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Aidan McFall, PhD CP Curriculum Vitae Current Position


Sole Proprietor Quality Horsemanship LLC PO Box 2844 Westerville, OH 43086

Phone: 740-816-0944 Email: Website:

Professional Overview Academic Scientist: With a doctorate in the field of cellular and molecular biology, I have fifteen years of research experience obtaining funding for, generating, analyzing and communicating novel research data in the fields of innate immunity in plants, mammalian cell surface receptor biology, human oncogene signal transduction, and most recently, equine biomechanics and wellness. Sole Proprietor Quality Horsemanship LLC: As a private business owner in the field of animal health, I have executed a research and development business that 1) identifies and implements improvable health metrics for domesticated equines 2) collects compelling preliminary data to guide future institutionalized equine health studies and 3) improves individual human and equine client health outcome. Summary of Skills Critical and meaningful data analysis and interpretation with corresponding computer literacy Biochemical, molecular, microbiological and cell biological research working with protein, RNA and DNA, in vitro, in cell culture and in vivo Excellence in written communication, including peer-reviewed scientific publications in research journals and funded public and private grants Excellence in education, including working one-on-one and in groups with clients, students, undergraduate researchers, personnel and equines Establishment and operation of a successful small business Excellence in oral communication, including authentic, transformative communication in both private and public forums Excellence in making novel and compelling intellectual connections for real-world problem solving

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Mcfall, aidan, cv, 2014, application zoo and conservation science  

Mcfall, aidan, cv, 2014, application zoo and conservation science