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FRIDAY, 25 MARCH, 2011

PAYING FOR GRADES: Companies seen in library touting tailor-made dissertations for cash

i NEWS Dissertation: What ON

price would you pay?

Residents protest over biomass plant PAGE 3



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Solent rowing team enjoy more success PAGE 12 Visit our website:

Companies offering tailor-written essays and dissertations to students have been spotted on campus at Southampton Solent University. One such company is Ivory Research, a UK based company who have a staff of graduates able to supply a first quality, 10,000-word dissertation within one week of ordering. Ivory Research offers 100% plagiarism free, first quality essays and dissertations, for a sizeable fee, with a money-back option if the papers do not meet their promise of “100% Satisfaction”. With such a small time frame, the paper will cost £2,200, but they do offer cheaper options, with a 2:2 ordered a month in advance costing £800. The company states on its website that: “Our services are to be used for research and reference purposes only.” This, however, does not stop students submitting the purchased papers as their own work, a blatant violation of university rules. Claire Hughes, Southampton Solent’s Student Conduct, Appeals and Complaints Officer from the Academic Standards and Quality Service department, stated: “It’s deemed a very serious offence, mainly because it would mean that the student doesn’t learn what they should be learning but it also undermines and devalues the awards for other students and alumni.” Lorraine Mankoo, of the same department at Solent, added that companies would be unwilling to hire students from a university that may have a reputation for students paying for assignments.

DODGY DEAL: A student hands over cash for some academic work The companies themselves are not breaking any laws in providing these services to the students. However, they are by coming onto the campus and soliciting students. Ms Hughes continued: “Theoretically we could go down the civil court route and prosecute them for trespassing, students should avoid them if they do see them on campus.” Punishment for students found to be submitting other people’s work ranges from a student having to re-do their assignment with their mark being

Theoretically we could go down the civil court route and prosecute them for trespassing

capped at the pass rate, and repeat offenders face being withdrawn from the course. Ivory Research uses its own in-house plagiarism detection software and an internal quality control team to guarantee the paper is completely plagiarism

Picture posed by models free, one of the reasons Ivory Research spokesperson Caroline Ashworth, feels allows them to set such high prices: “Our prices reflect the quality of our writers and the work that they produce. With the best writers in the industry genera ing high quality work, our fees have to match this.” Solent student Chris Brookman was approached outside the library by a lady offering him help with his assignments: “I thought it must be illegal obContinued on PAGE 3

Your View: Readers give us their opinion on Brit intervention in Libya PAGE 10


FRIDAY, 25 MARCH, 2011

Protests over biomass she said: “We have issues with the impact it will have on air pollution. The one statistic that they haven’t put in their exhibition is the levels that we have on Millbrook Road. We are already exceeding air pollution targets in this area. They’ve made it look like it wont have any impact at all which isn’t fair and isn’t true.” Locals are also skeptical about the vast size of the power station. When built, it will become the city‘s tallest building, it’s highest point measuring twice the size of the civic centre clock tower. Ms Arranz said: “It’s a really ginormous building that’s going to completely destroy the landscape and have a catastrophic effect on the whole community as being a green project, which it’s not. ” Simon Plumdrige, a Liberal Democrat Councillor Candidate for Southampton, said: “We don’t want it here, the public don’t want it here. I think that we don’t know enough about biomass to put it this close to a residential area and I’ve obviously spoken to the people inside from the company involved and I’ve said to them that they should respect the people’s wishes.” Mr Plumdrige said an alternative source needs to be found: “We have to find another form of en-

Dissertations "for sale! Story continued from Page 1... -viously because it’s cheating, I’m not going to be writing my work, someone else is going to be writing it for me. I’m not sure I’d do anything like that because I’m worried about the consequences really.” One student, who wished to remain anonymous, from the University of Exeter, paid £400 for a 2,500 word history essay from a website similar to Ivory Research: “I didn’t have enough time to do it, I spent too much time at my job and out with mates. I panicked. I sold my Playstation to pay for it. I regret doing it, but I would have failed that unit if I didn’t.” The student in question has since completed his degree and graduated. Ayumi Okada, Vice President Student Support, at Solent’s Students Union was keen to stress that there are better options available to students who may be struggling with their work loads: “I wish I knew all the services when I was a student. If there isn’t a service the student was looking to receive

than the SU can signpost them to it. Everybody working in this university is the same: what they want is for the students here to feel happy, healthy, and satisfied with all the opportunities they get.” Proof reading services are also being offered. One business card found in ‘The Dock’ pointed students to a website offering to “Proofread and mark-up texts with modern BS symbols - either in hard copy, or on-screen,” and to “improve or rewrite texts - accurately and intelligently - on a wide range of subjects.” Again, Ms Hughes stated: “We recommend proof reading services should not be used. How far is proof reading, slash editing, away from actually helping someone to rewrite their assignment, hence it goes back to them not actually submitting their own work.” Ms Okada added: “I think the minute somebody asks you to pay for your work, that’s the line you should not cross.” By Aidan Parr

ergy, a cheaper form of energy but this close to a residential area, I’m dead against.” Helius have put forward that the plant will create more jobs for the community: “We’re looking for up to 450 jobs during construction and 40 jobs during the operation of the plant, plus up to 60 jobs

servicing the plant in operations and maintenance operations,” Mr Brighton said. If the developer gets permission to build the biomass station, they believe it will become a famous landmark that Southampton could be proud of. By Elizabeth Abnett

