are all humans and all equals. Freedom is being you without anyone’s permission, and we still believe that tomorrow will be better.


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Aidora Tankeu 1604575 Creative Marketing FT4101

TREND POWERPOINT PRESENTATION : SET FREE This is one of the slides of our Trend PowerPoint group project. We chose the title “Set free” because our trend was about being free. We focused on LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) and Black Community. We focused on these two topics because it was really important for me and my team cause we are all part of Black Community, but also because these two topics are part of the actuality. Every day, we can see all over the news, fights and protests for LGBT or Black Community. Firstly, for LGBT Community, there is an event celebrating LGBT Community every summer called “LGBT Pride Parade”. During that event, we can see people dancing, singing and walking down the street to celebrate the pride of being part of the LGBT community. Not only there is a pride parade to celebrate this community, but also there are some celebrities that shone light upon the LGBT community like, Bruce Jenner AKA Caitlyn Jenner, who in 2015 was on the cover of Vanity Fair’s Magazine seen for the first time as a woman. He is now a public figure for the transgender community. Secondly, in 2013, a militant movement called “Black Lives Matter” has been created just after the death of Trayvon Martin who was shot by a police officer in United States. This movement protest and denounces what is happening into Black Community. This movement also fights against Police Brutality because since 2013, there is lot of cases of Black innocent people shot by police. Through this trend, we just wanted to show our today’s society and say that violence is the problem and not the solution, cause it’s creating a never-ending cycle that has caused nothing but misery in the world we are live in.


Video Link : https:// watch? v=masBQR2s_Ys

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Aidora Tankeu 1604575 Creative Marketing FT4101


TREND FORECASTING VIDEO In this video, we illustrated our trend about “FREEDOM”. We decided to do a before/after, so we can see how our society has evolved. At the beginning of the video, we can see protest of Black Lives Matter movement and brutality towards a gay couple. It shows how the world can be cruel and that some people are not free but deserve to be free. People still fight for their own rights today. Even if before the society was less tolerant about being different; nowadays there are still fights for some communities’ right. So we want to start our video saying “ A flash of the world” just to show to everybody the world we are living in. Then, we can see in the video two of my team members: Emmanuel & Roxanne writing on a paper “ BE YOURSELF, BE FREE, BE DARING”. We repeat that sequence in the video because we wanted people to be focus on this point and also because it was the right message that we wanted to share. To learn how to be you without anyone’s permission, but also that violence is the problem and not the solution. After that we can see two videos of fashion show. The first one is a Gay fashion show, and the second one is the Victoria Secret’s fashion show 2015with one black model: Jasmine Tookes. We show these two sequences of fashion because we want to show how the world as evolves but also the diversity. Fifteen years ago, gay fashion show or a black model in the industry of fashion was very rare. That shows us how the fashion industry us being diverse in the world. And finally, we end our video with some keywords like: DIFFERENCE, COLOUR, or ACCEPTANCE between some relevant images from our trend. So that is how we illustrated our “FREEDOM” trend.



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Aidora Tankeu 1604575 Creative Marketing FT4101

STYLING PROJECT: For this Styling Project, we chose to pick the trend of one of my team member, which is “Gender Fluidity”. This trend is about showing how there is just one gender nowadays and how this “Unisex” notion evolves. We need to forget that blue is for boys and pink for girls. There is an emergence of gender fluidity in the fashion industry. Some fashion brands are only focused on Unisex clothes like: Alessandro Trincone, Tilly & William, 69 or Claire Barrow. Even some photographers did shoot just about Unisex using neutrals colors and tones, denim, and gender fluid models. There are also some celebrities that expand this concept of being gender fluid such as Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga or Jaden Smith. But we notice one thing working on this project, is that there is one pattern that always come back, is: DENIM. We noticed that denim is Unisex. Both men and women can wear denim. That’s why we decided to do a Photo shoot: ALL DENIM. As we can see, one of my team members, Tula, was in charge of taking some pictures of a boy and a girl wearing all denim. So I decided to be the model with one of my friend, Emmanuel. We decided to shoot in an industrial place because it was neutral and neutrals colors like grey, white, beige or white are Unisex. We really enjoyed this shoot because the results were good and we think that it really represented the Gender Fluidity trend.



Trend Moodboard : Roles in our team: Christie: Research on Black Lives Matter Aidora: Research on LGBT Community & Brexit Emmanuel: Research on women exploitation Roxanne: Research on animal exploitation

Styling Project: Roles in our team: Allie : Research on gender fluid stylists Theresa: Research on gender fluid photographers Tula: Photographer & Stylist Aidora : Model & Stylist

Trend&Powerpoint&Presentation:& Roles in our team: Christie: Research on Police Brutality Aidora: In charge of doing the PowerPoint Emmanuel: Research on Black Lives Matter Roxanne: Research on LGBT Community

Trend Forecatsing Video: Roles in our team; Christie : Edit the video Aidora : Edit the video Roxanne : Model in the video Emmanuel : Model in the video

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Team portfolio final FT4101  
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