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Profile. I am a detail-driven, highly motivated, award winning 1st Class Honours Design for Industry graduate from Northumbria University Newcastle. Having a huge ambition for design, I believe that products should be made with a sense of curiosity and passion and I am always striving to achieve new skills and techniques with a driven aptitude and strong motivation to learn and develop. Having studied and worked within various areas of design such as Graphic Design, Product Design and Photography and working with a range of international clients, I have always worked with a strong, open-minded and empathic approach to design, always aiming to imporve my skills and development but helping others along the way.



LEG O / / FEBRU ARY 2 018 - JU LY 2018





4 WEEK LIVE PROJECT // 2017 Hallmark Cards approached the University and I took part in a 4 week live project with them to develop and create original and exciting Christmas Cards and Crackers that could be apart of their upcoming range. It was a great project to be involved in and it allowed me develop many paper craft techniques and look at a different side of product design.

E d uca t i on 1st Class Honours BA (HONS) DESIGN FOR INDUSTRY //

2015 - 2019

N o r t h u m b r i a U n i v e r s i t y, N e w c a s t l e A LEVEL - GRAPHIC DESIGN, P H OTO G R A P H Y, M E D I A S T U D I E S / /

Q u e e n E l i z a b e t h S i x t h Fo r m Hummersknott Academy

Working as part of the ‘Student Frontend Team’, I was involved in the prototyping and concept development of new sets, themes and also bricks within LEGO. It is a great experience allowing me to develop my workshop skills and also my 3D modelling and development.


+44 (0) 7701324980

G C S E - P R O D U CT D E S I G N / /

IN N OVIA T ECH N OLOGY // SEPT EM BER 2019 - Pre se n t Working as an Innovation Consultant I am able to use a wide range of design skills from CAD, sketching and Product visualisation to design thinking and photography and film making. These skills allow me to work with some of worlds biggest clients in the Healthcare, Consumer, Mechanical and Design industries.


Con ta ct



2013 - 2015

2008 - 2013

Ach i evem ents CATEGORY WINNER Student Packaging Designer of the Year 2017 FINALIST - HIGHLY COMMENDED Design Innovation in Plastics 2017


4 W E E K L I V E P R O J E CT - ‘ D I S C OV E R Y PAC K ’ / / 2 0 1 7 Working with Taylor’s of Harrogate to help develop the packaging and the customer experience and interaction for their coffee and tea ranges. As a team of 3, it was an excellent experience working as a group, developing new skills and sharing knowledge with each other to create an exciting and innovative product. Our designs were selected and won the ‘Discover Pack Brief’ and the designs were put forward and taken on by Taylor’s.


ENER-G BIO: BIO SOLUTIONS // MARCH - JUNE 2017 Working for a north east waste and environmental consultancy being involved with a wide range of design work from logo/web design, graphic design, commercial/industrial photography, product development. It was a great opportunity to learn new and interesting skills in a rapidly growing industry.

Technical Skills.


Category Winner Student Packaging Designer of the Year 2017.

Finalist Design Innovation in Plastics Competition 2017.

Student Project Winner Live Student Project for Taylors of Harrogate.

May 2017

July 2017

September - November 2017

f i n a l i st

Student Project Win Live Student Project Hallmark. December 2017

nner for

Live Student Project in collaboration with Tommee Tippee.

Design Intern Design Intern at LEGO.

Innovation Design Consultant Design consultant at Innovia Technology, Cambridge

December 2017

February 2018 - July 2018

September 2019 - Present

01I I LA - Audio Reactive Speaker



05Toothpaste Dispenser

03Non-literal Form

06Sketching + Rendering




I I LA - Audio Reactive Speaker Final Major Project.

IILA is an audio reactive speaker, immersing you into the music through visual and tactile interaction. With it’s unconventional looks, IILA is a speaker that is designed to react and respond to the music that is being played, providing a new sensory experience. By rippling and reacting to your music it creates a more personal and immersive experience, allowing you to listen and watch your favourite songs and artists.

7 in 10 Brits feel that they need to spend more time relaxing and not worry about work and other issues.

Can we change the way in which we listen to music through a more immersive and personal experience?

68% of smartphone users stream and listen to music on a daily basis. With the lack of down time and relaxation and the consumption of music on our phones, listening to music now can often result in a disconnect and lack of emotional engagment.

Floating Frame

Wall Mounted

Wooden Frame / Fabric Internal

TheConcept. IILA is designed to react and respond to the music that is being played, providing a new sensory experience. By rippling and reacting to your music it creates a more personal and immersive experience, allowing you to listen and watch your favourite songs and artists.