SPEAKING OUT: A campaign poster held by protestors opposing the proposed plant

PHOTO: Elizabeth Abnett

Residential protests have continued as a biomass plant exhibition is being held in a bid to win over resistant locals. Developer Helius Energy presented the power station plans to the public on Tuesday. The exhibition was held at Western Docks in Millbrook, the area that the plant is expected to be built in by 2015 if granted permission. The mostly wood powered electricity station would consume up to 800,00 tonnes of fuel and produce electricity to power 200,000 homes. Helius Energy Planning Director Paul Brighton said the £300m power station will focus on being carbon efficient: " The big advantage for Southampton is in terms of carbon emissions savings and helping to make Southampton a lower carbon city for the future because we will be supplying renewable electricity into the local electricity grid. Also, we are investigating commercial options for the supply of renewable heat into the area.” Protestors, who gathered outside the exhibition were not convinced by the “green” project claims made by Helius and concerns were raised about the increase in noise, pollution and air quality. Eloisa Gil – Arranz runs the “No Southampton Biomass” campaign,

Ben Platt calls Ivory Research to investigate BP - I!ve got a 10,000 word dissertation to do and haven!t got loads of time to do it. IR – It!s up to you how you want to use our services as in, if you!d like us to assist you with the entire dissertation or perhaps there!s just one or two chapters that you!re struggling the most with and you want to ask us to assist you with those while you crack on with the rest of it. BP – OK, so I was just wondering like A) how much it!s going to cost me, and B) whether there are any plagiarism issues or anything like that? IR – With regards to cost I couldn!t give you a price over the phone because it depends on a number of different factors, we!d need to look at the details in full. We do have a price calculator on our website that can give you an estimate but it is an estimate only and for a tailored quote we!d need to see the full details. And then, with regards to plagiarism we have our own inhouse plagiarism detection software, so all assignments are checked before they get sent out to the client. We do guarantee that our papers will be 100% plagiarism free.

BP – Just a couple of questions; I!m a little bit hesitant to be honest – how can you guarantee I will get a first? IR – We have a really strict recruitment procedure, so if you ordered a first standard, we wouldn!t then give it to somebody who perhaps, I think, received a 2:1 in their own degree. So for example, if you!re studying at masters level we would send it to someone with either a first, if that!s what you!ve ordered, in their masters degree, or someone who has a PHD. BP – So is this something I should keep quiet from my lecturers? IR – Erm, it is frowned upon, but as long as you use our papers correctly, in the correct manner, I!m sure you!re aware of your university rules, you!re not allowed to admit a piece of work that hasn!t been written by you, so the papers we supply for you are reference only and guidance only; they!re not there to be submitted as your own piece of work.


Police launch hunt for park sex attacker Another attack in Southampton’s parks has sparked fear among students. A second attack in the space of three days happened in Andrews Park, opposite Southampton Solent University. The attack, in the early hours of Wednesday, left a young woman shaken and distressed. Suffering only superficial facial injuries, the 18-year-old woman was approached by an older man who then disappeared. As she walked further he reappeared close to the tennis courts and café of the Andrews Park and pushed her to the ground. He tried to sexually assault her but she escaped and the man fled. The victim has described the attacker as a man aged 20 -30 years old, approx 5ft 8ins tall of Asian appearance. He was of a 'tubby' build with quite a lot of stubble and short dark hair, cut to the same length all around in no particular style. He was wearing dark clothing. The Hampshire Constabulary is keen for information about the incident. Detective Inspector Charlie Rimmer, who is leading the investigation, said: “We would appeal to anyone with information, no matter how insignificant it might appear to be, to contact us without delay. This information could be vital in identifying the offender. “This is the second incident in only a number of days where a lone woman has been targeted by a male of a similar description while making their way home after a night out in Southampton – it is imperative we identify this person as soon as possible.” The University is also attempting to raise awareness of the safety of the city parks. An initiative following the attack will see informational banners aired on the digital television network throughout the campus. By James Pleass

BP – What would happen if it was found out that I was doing this? IR – Well, it depends on how you use the paper. As long as you use it in the correct manner and you use it as reference and guidance only, it!s another tool, if you like, with regards to your research. BP – So I can submit it straight as it comes? IR – No, that would be in breach of your university rules.

Ben Platt is a third year Journalism student. To hear his audio report and this conversation in full visit...


The scene on Wednesday


6 music...


An advertisment for SU!plays host to ‘Weird New England’ launch success - James Hilton Fresh talent was on offer at the SU on Monday night. The gig celebrated the launch of Adam Croft’s first studio album, and was awash with acoustic flair. Adam plays “truthful and emotional music that reflects the state of mind of the socially awkward, the young and the lost,” which may bring daunting thoughts of pensive crooning, but the night turned out to be a great light-hearted celebration of local talent. Adam frequently changed between guitars and a ukulele, with elements of rhythm brought in by handclaps and thuds from his loop pedal. His set branched

across a number of styles, throwing in wholly original covers of UB40’s Red Red Wine and Dizzee Rascal’s Fix Up, Look Sharp. The highlight of the night was a barbershop inspired love song to Countdown’s very own Rachel Riley. With subtle lines like: “you are the perfect sum, an unsolvable equation, that I need to know” leaving the audience slowly realising the song’s intentions. Adam Croft’s debut album Weird New England is available for £4 by contacting him on David West

A moment in song:!Croft onstage at album launch Picture: Tara Perera



staff style... After weeks of trawling the campus for the best dressed around, we turned the camera on our own staff. Tell us what you think about our fashion sense on twitter:!@i_on_solent

