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Examples of OPEC Industrial Oil Recovery Systems Nuclear Power Station – Oily/Water Interceptor

Oil Recovered from main chamber is gravity fed to a 10,000litre GRP Storage Tank

Mop is deployed using 2 fixed guide rollers at the far side to cope with rise and fall of water levels

Plastic Pipe Manufacturer – Oil Recovery from Sumps

Food Manufacturing – Aeration plant fat recovery process

Steel Works – Water Clarifier

Steel Works – Water Clarifier/separate installation

Steel Works – Oily Water Collection Chambers

Steel Works – Cooling water oil contamination project recovery

Petrochemical Works – Double Interceptor Recovery

Airfields – MOD Interceptor for site drainage

Aifields – Civil Airport Interceptor for site drainage

Oil Refinery –Multi unit API Separators

Oil Refinery – Contaminted soil, bore hole oil recovery project

Inland Waterways – Power Station intake protection system

Fire Traning College – Gas oil recovery from drainage system

Concrete Manufacture – Effleunt collection sump oil recovery system

Oil Pipeline Spill – Oil spill recovery using trenching technique.

E-Series Examples