Watch the music.

Long Sustained Notes

Heavy Beat

Steady Rhythm

Casual Listening

Combining the two worlds of art and music to showcase a new expression of sound.

Frame Profile Exploration

Arduino Coding and Breadboard

CMFExploration. I explored a wide range of CMF options when designing IILA. As it is a speaker that places in the home I wanted to create something that can be configured and tailored to you, fitting perfectly in the home enhancing your listening experience. English Oak

A natural rich colour, providing a wonderful contrast to the modern home. Eye catching and engaging from every angle.


With a more neutral tone,the Maple frame is great for any room. Impress guests with the beautiful clean lines and contemporary minimalist look.


Inverted Classic

Outer Cut

Internal Round



Large internal chamfer with a detailing external chamfer. Catches the eye at any angle.

Large external chamfer with a smaller internal cut. Great if you want to make a statement.

Red Oak

With a fiery finish, Red Oak is excellent in all rooms in the home. With a thin yet dark grain, the Red Oak has lovely contrasting tones.

Similar to the Inverted Classic but with a softer internal radius, creating a seamless transition from frame to fabric.

A much softer frame with a small external cut and a larger internal radius. Delivers a subtle and relaxed appearance.


Similar to the Oak but showing the beauty with it’s larger grain and deeper detailing. Ash is perfect with a lightly coated beeswax finish to allow for the grain to catch the eye in any scenario.


Strong, bold and will withstand the test of time. The Walnut frame is great in providing a darker, brooding atmosphere whilst still supporting a sophisticated and mature appearance.

A blend between sharp and soft creating an unusual yet engaging profile. A lovely combination of characteristics.

Simple yet effective. A rounded off seamless curve. Ideal for anyone.

colour palettes

Cross Weave

Extensive range of colours, with a tough and hard wearing texture. Great to look at but also to get up close and ,‘feel,’ the music.







Two Tone Weave

Similar to the standard Cross Weave but with a two-tone colour pallet. Revealing each colour when stretched and rippling, creating a unique effect from whatever view point.













Pique Knit

With a textured, waffle weave surface, Pique fabric is great if want more texture and tactility whilst still maintaining a pleasant and soft appearance.




Oak Frame 20mm internal chamfer 7mm external chamfer

Elasticated Fabric Single colour cross weave, providing elasticity and stretch

Waxed Frame Waxed frame to protect but still provide a natural finish

Woven Fabric Hard wearing, tactile weave

TheInteraction. To create a more personal and immersive experience, the interaction you have with the speaker is also very important. The control panel is covered in a hard wearing woven fabric with capacitive touch capabilities. Enabling you to turn it on/off, adjust the volume and also select tracks simply through the use of gestures and capacitive control. Bringing back the connection between the user and the music.

On | Off

Gently gliding your hand across the control panel of the speaker easily turns it on and off. Bringing a more personal approach to the way you interact with music.

Volume +|-

Glide your hand up and down the control panel to adjust the volume of your music.

Next | Previous Track

Quickly swiping will enable you to skip or return to the previous track you were playing. Making it an easy and quick gesture to maximise listening time.

Play | Pause

Tapping anywhere on the control module will allow you to play and pause the music. Simply tap again to re-immerse yourself in the music .

TheAssembly. CNC Steel Mounting Bracket

Wooden Frame

12V Power Supply

Powering Speakers + Servos

Internal Housing/Frame

Fabric clips on

Wooden Frame Hooks On

Main Body Fabric

Capacitive Touch Electronics + Conductive Sheet

Internal Frame Screws into Bracket _ Securing frame

MTM Stereo Speaker Arrangement Mid Woofer - Tweeter - Mid Woofer

Servo Motors Control Module Fabric - Clips On

MTM Stereo Arrangement

Mid Woofer - Tweeter - Mid Woofer Perfect for anyone, the arrangement provides a wide listening angle and can be heard clearly from any corner of the room. The arrangement can be easily positioned vertically or horizontally and still provide rich, in-depth sound. Ideal to focus on listening and also watching the speaker transform.

Servo Matrix There are a series of servos evenly placed throughout the body of the speaker. These servos are programmed to respond to the audio signal that comes through by analysing volume intensity within a song but also frequency levels.

18 x 20kg Servos 5” Mid Woofer 1” Tweeter

5” Mid Woofer

AlternativeConfigurations. Room renders showcasing the different settings and scenarios. IILA can be configured and tailored to you, so these renders were created to demonstrate the various different rooms it can be placed in.