LIFESTYLE: The head of advertising company AKQA tells I-On-Solent about his passions and ambitions in life, as well as his time at Solent

Solent alumnus James Hilton is used to the finer things in life. In running advertising company AKQA, Hilton has worked with Ferrari, Nike, Heineken and Visa, as well as working on Smirnoff’s ‘The Night of Your Life’ campaign. AKQA employs ‘innovators, entrepreneurs and storytellers’ and now one half of the creative force behind the company tells his story to IOn-Solent. Career wise, what aspirations did you have prior to university? I didn’t want a ‘job’. It seemed to me an awful waste of life to spend it doing something you didn’t have passion for. What would be the point of that? From year zero I can remember wanting to create, but always on my own terms, and never listening to what people thought. I know that makes me sound arrogant, and there are quite a few people who would agree, but it was only because I was consumed by what I was doing; whether that was designing a shadow puppet for a school assembly aged 7, or filming Sherlock Holmes aged 37. It was never a conscious thing to want to be a creative/ designer/ whatever, it was more like it was hard-coded into me – I couldn’t help it. So whilst one part of my brain got on with creating things, another part couldn’t get enough of stars. I’d lie down on a sun-lounger cushion in my parent’s garden in sub-zero temperatures (best for a calm atmosphere – no heat wobble) and just stare at the night sky for hours on end. I won’t say it was a religious experience, but I guess it was close. I just remember thinking that I would never be able to create anything even remotely as beautiful or as wondrous as that. I would of course, never aspire to. But looking at another planet or galaxy with your own eyes is the crystal meth of inspiration. So in summary, I had two subjects I loved; astronomy and design. In time I discovered that design was sexy, and that as-

tronomer parties were shit. With a decision made, it was very clear there was no ‘plan B’. It was ‘be good at this design thing or become another drone’. Essentially; do or die. The simplest plans are often the best. What subject did you study at Solent? As I hadn’t bothered with A Levels, but had instead done some foundation course thing in design, and another GCSE in Psychology, I did a two-year OND in Graphic Design first. Then a two-year HND in Graphic Design. I’d got to know the guys in the fledgling ‘Mac room’ very well, and knew all the people you needed to know to get things done, so I didn’t see the point in changing colleges to do the HND. I wanted to do a degree after that, but I was told by the Head of Faculty “there’s nothing more we can do for you, you need to get out there and stop hiding behind the skirt of education”. I suppose I have him to thank for AKQA. How did you find your time at Solent? Were you a first mark perfect student or did you struggle with certain areas? I struggle when anyone tells me what to do or tries to enforce rules around creativity. As you can imagine, that led to some challenging moments for my tutors. I went to college to learn, develop and pack as many hours as possible into becoming better than anyone else at what I did. I didn’t go there to piss about. What advice would you give to current Solent students?

Have the grace to listen to your teachers; it earns you the right to ignore their advice. You will never find inspiration in the work of your contemporaries; just ideas that have already been done, by them. Make glorious mistakes. This is probably the last time you will be able to experiment with impunity.

Chidi Ogundu mixes comfort with practicality with a plain tee and combats combination. The hard wearing combats mean this is the perfect outfit for an active student - and newspaper reporter.

Elizabeth Abnett"s addition of a blazer to an otherwise summery outfit lends a tone of commonsense to her ensamble. Even with summer fast approaching, we"re always vulnerable to a cold snap.

Here, today"s editor Katherine Romero marries summer chic with a touch of regency elegance courtesy of delecate accesarising with a vintage necklace and a lace cardigan. Her #on trend" look brings a not oft seen touch of sophistication to the news room.

James Pleass is going old school with the classic jeans and teeshirt combo. The bright motif and exuberant belt buckle bring character to an otherwise muted ensamble.

Post uni, how did you get to the fantastic position you are in now? No idea. It was a series of intricate, impossibly complicated, totally unconscious, innumerable and vastly improbable instances that conspired to allow myself and Ajaz (Ajaz Ahmed, co-founder of AKQA), and all his incomprehensible coincidences, to meet, get along, share a belief and a passion, to then work our asses off seven days a week, 18 hours a day for 3 years to bring this thing into some kind of existence. 17 years later it’s still here; with a thousand people working in it and offices around the planet. Bonkers. How much of your success do you credit to your time at Solent? Put it this way: if it hadn’t been for the fact that Solent got a bunch of Macs in at just the right time when I arrived on the scene, if they hadn’t employed Ken Stewart and Paul Carry to run them, if I’d given a toss about what my typography teacher was telling me to do and hadn’t decided to do it all on the Macs thus beginning one of the most profound and illuminating friendships of my life (Apple and Ken), if I hadn’t nearly been thrown off the course for challeng-

Dressed for success: Solent alumni James Hilton Picture:!AKQA ing said typography tutor thereby convincwork thus inflating my ego to frankly obing me I was right in the first place, if I hadscene proportions, if I hadn’t won the coln’t been allowed to stay behind in the Mac leges design competitions to work with real room ‘lock-ins’ every night until midnight, clients and thereby discover how much peowhilst everyone else was out at the Student ple in the outside world really can take the Union bar getting drunk so I could teach piss given the opportunity, if all of this and myself how to use Photoshop, if a tutor had- a thousand more instances and opportunin’t told me that ‘the Internet was just for ties had never happened because I didn’t words’ in reply to my asking ‘could I put my get into Central St. Martins and instead dework up on it?’, if a tutor called Rod Clark cided upon Southampton to reap the benehadn’t shown me what the real design world fits of living at home, then things may well was like and how I could reinvent it if I have turned out very differently. wanted too, if it hadn’t been discovered that others on the course were plagiarising my Katherine Romero

Aidan Parr and James Warren

i onsport University basketball team win third consecutive game: P11

Solent extinguish the Burners’ trophy hopes AMERICAN!FOOTBALL: Redhawks win over Brunel means a place in the Challenge Trophy Brunel Burners 0 Solent Redhawks 22 A 22-0 victory over the Brunel Burners sees the Redhawks secure third place in their conference, and a spot in the Challenge Trophy. It was a game of huge significance to both teams, with a win clinching that all-important third place position for either team, but the Redhawks showed why they are tipped to go on to win the Challenge Trophy. Tom Borsay, who’s in his first year with the team, clinched his third consecutive Offensive MVP award with two touchdowns, and quarterback Seb Rivas ran in two points after a botched field goal attempt. Dave ‘Odin’ Bustin blocked three out of four punt attempts in an impressive display, one of which was returned by Ed Butcher for another touchdown. Alongside this impressive offensive display, the Redhawks managed to shut out the Burners, with Sam Beech securing Defensive MVP. It was Beech’s third MVP in a row, after securing Defensive MVP against Portsmouth, and then Special Teams MVP against Oxford Brookes. Captain as well as quarterback, Rivas, called the game a “clinical performance” despite some of the worst conditions he had ever played in. Rivas was eager to praise the team as a whole, citing the team’s motto: “There is no limit to what a team can accomplish if you don’t care who gets credit.” He continued by saying that it was a “near perfect game – everyone had a good one and we’re looking forward to the next game.” The Redhawks’ next game could be sometime away as they are in


in brief...

Former Saints player honoured by team mates after tragic death FOOTBALL: The former Southampton FC defender Dean Richards died on Saturday (26 February) at the age of 36 after a long-term illness. Richards, who also played for Bradford, Wolves and Tottenham, had to retire from the game in 2005 after suffering from dizzy spells and headaches. The 36-yearold had been working as a coach at Bradford City, the club where he started his career. In 1995 Richards was signed by Wolverhampton Wanderers, before moving to then-Premiership side Southampton. He spent two seasons at the south coast club before transferring to Tottenham for £8.1m. This was a record for the highest amount paid for a player with no senior international caps. Wolves fans chanted Richards’ name throughout their 4-0 victory over Blackpool this week and manager Mick McCarthy said: “I can’t tell you how sorry I feel for his family because 36 is no age and they are the people who will be really hurting.” Richards’ former Southampton teammate Francis Benali also said: “I was shocked and saddened to hear the tragic news... It was sad enough when he had to prematurely retire from the game when he was only 30 so for him to pass away at just 36 is tragic news.” Jack Miles

Contest debut for Uni Cheerleaders

Touchdown drive:!Quarterback Seb Rivas line for a bye in the first week of the Challenge Trophy. Bustin, one of the most experienced players in the squad, was disappointed the team had failed to reach the playoffs, but confident that the team could do well in the cup: “For the experience in the team, this is the right place to be… this team could have gone all the way”. The Redhawks are currently

seeded seventeenth in the country, which means that many pundits are tipping them as favourites for the trophy, comprised of the third place teams from the various conferences. Rivas was quietly confident about his team’s chances: “We’ve built great momentum, which we’re going to take into the playoffs.” Bustin said that he saw the com-

petition as a “building block” tournament, giving the team the opportunity to go further and get more game time, a vital learning experience for a rookie heavy team. A win in this competition would give the Redhawks some welcome experience, putting them into a good position to challenge the likes of Loughborough, Birmingham and Sheffield Hallam next year. Aidan Parr

CHEERLEADING: Solent University’s Raven’s Dance Squad have competed in their first university cheer competition. Coached by Penny Brown and Jessica Edwards, the team competed two routines at the Future Cheer University Championships. However, despite coming away with no deductions, the team only managed to place 11th. The squad are not disheartened by the results and are now training harder than ever to improve their placing at the ICC British Nationals later this month.

Take the plunge at The Quays DIVING: Sport Solent are now offering diving lessons to students at The Quays. There will be free taster sessions on 3, 8 amd 10 March. Bookings are to be made 48 hours before the sessions. Email for more information.



FRIDAY, 18 MARCH, 2011

in my view...

in your view

Rise in living costs adds to student cash worries

More costs for students to deal with whilst at university With the news just in that water prices are increasing for residents in Southampton, I can’t help but feel outraged. As a student, life is enough of a struggle- balancing a heavy workload, paying rent and managing a growing list of utility bills. To find out that these bills are about to increase just adds more stress. Unlike most students I don’t live in a student house; I live in an apartment with just my boyfriend. This means that all our bills are only divided between the two of us, so when the prices rise for water or electricity we really feel the pinch. Currently my half of the bills total over £50 pound a month and then with rent on top, I often find myself sacrificing on things I enjoy such as going to the cinema or going out for drinks. And then there are the times you have to turn down a night out.