Not your conventional speaker, creating an immersive and personal listening experience.

Watch the music.


‘Design a product for independent travel, primarily in plastic, that will provide a more comfortable and less stressful travel experience.’ Pedlock is designed as a deterrent and makes securing your bike safer and easier, making it less vulnerable to theives. As it locks in between the chain it results in the bike being unable to use, immobilising the bike. It is located on the pedal it providing a subtle and unique commuting experience, whilst still providing extra security. Pedlock was short-listed and a Finalist for the Innovation in Plastics Competition 2017

f i n a l i st

commuter. fixie. city rider.

easy to fit. unobtrusive.

theft. vulnerable. cheap.

sustainable. recycled. affordable.


Bike locks come in a wide range of sizes and they are often difficult to carry, easy to break or even secured incorrectly, making bikes vulnerable to thieves


To create an bike lock integrated into the bike to make securing the bike easier and to act as a deterrent around potential thieves

Ben | Designer “As I work in the city; my bike is my main way of commuting to and from work. Carrying big locks and chains is always a hassle and uncomfortable to carry, especially when I need to lock it for a few minutes.“


Difficult to carry

Poorly Secured

Not easily visible

244 238 148

227 65 18

249 201 0

246 233 77

227 15 19

250 181 19

248 234 58

219 185 183

213 148 48

233 192 81

223 79 72

189 77 97





Pedlock is placed on the crank side of the bike, to allow it to position in between the chain and chain stay.

Screw Pedlock onto the crank arm, as the design is similar to existing pedals it can simply be screwed on.

Use the bike like normal as Pedlock is non-obtrusive and feels and looks like a standard pedal.




Once you have parked up the bike Pedlock can be used to quickly secure the bike.

Using the key to unlock the beam and slide in between the chain and the chain stay. Creating a lock and deterrent on the bike.


Slide the beam out, fixing the beam to be placed in between the chain stay and chain. Resulting in a quick and easy use deterrent.

Moulded Polycarbonate

f i n a l i st

Semi transparent reflector outer with micro-prisms formed inside to create a reflective surface


Torx screws, barrel lock and locking pins made from aluminium

Injection Moulded RTP VLF 80211 EM HS (60% long glass fibre) Nylon long fibre compound with excellent strength & high impact resistance Great mould-ability with the availability in a range of pigmentations

Variety of colours

The beam has a variety of colours enabling it to be seen from a distance


Non-literal Form.

Non-Literal Form is an exercise that explores the form, communication and product interaction. This results in a design with no clear function but with an instantly recognisable interaction, communicated to the user only through its aesthetic. Inspired by the words of SHARP and FLOW, it allowed me to focus on a specific aesthetic within the form and details.

ProductInfluences. Sharp+Flow




A brief set out by the RSA to develop a convivial kitchen product or spatial solution that enables people of diverse generations and needs to prepare and eat food, entertain, engage in hobbies or work, and enjoy being together. Prep. is a desktop workstation designed

to help reduce movement around the kitchen, by having all of your essential preparation items in one place making it easier to prepare and cook your meals. Bringing back independence and confidence in the kitchen.

TheElderly. In the kitchen

“I love cooking; it allows me to still feel independent. However I have a lot of trouble moving around the kitchen, especially when preparing my food.”


“Common problems in the kitchen were due to the awkward body position where subjects had to bend down to take things from lower shelves, taking/storing things on higher shelves and cleaning the cooker. Moreover, the safety concerns were the layout of work centres (storage, cooker and sink), the use of cooker and opening packaging.” Aging: physical difficulties and safety in cooking tasks - School of Art and Design, Coventry University, UK


Develop and design a product that can encourage cooking and preparation that is easily accessible and maintains independence for the elderly that may suffer with immobility and/or disabilities.


Kitchen workflow triangle

Preparing a meal


As some elderly individuals have limited mobiltity, they often struggle moving around the kitchen

Elderly individual goes into the kitchen




Kitchen shapes and styles

With a wide variety of kitchen layouts, travelling around the kitchen can be extensive and result in a lot of movement, making it difficult for an elderly person

Final Preparation

Preparing food is one of the most important parts when in the kitchen but it can lead to difficulties and problems with reduced mobiltiy and dexterity, leading to a lack of confidence and independence

Storage - Essential Items

A variety of utensils may be needed to prepare their meal but they are located around the kitchen, resulting in more movement and travel which wouldn’t neccessary if the kitchen was organised

Awkward body positions Safety

With all of the awkward postions when collecting the required equipment and lack of mobility, it can be a health and safety concern especially if the user is carrying sharp objects

Before preparing the meal, the individual must gather all the essential utensils and food. Bending down into drawers and reaching into cupboards can cause strain and be uncomfortable

Start Cooking

restricted hand movement

wearing gloves whilst cutting to restrict movement and reduce the grip

single handed use

some individuals use sticks/frames to aid them around the kitchen and may only have use of one hand.

restricted arm movement

layering up to simulate restricted movement in the arms, making it difficult to cut and move.