by Victoria Beckett Electricity prices already shot up last year, fuel prices are ever rising, and there’s been the introduction of higher VAT on food, with water bills added to the list, I can’t help but feel the future looks bleak for my finances. For us students, our time spent at university is supposed to be ‘the best years of our life’, however I can’t help but feel that instead I’m running up a long list of debts, causing my social life to dwindle . When speaking to other students, I find most people have the same concerns as I do; money is often at the forefront of people’s minds. Instead of focusing on studying and finishing assignments, many students are busy pestering the bank to extend their overdrafts, working night shifts in a desperate attempt to make some money or taking calls from companies demanding bill payments. If

your like me you may find yourself calling your parents for some extra money. Not only is this a hassle it also makes me feel guilty that at the age of 21 I am so reliant on my parents for money. But the main problem I have with the news of the rising Southern water prices is that it’s not like I use an excessive amount of water. I shower once a day, and use the washing machine about once a week. Are we being exploited be companies who are making profits each year? I actually find the water in Southampton much harder than other cities in the country, and after staying at home and then returning to Southampton I often notice a massive difference. When I go to make a glass of water it is cloudy, making me instead turn to bottled water. The day the quality water improves is the day I’m happy to spend an extra 4.6 per cent on my water bill.

Points of view:Displaying cigarettes Keep them! says Aidan Parr There is no denying that smoking cigarettes is bad for you. Everyone is aware of the dangers, handily placed on each and every pack. Yes its addictive, and yes, they can cause cancer, lung disease and impotence, amongst many other illnesses and ailments, but what is the point of hiding them from view? Everyone knows what a cigarette is. They are seen every day on the streets, not to mention on television and films. Whatever you think of cigarettes, they do have a reputation. Would Clint Eastwood have had the same aura about him in A Fistfull of Dollars without his cigar clamped between his teeth? The likes of Eastwood, Pacino, De Niro, Bogart and Brando almost glorified cigarettes in their films, and when

teenagers see these films, they will think smoking is ‘cool’. Even if they have to be purchased from ‘under the counter’ cigarettes will still maintain their mystique and perhaps even benefit from the idea of clandestine purchases in brown paper bags. And while we’re at it, why not give everything else the same treatment? Alcohol is addictive; it can cause its own fair share of illness and disease and has minimal warning labels. Or how about fast food and chocolate? With a rise of national obesity, maybe its time that these ‘dangerous’ foods had their own warning labels. I think its time that the average person on the street got given some respect and be allowed to make choices for themselves. I agree that people should be made aware of the risks that cigarettes cause, but it should be up to them to decide whether or not to smoke them.

Ban them! says Chidi Ogundu Finally the government is doing something right by banning the display of tobacco in shops, but I don’t see why they have to wait until next year to ban displaying them in large shops and 2015 in corner shops. People need to get it into their heads that smoking is bad for them, it is expensive and it can do damage not just to the person smoking, but to others. Cigarettes are lethal products that cause serious illnesses and eventually death. The companies who produce them are just making money by damaging people’s health for the long term. The sad thing about cigarettes is that from your first puff you become addicted to them and it’s very hard to quit because your body would depend on the nicotine from then on. You walk into a newsagent and you see

them displayed behind the counter in bright, attractive colours which make them more appealing. Young children especially would find the brightly coloured packets very attractive, not knowing what they are or the dangers that they carry. Despite having warnings and pictures on the front cover that informs people what happens if you smoke too much, they still buy them. The sad thing is that children grow up watching their parents smoke, therefore thinking it is ok for them to smoke when they’re old enough. So far smoking adverts and sponsorship have been banned, smoking has been banned in public places and now banning the public display of cigarettes is another exciting new move. The next step would be to ban cigarettes all together. Yes people would lose their jobs, but on the other hand thousands of lives could be saved.

Is the rise in fuel costs affecting you?

Grace Plunton, 22, Fashion Design “I commute from home, so it!s almost double for me to fill my car up all the way”

Kyle Dowling, 22, Watersports Leisure Management “It!s murdering my wallet! I drive my missus to work in the morning and evening and the petrol prices are really killing me”

Alara Amin, 22, Interior Design and Decoration “Actually not. I!m from Norway. So the prices in England… it!s very cheap. So I haven!t noticed actually”

i onsport


Redhawks dominate as playoff chase continues: P11

Smugglers sunk in Solent playoff search BASKETBALL: Team Solent’s playoff push continues with win over Pompey Talking tactics: Coach Donneaud briefs the boys

A professional performance helped Team Solent defeat the Portsmouth City Smugglers 90-82 in their National Division Three (South) league match. Solent continued their push for the playoffs, atoning for the loss against the Smugglers that left them dumped out of the league cup. The visitors took an early lead, with the first quarter ending 2629, but some impressive play by Team Solent meant that they slowly took control of the tie; helped in no small way by Anthony Rutter’s impressive 25 points. Clinical scoring and an exceptional display of three point shooting proved the difference in a hotly contested derby. Many of Team Solent’s fans were aggrieved, as it seemed most of the refereeing decisions were in favour

of the Smugglers. Even with a large amount of technical fouls going against them, Team Solent kept their heads and remained in control of the game. Solent’s coach, Sylvain Donneaud, stated that the importance of adapting the teams play to different referees: “You’re gonna have, one week, a ref who will let you play hard defence, and have some contact; and one week: foul, foul, foul. We just need to be a bit smarter and adapt ourselves.” Kirkman’s outstanding 34 points allowed the Smugglers to close the gap to two points by the end of the third quarter, but Solent’s hard work kept them ahead in an engrossing final quarter that saw 30 points scored by the two teams. The result sees Team Solent just four points off that all-important second place, which would ensure

the team a home draw in the national playoffs. Solent face the teams directly below them in the league over the coming weeks, with the first match against the Wellingborough Phoenix on 20th February. The result also means that Portsmouth have dropped a place, with Oxford Brookes win lifting them over the Smugglers and up into 7th. Coach Donneaud spoke has high hopes for Team Solent’s playoff prospects but warns there is still a long way to go: “We’re in good shape for the playoffs but it’s not done yet. We’ve got five more games so it would be good to win three or four out of those. We’ve got top of the league coming here which will be a tough game, but we should reach the fourth spot. Aidan Parr

Rampant Colden smash Solent Team Solent 0 Colden Common 5 FOOTBALL: Team Solent suffered a heavy defeat at the hands of Colden Common on their own turf just weeks before their Puma Engineering Hampshire Premier League Senior Cup semi-final. Team Solent started slowly and within the first few minutes Common were ahead after Hodged slotted past the on rushing Bonner in the Solent goal. Hodge was in superb form and saw his free kick rattle the Team Solent bar, but as the game wore on it looked as Common might be made to pay for their earlier misses. Solent midfielder whipped a glorious ball across the box but Gray failed to take the chance as his header left the goal posts shaking. On 33 minutes Commons doubled their lead as Higgins hit a rasping left foot volley on the turn and left Bonner baffled. Higgins then made it three as Bonner failed to keep hold of a 25 yard strike and the rebound was tapped in. The first half was eventful, Team Solent midfielder Dan Vickers described the manager as: “fuming” at the fact they could beat Winchester the week before but be so bad against Commons who were “below them.” The midfielder then acknowledged that perhaps manger Simon Arthur was right to be bemused by the performance: “Perhaps we were a bit complacent after winning three on the bounce, but we learnt our lesson.” There was no changes made at half time and Commons added a fourth almost immediately. Ryan New then hit the crossbar again for the home side but there looked to be no sign of a remarkable comeback. Insult to injury was confounded as Commons scored a fifth on 81 minutes. Stuart Gower


Women banish blues with convincing Winchester win Team Solent 51 Winchester 5 Southampton Solent Women!s rugby team rounded off their BUCS league season in style, comprehensively defeating Winchester University 51-5. Solent ran in nine tries with outside centre Laura Wright touching down seven times to inflict a fourth straight defeat on Winchester in the Western 2A Conference. The result leaves Solent fifth in the league with two wins from six, but it was the manner of their performance which was particularly impressive; especially after the

first half abandonment against Southampton University the previous week. The rejuvenated and invigorated Solent team showed their intentions from the start with the forwards gaining the early advantage in the set pieces turning Winchester over at the breakdown, which set the trend for the rest of the match. Arguably saving their best performance for the end of the season, the team will now look forward to the BUCS knockout Cup with Solent learning their semi final opponents next week. Ally Fisher


FRIDAY, 11 MARCH, 2011


Welsh Gladiators prove too fixtures.. strong for frustrated Solent UNIVERSITY

BASKETBALL: Loss to Glamorgan gaurentees an away tie in upcoming playoffs tournament

FOOTBALL Mens 2nd vs. Exeter Mens 3rd 16 March - AWAY

Team Solent 71 Glamorgan 87 Team Solent’s penultimate home game of the season saw them dominated by a strong Glamorgan team. The Gladiators, who lie second in the Men’s third division south conference, controlled the game from start to finish, showing why they are in contention for the playoff championship. Despite only bringing seven players on the 143 mile journey to Southampton, the Gladiators never looked like they were going to lose, building a thirteen point lead in the first quarter alone, before going on to win the game by 87 points to 71. With the tie slipping away from them, Team Solent began to get frustrated early in the second quarter, a series of unlucky bounces meant that the team lost out on a number of points, that on a different day, they would have gained. As the match went further in the oppositions favour, tempers frayed with some of the team arguing both amongst themselves, and with Coach Sylvain Donneaud. The team were a shadow of the side that had won their previous three games. Their last loss also came against the Gladiators - the team’s heaviest of the season.

BASKETBALL Team Solent vs. Sevenoaks Suns 6.00 PM 12 March St. Mary!s Leisure Centre

Mens 3rd vs. Southampton Mens 3rd 16 March - AWAY RUGBY Solent Mens 1st vs Southampton Mens 1st 16 March - AWAY TENNIS Solent Mens 1st vs. Southampton Mens 1st 16 March - AWAY Solent Mens 2nd vs. College of St Mark & St John Men's 1st 16 March - AWAY


Talking tactics:"Team Solent taking a time out Picture: Ross Ellis

Lawal was the team’s top scorer, with 15, but the Gladiators had both Williams and Womack who reliably hit points, ending up with 20 and 18 respectively. Solent, who needed victory in all of their remaining games, and some friendly results in other matches, to secure the important second place in the conference,

will now be looking at a difficult away leg come the playoffs. Now they will be playing either the first or second place team in the northern conference, a league so tight, any of the three teams at the top could be walking away with the conference championship. Solent face the Sevenoaks Suns on 12 March as the team attempt

to build some momentum heading into the playoffs. It will take wins in both their remaining games, and a big swing in the points difference, for the team to gain third place, but even that will give them a slightly kinder draw come playoff season.