PossibleMaterials. Stainless Steel

Lightweight and strong, corrosion resistant


Easy maintenance however can be soft compared to other materials


Easily recyclable, can be brittle and not as strong. Lower life span


Cheap and also flexible - good material for living hinges. Will not blunt knives


Tough, hard wearing, food safe with good slide properties

ColourChoices. 245 237 128

223 218 212

107 111 113

239 202 87

241 241 241

193 193 190

245 231 44

193 193 190

90 90 90

212 190 39

193 193 190

90 90 90


PET Polyester - Pegboard Design

Injection moulded polyester that is lightweight and tough to withstand its use of being taken in and out of its holder but with good slide and wear propertites that will stand the test of time. Fully customisable to fit the users needs allowing accessories to be moved and changed simply just by pulling them out.

Polypropylene Board

Additional chopping board to use if the user is needing to cut separate items to reduce the risk of cross contamination.

PET Polyester

PET Polyester

As the accessories store utensils and can be moved/unclipped from the pegboard they need to be strong and hard wearing but also food safe, with the ability to add colour filament. They are yellow to follow the product and brand identity whilst still have the purpose of being vibrant and recognisable.

As products will be sliding in and out, PET Polyester is a good hard wearing plastic that is chemical resistant as well as non-staining. A desirable material for the kitchen that is also food safe.

Injection Moulded Polypropylene

The chopping board will be made from polypropylene as it is flexible but also cheap to mould and manufacture with a long life span. Over time the board will mark but will not blunt the knife

Yellow Binding - Two Colour Injection Moulding

Yellow has been used throughout the product as it is a neutral colour within the kitchen so it is easily recognisable and unlikely to get mixed up with other products in the kitchen

Living hinges

Flexible and easy to form. Suitable for maintenance and cleaning as there’s no hidden groves and cracks for food and wastage to get stuck

Magnetic Tab

The chopping board is detachable making it easy to clean but also interchangeable. Enabling the user to change and swap around the different boards

Easy lift tab

Magnetic clipping with a large tab to ensure that it can easily pulled open single handedly


Toothpaste Dispenser.

Toothpaste dispensers can be difficult to use, especially when it comes to the end of the toothpaste, resulting in a lot of wastage. This project allowed me to focus on the packaging of FMCG products and how they can be improved for the consumer. I developed and re-engineered a toothpaste dispenser to make it easier to user. This packaging won the ‘Dispensing’ category of the Student Packaging Designer of the Year 2017 competition.

dispensing. opening. closing.

difficult to press. wastage of toothpaste.

elderly. children. disabled.


Due to the awkward positioning of the pump, it can often be difficult for the young and elderly to use, resulting in wastage and an uncomfortable user experience


Develop a new and interesting way to improve the interaction and use of a toothpaste dispensers for the consumer, by reducing waste and focusing on an inclusive product

Sarah | Office Manager + Mum of 2 “Brushing the kids teeth on a night is always a hassle, there’s a lot of mess and now that the children are getting more independent having them brush their teeth on their own without the difficulty would be great. ”


Difficult to use



Pushing sideways still creates a downwards force to form pressure in the tube, resulting in toothpaste being able to be dispensed.


Sketching + Rendering

This is a small section to showcase the digital sketching and product rendering that I do in my spare time. Often using an iPad Pro and Keyshot, exploring and experimenting with to develop my practical and product visualisation skills.


AidanSmith @ a c s mi th. i d ai d an s mi thd e s i gn @ gma i l.c om l i nked i n.c om/ i n / a i d a n s mi thd e s i gn

Profile for Aidan Smith

Industrial Design Portfolio - Aidan Smith |2020  

Industrial Design graduate from Northumbria University. *Updated MARCH 2020* Northumbria Design for Industry Industrial Design

Industrial Design Portfolio - Aidan Smith |2020  

Industrial Design graduate from Northumbria University. *Updated MARCH 2020* Northumbria Design for Industry Industrial Design