CHAMPIONSHIP Portsmouth vs Middlesborough - k.o 3pm Fratton Park LEAGUE ONE Bournemouth vs Southampton - k.o 3pm Classic Eyes at Dean Court Stadium

Aidan Parr

Illustrating the ‘Art of Hand and Foot’ TAEKWONDO: Solent student Elly Tibrucio completes a double grading in the martial art

#Jun-bi!: Elly, in the ready stance Picture: Chidi Ogundu

Second year Illustration student Elly Tiburcio was shocked and surprised when she double graded from green tag straight to blue tag on Sunday 6th March. The surprise came after Elly and 20 other British Taekwondo South (BTS) students had completed a range of tasks set by 5th Dan chief instructor Master Joe Brown and two other senior grade instructors. These ranged from kicking exercises, poomsae (patterns) and free sparring. Once the grading was over, one by one each student was called up to hear if they had passed or failed. Elly describes the moment as she

nervously awaited her results. “Master Brown called my name. I stood up; he paused and looked at me. He then asked me to step forward. A million and one thoughts were running through my mind. He asked me if I could do my next pattern so I said I could try. I'm not sure if it showed, but every muscle in my body was shaking.” After completing her pattern, Master Brown dropped the surprising bombshell, "I’m promoting you to blue tag- congratulations." Elly was inspired to take up Taekwondo by a friend back in her home town of Oxford, who had been training for 9 years. As soon

she found out that Solent had a Taekwondo club she wasted no time in signing up. Since then, Elly had participated in one tournament at Bournemouth last year and has recently taken up Judo. Doctor Nik Mahon, 4th Dan Taekwondo instructor and Advertising lecturer at Solent had nothing but praise for Elly’s achievement. It is very rare that a student double grades from a green tag. He said:“Her commitment to her training and her intuitive understanding of the techniques she has been taught came to the fore in her grading where she demonstrated a very

high degree of technical skill and ability. She really did the Solent Taekwondo Club proud!” However Elly was not the only Solent student to double grade, third year, Illustrations student Alex Usher attempted his first grading and successfully double graded to yellow belt. He said: “It was very easy, however, it would have been nice if there was a grading for adults and a grading for kids.” And so for their country, for their club and for themselves, the BTS Solent Taekwondo students will continue to “Train hard and fight easy.” Chidi Ogundu

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Solent crush UWIC!Archers in dominant performance


UNIVERSITY BASKETBALL Men!s 1st Team vs.Glamorgan Gladiators 5.30PM 5 March - St. Marys

BASKETBALL: Playoff place secured UWIC"Archers 71 Team Solent 91 Team Solent engineered a comfortable victory over the UWIC Archers last weekend, winning 7191 away in Cardiff. Solent’s third win in a row leaves them with the slight possiblility of finishing second and securing a vital home draw in the playoffs. Milner’s impressive 20 points lead the way, with Solent in control from the start. Leading by six points at the end of the first quarter and with Chubbs and Wilkins scoring good points, Solent earned an assured victory. UWIC’s Likosso lead the scoring for the home side, but even his 18 points could not put a dent in Team Solent’s impressive lead. The win leaves them in fourth place in the Southern Conference, six points behind second place Glamorgan Gladiators. This would leave them facing a

tough away game against the winners of the Northern conference, who, in a very competitive league, could be either Sheffield Team or the Birmingham Mets. With only three games of the regular season left to play, Solent’s next game at home to the Gladiators will be the toughest of the season. Win and they could still make second while losing will guarantee them an away game in the quarterfinals. Last time the two sides met the Gladiators dominated at home, winning 82-59, Solent will be hoping to turn the tables and get some revenge for the loss. UWIC are well off the playoff pace, now playing only for pride. The team are currently in eighth, but winning their remaining games could see them lifted as high as fifth, and will face the current fifth place team, Wellingborough Phoenix on 6 March. Aidan Parr

Men!s 2nd Team vs. Bournemouth 3PM 9 March - St. Marys FOOTBALL Mens 1st Team vs. Exeter 2PM 9 March - Upper Hardmoor Mens 2nd Team vs. Southampton 2nd 9 March - AWAY Mens 3rd Team vs. Plymouth 3rd 2PM 9 March - Lower Hardmoor Womens 1st vs. Exeter 1st 1.30PM 9 March - Trojans HOCKEY Womens 1st vs. Southampton 1st 9 March - AWAY Clinical:"Free-throw shooting proved decisive in the win

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It’s not all horse Potter’s magic can’t play for Solent stop rampant Solent

EQUESTRIAN: Solent’s Equestrian team triumphed in competition as they came first, beating three other universities to the top spot. The competition, which took place on the 25th February at Surrey Willow Farm, consisted of a dressage test in the morning and a show jumping round in the afternoon. After the dressage, the team were in second place but managed to clinch the winning spot after the show jumping round. The team placed outstandingly well Louise Chamberlain 1st place individual, Emily Breeze 3rd place individual and Lucy Shearing 6th place individual. Speaking on behalf of her team, Georgina Whittle said: “We knew it was the first time in a long time the team had come first, but yesterday we confirmed that actually in the past 11 years the team has never come first! Compared to other universities which are much bigger, that is a fantastic achievement. Rosettes all round!” Kat Romero


Clanfield 1 Team Solent 5 FOOTBALL: Team Solent travelled to Clanfield on Saturday where they were met by a hailstorm, which made playing conditions extremely difficult. Team Solent took to it like a duck to water and were 2-0 up after 10 minutes, after Will Tickle was fouled in the box and Alex Chapman duly slotted home from the spot. Clanfield almost hit back immediately as Harry Potter hit a rasping shot that struck the base of the post and from the resulting miss Dan Vickers and Will Tickle produced as fine piece of passing before Tickle scoring with a superb curler.

The conditions seemed to be having an adverse effect on both sides and nothing changed up to half time, however Clanfield were finding their feet. Just after the break Clanfield suffered a massive blow as a clever pass from Chapman found Vickers and his first shot was saved by the on rushing Gary Wiseman but the rebound fell kindly to the Solent ace who tapped in to an empty net. Clanfield replied immediately as two minutes later Potter was brought down in the box and he then dispatched the penalty. Vickers added another before Tickle was sent through by Michael Thomas who sealed the win with the final goal. Stuart Gower

NETBALL Solent vs. Southampton 2nd 9 March - AWAY RUGBY Womens 1st vs. Southampton 1 9 March - AWAY TABLE"TENNIS Solent vs. Exeter 1st 9 March - AWAY

REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP Portsmouth vs Sheffied United 5 March - k.o 3pm Fratton Park LEAGUE ONE Bournemouth vs Oldham 5 March - k.o 3pm The Classic Eyes Stadium at Dean Court Colchester vs Southampton 5 March - k.o 3pm The Community Ground



Handbags turn to punch bags in derby match melee


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WOMEN’S RUGBY: Derby match abandoned as five Solent players end up on the injury list

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Team Solent 0 Southampton 25 (abdandoned after 30 mins) Team Solent’s Ladies Rugby match against their Southampton University rivals was called off after 30 minutes last Wednesday, after five Solent players had to retire hurt. The match was controversial from the start with the teams wearing an almost identical kit. As the home team, Southampton were required to provide an alternative, which they failed to do. When play began there were questions asked over both the referee’s ability to officiate the game, and his ability to be unbiased, considering he was also from the University of Southampton. It was alleged he had never refereed a game before. When the game was abandoned the score was 25-0 to the home side. Team Solent felt they had at least one try attempt wrongly ruled out. Asked if she was upset about the way her opponents played, Solent captain Sarah Keady would only say “there were a few high tackles but nothing too malicious”. Injuries to the Solent girls ranged from pulled hair to a suspected broken nose and even concussion. Team Solent lodged an official

If there is something that you would like to be featured on our sports send your ideas to. Solidarity in the Team Solent!Women"s Rugby team as they prepare to do battle with Southampton complaint with the league’s authorities attempting to get the result overturned. Southampton’s Athletic Union President Ted Wilkes said: “It is always unfortunate to abandon a match for any reason, but Solent’s coach thought it was unsafe, and I support the decision to take the girls off. Player safety is paramount.” He added that the matter had been “handled very proffessionally and properly” by himself and So-

lent coach Claire Taylor. He is also investigating any issues with the referee, but will not be taking any action regarding his own players unless he finds evidence of “grevious misconduct”. As newcomers to the league, Keady believes the team has been performing admirably, especially against teams such as Gloucester, who are use to playing in a higher level of league. She is also confident that, having taken on a large influx of freshers, the team can go

from strength to strength. Team Solent could face Southampton again soon. The two teams will meet in the semi-final of the BUCS Western Conference Cup, providing Southampton can get through a quarter final game against Winchester. Solent got a bye to get through. Keady said the team was up for a rematch: “The girls would play again tomorrow. We’re ready to win every match.” Aidan Parr

REGIONAL FIXTURES CHAMPIONSHIP Doncaster vs Portsmouth k.o 3pm @ The Keepmoat Stadium LEAGUE ONE Southampton vs Carlisle k.o 3pm @ St. Marys Walsall vs Bournemouth k.o 3pm @ Banks Stadium

FOOTBALL: Southampton concede a late equaliser after a thriller at Peterborough and Nugent saves Pompey against Derby

Tomlin seals Posh comeback late on

Doncaster awaits as Portsmouth are saved

Peterborough United 1 Southampton FC 2

Portsmouth FC 1 Derby County 1

Lee Tomlin scored the fourth penalty of the game in stoppage time to give Peterborough a point in a thrilling 4-4 draw at home to high-flying Southampton. Saints midfielder Richard Chaplow opened the scoring in the 18th minute with a right-foot finish from six yards and Rickie Lambert doubled the advantage in the 31st minute with a penalty after Mark Little fouled Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. But Craig Mackail-Smith fired home from 12 yards to cut Southampton's lead in the 39th minute and Craig Whelpdale

headed them level on the stroke of half-time to finish a dramatic first half at three a piece. However, Saints forged ahead again in the 47th minute when Lambert again netted from the spot after Tom Kennedy fouled Chaplow and three minutes later Dean Hammond added a fourth for the visitors. Yet Peterborough hit back in the 55th minute when Grant McCann scored from the penalty spot after Daniel Seaborne felled Kelvin Langmead and Tomlin sealed the comeback in stoppage time after Oxlade-Chamberlain was penalised for handball. Stuart Gower

Portsmouth face a difficult away day in a vital encounter with Doncaster Rovers on Saturday. Without a win in nine and coming off the back of a last gasp draw with Derby County, Steve Cotterill’s men will be desperate to get something as they try to arrest their worrying slide down the table. David Nugent’s 90th minute equaliser in Saturday’s scrappy encounter gave fans hope that their woeful run of form can improve. After a lacklustre first half and what Nugent described as a “rollocking” at half time, Pompey put

on a display of enterprising, attacking football. Despite endeavour in the middle of the park the performance told a familiar story of missed chances giving Cotterill plenty of food for thought before the long trip north. The Vikings will be looking to atone for Saturday’s heartbreaking last ditch defeat to Millwall. Their home form has been solid this season and they sit ten points above the drop zone. In form striker Billy Sharp will be the man to watch for the hosts. With thirteen goals this season, and three in the last four games Cotterill must find a way of containing him. James Warren


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